5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Break Rapport During Conversion

Breaking rapport is one of the most important ingredients during the seduction process and is an essential element that takes the attraction a girl has for you from 0 to 100, if you do it correctly.

Without breaking rapport, you fall into the comfort trap. Meaning she will put you in the dreaded friend zone! Now I know you don’t want that, so that’s why I want to stress the importance of why breaking rapport is so damn crucial for getting that girl attracted to you.

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1. Attraction spikes

Attraction spikes are like little signals that fire off in a woman’s brain that increase her level of attraction for you every time. You can think of them like value builders in a way. The more spikes during a given conversation, the more she will feel an intense gut level attraction for you.

These spikes are caused by you breaking rapport. So when you tease her (verbally or physically) for example, she will feel a level of comfort, but she will also feel attraction. The conversation will then usually feel a lot more sexually charged for both of you.

2. Bypass the friendzone

What most guys don’t realise is that when you build trust with a girl, she likes you… but she isn’t attracted to you. When you’re too afraid to break rapport, because you don’t want her to get angry with you or lose interest, the opposite happens. She in fact does lose interest and any attraction for you that she may have had before.

The moment you start to feel a level of comfort with her, break rapport immediately. Disagree with something she says, role play/fight with her, tease her… do anything you can to break that comfort so that the attraction process can begin and thus never be friend zoned by a girl again.

3. They hang on every word

Story telling is a big part of game, the better you can tell a story, the more you can evoke some very deep feelings. The best story tellers have people hanging onto every word they say, this is what will happen if you break rapport properly.

Think of it like a ball of energy that is being passed back and forth between you both, when you have it it’s your turn to tease her or say something witty, then you’re passing that energy back so that she can reciprocate.

4. The interaction tone changes

The most common type of interaction guys have with women, goes a little something like this…

You: Hey, where are you from?
Her: Sweden
You: Oh cool, what part?
Her: Stockholm
You: Sweet, what are you doing here, on vacation?
Her: Yes, with my friends staying for a week.
You: Do you like it here?

Blah, blah, blaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….

Boring right?

Well when you break rapport. It’s a little different, because the tone of the interaction changes from “friendly nice guy” to “witty, cool, attractive guy”. For example…

You: Mmm, you look Scandinavian
Her: Ha, no I’m Swedish
You: Uho, I’ve heard bad things about you Swedish girls…
Her: Like what?? :)
You: That you like to drink a lot and take advantage of Swedish guys
Her: Nooooo, we don’t. Well maybe, depends on the guy!
You: I think you look harmless, you wouldn’t take advantage of me would you? (touch her while saying this).

See the difference? The conversation is building up with sexual tension and rapport is being broken every few minutes!

5. You become the prize

In most cases when a guy is trying to woo a girl, she is ALWAYS the prize. He’s working hard to impress her by telling stories, showing her his alpha male ways and jumping through her hoops to impress her. But, when you learn how to break rapport properly and become really good at it, something interesting happens.

YOU become the prize. Suddenly, she starts working for your attention and wants to impress you. By making her prove her worth, she feels as though she is working for something valuable and thus the attraction continues to be built.

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