PUA Bootcamps – Do they Work and Should I Take One?

Illustration of a PUA bootcamp with a live audience.

Are they worth the money and time investment?

What the hell is a PUA Bootcamp?

Pick up artist bootcamps are typically weekend events which include both theory and practical seduction training. Theory work would involve understanding the psychology, and structure of pick up whilst also receiving specific examples and lines that you can then try infield.

Infield practice includes both “daygame” and “night game”, which require different techniques and strategies.

There is usually additional time during a weekend event to also teach text/app-based game, first dates, sex skills, or any other information that might be useful to students after they finish the event.

Who takes a PUA Bootcamp?

My company ran events worldwide from 2006 to 2013 and the typical group of 12 students contained a wide range of ages from University students to divorced older gentlemen. They also varied widely in incomes and backgrounds. The one common element was that they were usually introverts and had a negative self-image and lacked confidence.

The ideal students were actors – able to quickly understand body language, remember lines, read other people, and Irish men – they were just often very funny :)

How do I Choose an Instructor/Company?

We no longer offer bootcamps so can provide an unbiased view. The majority of PUA instructors are not fantastic. They might have few skills with women and even offer bad advice. The industry is unregulated, so the average standard of trainer is even lower than the average personal trainer in a gym for example.

Here are some tips for choosing a good one:

  1. Does his advice make sense for you? Have you heard some things that were original thoughts, not stolen from a book, and that you then tried in real life and found to work?
  2. Are his books/products well-reviewed?
  3. Is there any online scandal about him using actresses or other stooges to fake his skills?
  4. Is this a man that you would actually like to emulate and be like? Do you admire him?
  5. Does he seem to really live the life he says he does or does he seem like a faker?
  6. Do the live events he sells offer clear money-back policies if you are not satisfied?
  7. Does the event offer a lot of infield time and a good student to instructor ratio? Events with a worse than 2 students to 1 instructor ratio might not give you the time you need.

If your needs are very specific. For example if you only want to learn “daygame”, you might be better off booking a 1on1 session by the hour. Consider whether the standard PUA Bootcamp suits your needs or not.

What are the biggest things I can get from a PUA Bootcamp?

Even if the trainers are not the world’s best, and even if the event is not as good as it could be, you could still achieve some huge breakthroughs and life improvements, for example:

  • Meeting other students who can be your “wing-men”. If you are sick of going out to meet women alone, or even worse, going with your mates who just make you feel bad and demotivated or block you from getting women….now you have a chance to meet like-minded, positive guys who are ready to make changes in their life. You can really help each other achieve a lot. So on the bootcamp, make sure you exchange phone numbers and arrange to see anyone you get on with after the event.
  • You might witness a student or a coach doing something that “blows your mind” and shows you what is possible. You might be able to later emulate that or at least work towards it.
  • You might learn one tip or trick that saves you later. A first date tip that is in the back of your mind, and then when you find yourself in that actual position, you don’t blow it.
  • You could take enough action to get over your approach anxiety or other fears forever!
  • Lots of students even get numbers and dates during a weekend that give them new experiences with women and improve their confidence and life as a result.

All in all a bootcamps is a worthwhile experience. If you lack time and money that could be your only reason not to attend. Fear of failure or making a major change in your life is what holds most people back, but if you can’t overcome that, you’ll never be successful with women!

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