The 9 Types Of Female Orgasms That You Need To Know About

You need to memorise these!

You need to memorise these!

Did you honestly know that there were 9 types of female orgasms?

Because I sure as hell didn’t.

I knew that women could have multiple orgasms and they could be stimulated in more erogenous zones than men could… but daaaayyymn… 9 types of orgasms? That’s crazy!

I’m kinda pissed off actually… I can only have one kind!

I was talking to one of my friends over at Orgasm Arts over a cold beer and he was telling me how he works through a mental checklist each time he’s having sex, so that he can give the ladies some pillow biting action. His pussy eating tips are insane by the way.

By the time he’s finished with them… they can’t even walk ;)

So let’s get stuck into the good stuff:

The 9 types of female orgasms

Before we get into each one, you need to understand that there are two categories in which these female orgasms fall under… the first is “foreplay” and the second is “penetration”.

Foreplay orgasms

Always start off with foreplay, it’s going to make the sex SOOO much better for the woman, she’ll have more penetration orgasms and will be your little puppy dog afterwards because you hit the spot so many times.

Nipple orgasm – This is a hit and miss type of jolly. Some women can’t actually get off from stimulating their nipples, so it’s good to put this out there as a test and gauge their reaction first.

Clitoral orgasm – Think of this as a “warm up” orgasm. Yes women can get off with this one, but they are NEVER as full on as the deep spot orgasm.

Deep spot orgasm – Known as the “initial internal orgasm” this is the first of what women will feel during foreplay and involves the fingers.

G-spot orgasm – The sister of the “deep spot”, the g-spot orgasm is slightly less intense but still widely known and appreciated by women.

Penetration orgasms

Full penetration should start around 20 to 30 minutes after you have applied all the right foreplay techniques.

Vaginal orgasm – The most normal type of orgasm and has some relation to the “deep spot”. Most women will find it hard to achieve this type if there is no foreplay involved.

Anal orgasm – Technically not possible as there is no G-spot in the anus for women, however clitoral or vaginal orgasm occurs through the mental stimulation of your little guy entering her in the ‘ol exit hole.

Multiple orgasms – This happens once you hit the same spot again and again. Each orgasm has a few seconds (to several minutes) between each other.

Continuous orgasm – THE BIG ONE! Take note on this one guys, because once you nail this… it’s going to keep her orgasming until you stop and will make her exhausted. Each orgasm carries a certain level of sexual excitement, but with continuous orgasm you just keep pumping away… harder… and faster for as long as you can.

What will happen is the orgasm will just carry on. Now it needs to be noted that most women (like 99%) cannot do this, so they need to be told that it CAN happen before and during sex. IF you can pull this off, then there’s a chance that she may become hooked on you and come back for more.

Squirting orgasm – Time to get freaky deaky baby! Most women will NEVER have experienced this and most men will have NEVER attempted it, but when it happens, it’s awesome.

The woman will squirt everywhere and just feel an all over body orgasm that will keep them shivering for a few minutes. I show you how to perform a squirting orgasm… if you’re interested that it.

That’s all dude, those are the 9 types of female orgasms that you need to know about. If you want to get to mastery level… then Check out these guys.

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  1. Amos (o) (o) says

    Me likey…..

  2. Sangsara says

    What about thought orgasms and pegging orgasms and tantra orgasms?
    I’m sorry but I have to disagree that clitoral orgasms are “NEVER as full on as the deep spot orgasm.”
    my clitoral orgasms are ALWAYS stronger- plus what about A spot orgasms? or is that a deep spot orgasm? if its deep than how is it reached by fingers? I find G-spot orgasms (and btw some women find pressure on their g-spots to bother their urethras) to be an accessory to my clitoral orgasms- coming second. Also squirting occasionally dappens my orgasm- like I squirt instead of cumming. Not trying to be a bitch- just please remember that not all women are the same!

  3. The continuous orgasm is amazing!! I’ve only ever had an orgasm with my current boyfriend. My exes never really tried to make me have one. But I find when Im on top and he is sucking my nipples while we are both moving I reach a continuous orgasm in under a minute and when he keeps pounding me in the same position it feels amazing! My body tingles for ages and I feel so hot and exhausted afterwards!

    Guys, if you can let your girl go on top and play with her soft spots while she’s on top, let her hips move in a rhythm with yours and it should work and when she reaches that orgasm keep going with her and it will last for at least a minute or more!

    Let me know if it works :-)

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