Does Penis Size Matter? And Do Women Really Care?

Does Penis Size Matter

Look at that “cheeky” smile.

The question that every guy (who doesn’t naturally have a 13 inch shlong) wants to know the answer too, but is too damn afraid to ask. It’s that question you can’t really ask your mum, your best mate or your ex-girlfriend… but for some reason it’s eating you up inside, because you NEED to know!

Well, today…. you’re finally going to get an answer to that question.

Does penis size matter?

For many guys, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling inadequate about your size when you accidentally catch a glimpse of the guy next to you in the gym changing room and his cock is freakin huge. You start to think bad thoughts and those thoughts begin to knock your self confidence until you don’t want to get naked in front of the opposite sex anymore.

Ok so back to the question.

Does it matter? Nope, it doesn’t.

Unless you have a micro penis or you are carrying a mammoth sized dong around in your pants, you are fine. Having said that, you really do need to know how to use your penis properly, so that it pleasures women and they don’t take into account the actual size.

NOTE: Although penis size doesn’t matter, stamina certainly does. If you can’t last longer than 30 seconds, then you need to take a look at this.

For example, these group of pornstars were asked if size matters and EVERY ONE OF THEM said no. It’s not the size, it’s the way you use it… see for yourself:

See, told you.

Now let’s put things into perspective, so you can stop worrying.

What is the average penis size?

A recent full and in-depth review of all the studies examining penis length over the years reported that the average penis length across more than 15,000 adult men of several ethnicities was around 5.2 inches, fully erect. If you measure your little guy and it turns out to be smaller than that, then you need to start up your bedroom skills.

Thicker or longer?

Now this question is actually more controversial than you might think. Some women like men to have a longer penis so they can reach the g-spot, other women like thicker penises because it fills them up and stretches out the vagina, so the ideal penis would be thick and long-ish right?

Well not really, because all women are built differently… some may have shallow tight vaginas, whilst others have deep loose vaginas. There’s no standard for vagina size, just like there isn’t a standard for penis size.

Can you enlarge your penis?

Well yes, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Firstly let it be known that there are no creams, pills or potions that will add inches to your dick size overnight.

Never have been and never will be, so don’t buy them. Exercises like Jelqing have been known to add some length and girth to the overall penis size, however it should be noted that this is usually from swelling and not from magical tissue growth.

I’m still unhappy with my penis size :(

Here’s an interesting video from ASAP Science that explains penis size and why it’s not a big deal:

So where does this leave you then? Well, it leaves you with several things to be happy about really.

  1. Penis size doesn’t matter and women don’t care about that
  2. What matters is your confidence in the bedroom (+ your skills)
  3. Attractiveness and personality help with sexual satisfaction, so work on those instead

How to be better at sex in 6 steps (so you can stop focusing on your cock)

Right then. Let’s wrap this up by giving you some bedroom advice. If you apply everything below, I promise you women will want to sleep with you more because of your skills, rather than the size of your penis.

  • Go down on her to get her wet: Yes foreplay is essential. The more work you do before sex, the easier it will be for her to orgasm when you’re inside her. Take that tongue and lick her clit until she’s squirming with delight. Learn a few clit licking techniques.
  • Always finger her before sex: Your fingers are sometimes better than your dick. Why? Because they can get in all types of spots inside the vagina that your wee man can’t. You can control the speed easily, go deep, hit the g-spot, make her squirt etc. So use your fingers to get her eagerly anticipating your erect cock.
  • Mix up the thrusting pace: Once you’re inside her, do what you can to switch things up with the speed. Don’t stick to the same speed on all positions. Go slow, go fast, go hard, go long, stay in her move your hips around (they love this). Just keep her guessing.
  • Try positions that help with penetration: It’s important to use sexual positions that make your manhood feel bigger inside her than it actually is. To do this, just practice penetrative positions like these.
  • Use toys to stimulate her clit: Toys can help play a major part during sex. They can help to stimulate areas of your woman, that you simply couldn’t do on your own. Don’t feel like you’re less manly by giving them a go either. Trust me if you can’t satisfy your girl in the bedroom, then she will leave you for another man. So suck it up.
  • Listen to her during sex: Some women will be vocal with what they want in the bedroom “Yes, just like that… HARDER” and others will be more quiet, but they will be telling you things with their body. It’s important to listen to their body and give them what they want based on their movements. This comes with practice though, so be patient.

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