6 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making With Your F**K Buddies

Fuck Buddy Mistakes

Keep those mistakes up and watch her leave son.

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So you’ve been sleeping with a girl (your f**k buddy) for the past 6 months. Now all of a sudden, she sends you this text:

“Hey, it’s been fun hanging out with you, but it’s probably not a good idea we continue seeing each other anymore xx”

I know she’s only a f**k buddy, but that’s a source of regular sex that has now dried up for good. That has to sting a little no?

Why would she suddenly send you this text randomly? Is she seeing another guy? Did you do something wrong? Well, yes you most likely did.

There are usually two main reasons a girl will call off the whole friends with benefits agreement:

a) She has started seeing a guy who she really likes (more than you) and wants to give it a real shot with him. This is fine, it makes perfect sense that she’d want to be devoted to one guy… obviously.

b) You made or have been making some seriously annoying mistakes that have pushed her away. These mistakes led her to think that sex with you is simply not worth it.

Now if she doesn’t say in her text that she is seeing someone else, then you can safely assume that she’s not going to sleep with you anymore due to your errors.

Today I want to give you a run down of the top 6 mistakes you most likely made (thousands of guys make these same mistakes) which eventually made her decide to give you the boot.

Let’s do this…

#1: You started getting clingy

Emotions. Those warm fuzzy feelings you get when you see a girl you like have NO place in a f**k buddy arrangement. As soon as one of you begin to have feelings, it’s game over. Saying things like “I really like you” or “You should stay the night” can easily be viewed as clingy behaviour which is woman repelent.

#2: You treated her like dirt

Some guys go the opposite way when they are having sex with girls they don’t care about. Maybe you’re one of those guys. If you’ve ever treated your bang buddy like dirt then not only will it make her feel used, it will also make her question why she’s seeing you in the first place. Things like telling her to leave right after you’ve had sex or 3am booty call texts like “Come over now” aren’t going to get you very far.

#3: You LIED

There may come a time when you have multiple f**k buddies on the go. This is a great situation for you to be in and one that you want to continue for as long as possible. However juggling multiple women can lead to some tricky conversations, even if all they are is a f**k buddy.

When confronted, you most likely lied to one of your friends with benefits and got caught out at a later date. This made you look bad and thus made her feel bad for trusting you. You should always be upfront and honest, even if it doesn’t work in your favour.

#4: You slept with her friend

There are several unwritten rules when it comes to boning your girl buddy, one of them that will end your sex with a girl pretty damn quick is if you bang one of her friends. This is an unwritten rule that will break ties with every f**k buddy you’ve ever had. Listen, in your mind as a man, it’s an achievement… I get that. But in the mind of a woman, it’s a terrible thing.

#5: You laid the pipe too much

Believe it or not, you can see too much of one another. All you are doing is using each other for sex, nothing else. But sometimes, this can get boring and it will show after a while. The beauty of a f**k buddy is that you see each other once every couple of weeks for a session and you both go home happy. If you’re banging 2 to 3 times a week, that’s more of a relationship and the novelty of sleeping with each other will quickly dwindle.

#6: You got jealous

Remember that clingy feeling? Well that’s jealousy’s cousin. Let’s say that one night after sex, your bang buddy turns to you and says, “I’m also sleeping with another guy”. Did you get jealous? If so, then you’re in the wrong. If she sees that you’re jealous, it will be a huge turn off, especially if she doesn’t see you as more than a f**k buddy.

So that’s it. If you’re making any one of those 6 mistakes, you can kiss that regular sex goodbye. Make sure you keep things sweet with all your girls and you should have pussy on tap for years.

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