The Insiders Guide To Picking Up Girls In College… Even If You’re The Campus Nerd Who Never Gets Laid

Learn how to pick up college girls like a HERO!

In college and can’t seem to get laid?

Oooo that sucks dude.

Don’t worry though.

There are tons of guys sitting in their dorm rooms right now… aggressively masterbating to some porn on a Saturday night because they suck at picking up college girls.

That’s why today… I’m going to help you change that.

After you’re done reading this masterpiece, you will have the the knowledge you need to bang the hottest girls on campus… the girls only the “cool” guys are pounding… the dirty girls that sleep around like it’s going out of fashion and even the good girls who don’t give it up for any guy.

Yep, you’re going to be a stud my man.

Every girl will know who you are and will BEG you to sleep with them.

But you have to promise me one thing.

You need to read EVERY word on this page, use the tips I’m going to share with you and be willing to force yourself into situations you might not usually find yourself in.



Let’s get you some college game bro…

The type of guy that gets laid in college

College girls want a tribe leader – it’s a closed community.

Things like athletics matter less than they did in high school. Things like money and power matter less than they will in future. You don’t have to go to nightclubs either. it’s all about being leader of men… remember that!

You can lead other guys and be the tribe leader through various different activities, but the main rule of thumb is you need to “lead if you want to get laid”.

The secrets to picking up girls in college

This could be all yours if you follow the rules…

Just 3 simple steps and it’s game on brother!

1. Play the long game

Establish yourself first with cool male social circle. Meet guys at gym and at frats. Don’t try to get laid try to get cool friends.

2. Be the tribe leader

Make personal priority to lead group to have fun and do cool things. Everyone likes good times, good meals, good fun.

Girls watch guys to see who they share time with, and how other guys react to them. Be fun/cool guys who is always around and who has lots of cool friends.

You will have groupie effect, which means lots of girls will put you in the small category of guys they want to fuck. It’s like fishing in a barrel.

3. Be the mayor of GOOD times

It’s all about being the mayor of good times and having fun. Be care free and self assured.

When you are dealing with freshman girls and you are an upper class man, be sure to really make sure the comfort and trust is there before getting too sexual because they can be a bit afraid in their early days (well most of them can, there are always a percentage of whore types that will bang like crazy).

5 conclusive rules to attract college girls and rage on campus

  • Killer style – Style is the least important in college, because college girls are far too horny to be worrying about this stuff. That’s not to say that it doesn’t help your college game, because it REALLY does. So get some cool threads and rock that sh*t.
  • Decent body – BIG BIG deal in college. The fat quarterback used as a human shield… never gets laid. The ripped jock gets a ridiculous amount of twang, so get your ass to the gym bro and work out hard!
  • Clean dorm room – Yes you’re young and you have no “real” worries yet. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to live like a slob. Pick the pizza boxes up… throw away the red beer cups… pick your stanky boxers off the floor and clean your room up you little punk! You don’t seduce college girls by being a hobo.
  • No sense of shame – College campus is a time in your life when raging as hard as you can is the coolest thing you can do and is rewarded with sex and a great lifestyle. The best thing you can do is not give a sh*t about what the girls think of you and just enjoy yourself.
  • A single bachelor lifestyle – At least for the first year anyway, do what you can to get every sick fantasy you have in your twisted head out the way in the first 12 months of being in college. Why? Well because if you get a girlfriend… you’re screwed, no crazy sex with other girls, just the one girl until you leave college… f**k that!

So there you have it dude.

Everything you need to know on picking up girls in college. Easy right? Biggest thing to remember is that you need good friends around you and you need to focus on having a great time.

Don’t shut yourself away like a hermit and play the PS3 all day, that’s lame. Getting laid is far better, as I’m sure you’re already aware :)

Also, switch things up. Pick up girls during the day on campus also, it doesn’t just need to be at house parties.

Oh and if you’re working in an office, this is how to pick up work colleagues.

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  1. i have missed some of your lessons. specially which were offered for limited period only. please send me the list of all your lessons step by step. till date i am unable to cope up with you lessons. i need your help.

  2. Hey, first of all, thanks for everying you do for us guys – youre making alot of people happy with what you do.

    I just have a question – there’s this smoking hot girl in my school and i want to try and get her at prom this friday – any ideas what to say to her? i would very much appreciate some help here, just a nice rejection proof but escalating opener?

  3. Hey. i know this is pretty much off-topic, but theres this smoking hot girl in my school, i had alot of eye contact with her but it seems the attraction is all gone because i didnt go talk to her (didn’t know at all what to say to her).
    now on friday there is prom and i wanna try and go for her that evening, do you have any helpful tips considering what i can say to her to get the thing going?
    i just don’t wanna start right off with a comliment cause, you know, shes so damn hot..
    also my gym teacher is her uncle maybe i can use that to start?
    help please :p

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