How To Woo A Woman Like Casanova: 10 Life Lessons From The Worlds Greatest Ever Seducer

The man… the myth… legend!

You’ve heard the name a thousand times… and know Casanova was the greatest seducer the western world has ever seen.

But what you might not know is that Giacomo Casanova was not only a womaniser, he was a renowned gambler, necromancer (magic involving the deceased), swashbuckler (noisy and boastful sword fighting), poet and a self confession bon vivant.

A true self-made gentleman in every sense of the word, a daredevil who rebelled against his parents and did pretty much whatever he wanted to do… that included a ton of women.

In his unfinished memoirs, Casanova wrote about his exploits and explained in graphic detail the encounters he has with women.

He even managed to have it off with a nun at one point! Oh yeah… what a boss.

Once imprisoned, he managed to break out and continue his amorous conquests… banging noblewomen along the way and dabbling in more crazy experiences than you or I could ever match.

So why was Casanova so damn good with women?

How to did he manage to seduce so many (hundreds not thousands) in his lifetime?

Well I’m about to reveal the 10 most important life lessons that Casanova lived by. The lessons that taught him how to talk to women, seduce them and make them crave his presense.

This is going to be interesting…

Lesson 1: Learn how to tell a story

Story telling was Casanova’s greatest secret. He was incredible at engaging and captivating a woman’s attention and mind, until she was fully absorbed in his words.

Once you learn how to tell a story, she will be imagining your words in her mind, feeling what you’re saying and trusting you much faster than she normally does. Ring any bells? This is connection and rapport.

Lesson 2: Live life as you wish

Chasing women is fun, but it’s not the main focus and never should be. Focusing on living a meaningful and fruitful life, will attract women naturally. They will be able to see you are different from other men and want to be wrapped up in your reality with you.

The more you live like you want to live, the more experiences you will find yourself in.

Lesson 3: Treat every woman like they are special

Women love romance and they love to feel unique. Don’t treat every woman the same way, treat each one as they should be treated, like they are the only woman in the world.

This doesn’t mean showering them with gifts and grovelling at every opportunity, it means being attentive and understanding to her feelings, emotions and truly caring for her.

This is what a real gentleman would do.

Lesson 4: Spontaneity is sexy

Women are divine creatures, but they get bored easily. They thrive on exciting adventures, so you must be more spontaneous, this is the only way you will woo them.

If you are like every other man, how can she possibly fall for you? Take her on an adventure, do things she has never done… no matter if they are simple or expensive.

Lesson 5: Show interest for her mind and life

It’s perfectly fine to show your appreciation of her body and looks, but if she is very pretty she will have heard this a thousand times before.

Be more interested in her life and mind, let her feel your curiosity. She will be grateful that you are not just another mad looking to bed her.

What are her passions? What makes her laugh or smile? These things matter and connect your mind to hers.

Lesson 6: Flatter her senses

Casanova was a great believer in pheromones and aphrodisiacs, he used to perfume his room with tuberose because he believed that the flower stimulated sexual appetite. Use your bedroom and home as a way of flattering her senses.

Use food like Champagne and Oysters to increase the sexual desire and plant that seed of thought in her mind.

Lesson 7: Patience prevails

Never be overly keen, always say what needs to be said and wait for her to react. Don’t push her into an uncomfortable position, she needs to feel a deep level of attraction for you and this can take some time.

Lesson 8: Give her thoughtful gifts

Don’t buy a woman gifts in the hope that she’ll like you more. Only buy her gifts that will add a touch of excitement, thoughtfulness and will keep her smiling.

You could buy her sexy underwear and ask her to wear it for you, perform a private show and role play with you.

Lesson 9: Be playful

Don’t take life or women to seriously, be playful with them… sex is a game for adults so treat food, drink and experiences as a game which all leads up to the sex.

Foreplay is a game of teasing and starts from the moment you see one another, use this game to your advantage.

Lesson 10: Don’t lay all your cards on the table

As a gambling man Casanova knew that he had to be the same unpredictable person as he was at the poker table. Never give the game away, always give her something to think about and second guessing your next move.

This will be exciting for her, because women like fantasy’s, a story unfolding with no end but full of excitement along the way.

So as you can see, very similar principles apply to today’s dating scene, they would be adapted slightly to fit the modern standards, but in terms of understanding how to woo a woman, these are solid!

Want to become the next Casanova and bed more women in one week than most men will sleep with in their lifetime? Watch this video.

What life lesson did you like the most and why?

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  1. Vivek narain says

    Laying too many ladies could be quite fatal if her bf or hubby catches on. You must add a disclaimer in case an inspired person fall victim to a jealous adversary.

  2. Lesson 2 is the most important one, as women are really only one part of a big life. I agree with this lesson 100% an try to live by it. This is easier said than done however and I tend to find myself spending too much time reading PUA stuff….
    If you wouldn’t mind I’d like to know what your sources were for determining Casanovas 10 points. Thanks.
    Oh yea, and if Casanova is the greatest seducer the “western world” has ever seen, who’s the biggest historical pimp from out east?

    • Val balddigger says

      Roger, reading is great, but without substantiating and developing your lifestyle as interesting all the books in the world will help for very short term. Because by implementing all the techniques and theories of GAME alone will leave holes in your personality so that every smart girl will run from you shortly after realizing that. As a result your unhappiness and damaged self-confidence will leak through every pore of yours so bad. True happiness can only be achieved by a true develooment. .

  3. “each girl is unique”. I like this one. I think it’s great to have that in mind for building rapport. And also, I have always viewed Casanova as a guy passionated by each woman he has laid/loved. A passion in all women and the uniqueness of each one.

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