How To Have Multiple Orgasms As A Man: Wait What? Yep You Read That Right…

How to have multiple orgasms as a man

She loves it bro!

How would you like to orgasm… not once… not twice… but multiple times in one session with your girl?

Heck, you can go for a couple of hours if you want.

Just imagine, that same feeling you get when you empty your nuts, 10… maybe even 15 times in one sitting. Damn!

Well, today I’m going to show you how to do that.

I’ve been practicing myself, after getting tips from a good friend of mine and it’s amazing. So I highly recommend you give it a go.

The key behind these orgasms is that you’re not actually ejaculating, you’re just tricking the body into creating those same feelings as if you were…. cool right?

WAIT! If you really want to experience truly mind blowing orgasms as a man, then you should really check this out.

I don’t get it, what’s the point?

Some guys feel that, it’s not something that they can naturally do, so there’s no point. I disagree entirely.

By training your body to orgasm multiple times, you’re going to see…

  • Your erections get stronger and last for a much longer time
  • Your load increase dramatically, a build-up that will make you look like a freakin pornstar
  • Your “end load” feel so incredibly intense that it will knock you out afterwards
  • Your girl go crazy for you, because you’re now a super stud in the sack

So what are non-ejaculatory orgasms?

Well, quite simply they are when you get the same sensation as shooting your load… without actually spraying any of your man juice anywhere.

It takes time to actually master these types of orgasms, especially for us guys. Most of us (the unlucky ones) can only pop once and then need to wait for a while before we can go again. But with non-ejaculatory orgasms, you can just keep going and going, for as long as you like.

How to have multiple orgasms as a dude

I’d highly recommend that you use the below tips on your own first before trying this with a girl. Then once you build up your resistance levels and can control your orgasms to the point where you can choose when to blow your load, then that’s when you’re ready to try it with a girl.

1. Find the blow point (What happens when you’re about to ejaculate?)

Ok, so the next time you sit down for some much needed alone time. Notice what happens the very last second before you shoot your load. Try and notice any little thing, like your leg straightens or your butt cheeks tighten, whatever… every guy is different.

Right, now the next time you try this, put all your attention on that thing you do that helps you bust a nut. So if it’s your leg straightening out, make sure you bend it… this will throw your train of thought of from cumming.

2. Focus on your breathing

The next thing you want to do is focus on your breathing, when you’re about to cum… slow your breathing down. Take nice shallow deep breathes, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Do this to both enhance the non-ejaculatory feeling and to also keep your semen in those sacks son!

3. Squeeze your PC muscle (cheat by squeezing the tip)

This is the important part. The muscle that is going to help you stop yourself from ejaculating fully is called the Pubococcygeus muscle and needs to be exercised daily.

It’s located between the butt hole and the balls. Feel it will your index finger and contract it, so you know where it is.

You can also cheat slightly by squeezing the helmet of your penis as well as contracting the PC muscle to stop any man juice from spilling.

4. Strengthen the blow point with exercise

The “blow point” is the actual ejaculation stage. You need to keep working yourself up to this stage and then stopping yourself by contracting the PC muscle again and again.

I’d recommend doing this at least 10 times each time you masturbate.

5. Enjoy the feeling of exploding (rinse and repeat)

What will happen is the body will get used to you stopping before the blow point and your mind will start to enjoy the feeling you’re getting at that point, thus creating the non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Do this as many times as you like, until you find it incredibly easy to stop your ejaculation from busting out and can just enjoy the feeling instead.

REMEMBER: The more you practice, the easier it will become to stop yourself and the more enjoying the non-ejaculatory orgasms will become. Oh yeah and if you read this guide, you’ll be able to achieve orgasms that most men never will.

Enjoy you dirty little rascal!

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  1. What is a “shallow deep breath”?

  2. My husband can do this and it’s great.
    He usually only does it until after I’ve reached an orgasm, then let’s his go.
    I love being able to feel those “jerks” of him while he’s still inside me, hearing him enjoy it, and he obviously really enjoys the feelings he gets and the ending result.
    I don’t know how he learned to do it, but if a guy can get it right, it’s definitely worth it for everyone. Practice!

  3. I have been doing that above mentioned point-3 since i was in 9th grade, 10 years ago. never knew that is a technical exercise. i did it to stop myself from spilling my cum in the bedsheet every night but, spill my cum in the bathroom once a week rather. and now i last so long(girls say more than any guy they have been with). i always wondered and considered myself gifted, but now, i think, maybe it is because of that exercise. once, it happened that she had so many continous orgasms that she shouted at me that she cant handle my fucking anymore and asked me to stop but i was in no mood to stop, so, she kicked me from her body and jumped out of the bed and went to a corner of the room, while another time, it happened that she had so many orgasms that she was slowly drowsing off. it was totally dark inside the room at night so at first i didnt know that she was drowsing off, until i realized that i am not getting responses.!!!! so, folks, i guess this guy Richard has a strong point. Trust me. And, Thanks a lot Richard for all the articles, you and your articles are awesome.

  4. I’ve heard many many times about multiple orgasms for males, I’m not sure if this text makes justice to it. I can do EASILY what you guys propose here, but that’s not really multiple orgasms, it’s just a nice feeling, but it’s not a skyrocket orgasm… I guess is good for those who have premature ejaculation, and is great to have more control in your PC muscle, etc., etc… but don’t think -at least with what you’re suggesting here- that you’ll get multiple orgasm.

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