How To Meet Women: Best Places And Situations For Meeting Chicks

To meet women you have to put yourself out there. Being out and about, even just around your neighborhood, gives you every chance of meeting some really great women. In a world of 960 million females, there are loads of women for you to meet, and who would love to meet you too!
We get it.

The pandemic has made everyone’s dating life come to a grinding halt. Meeting women has been more difficult than ever. But as things slowly come back to normal, you’re going to have to get back out there sooner or later.


After the last 18 months, meeting people has been difficult. But, it also means that people picked up a lot of hobbies during that time in lockdown. With classes and clubs moving away from the virtual zoom space and back into the real world, new groups of people are forming.

Lucky for you, this means there are loads of interesting women taking part in something that you too may be interested in. So join that club, start that hobby and go for those walks in the park. Meeting a girl at a bar or a club is not necessarily the only way to do it.

Meet Women On Dating Apps

The wonderful world of technology has given us the power to meet people at the touch of a button - literally. It’s true that these platforms can be seen as a quick way to get hookups and have random one-night stands.

At the end of the day, it entirely depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to meeting women. Despite popular belief, dating apps can also be a great place to spark a romance that may lead to a long-term relationship.

Apps also have many benefits. There’s a lot of prep work you can do before a date, and it’s easy enough to figure out whether or not you and the girl you’re chatting to will hit it off. Some groundwork beforehand definitely reduces the risk of those terrible awkward silences on your first date.

Meet Women Through Friends

If you trust your friends, having them set you up could be a great way for you to meet your next partner. Your friends know you better than anyone, so they often have a great idea about who you’d be most compatible with.

Quick Note

Meeting women through friends also gives you a great ice breaker, as you already have your mutual friends in common. Ask your date about how they know whoever set you up and it should be pretty smooth sailing from there.

You also don’t necessarily have to go on a date set up b your friends straight off the bat. You may want to meet women in a more casual setting. So start accepting invites, even if it is to your friends’ barbeques or games nights. You never know who you’ll bump into.

Often meeting in a relaxed setting helps a lot, because it relieves all the pressure you often associate with dating. If you’re just being yourself and having a good time, the chances are you’ll meet someone else with who you can just have a laugh.

You know what they say, if you can laugh it out, you’ll make it through anything.

If you’re looking for a casual hookup, I wouldn’t suggest finding this girl through your mutual friends. You pretty much set yourself up for awkward situations, especially if you guys are not necessarily on the same page.

Meet Women At The Gym

The gym automatically gives you something to chat about and sets you up for some great icebreakers. You could ask her where to find certain types of equipment or even where the bathrooms are.

I wouldn’t open with something about how fit she looks or offer your opinion on her form in a certain pose. Women will find this, if not offensive, a bit creepy. Just start a conversation without the goal in mind of it going somewhere.

She’s just someone who caught your eye and who you want to get to know at this point! There are never any guarantees.

Again gentlemen, be gentle and mindful. If a woman is properly sweating it out, she may not feel like getting hit on by you, or any other guy. Sure maybe catch her at the lockers afterward or something, but mid-workout is not recommended.

Meet Women Running Daily Errands

Whether it’s at the grocery store or refuelling your car, if you are keen to meet someone it’s best to keep your eyes and your mind open. Miss Right may just be hiding in the place and time you least expect.

The grocery store or petrol station are both great because they attract women from all walks of life. At the grocery store, you’ll be able to identify their eating habits and maybe get some ideas for your first home-cooked dinner date. Other than that, shopping is the perfect excuse to chat with a girl.

"Excuse me, do you know where I could find the cleaning supplies?”. You know because you’re a tidy, organized individual.

At the petrol station, you can get a vague idea whether or not she is the girl for you by looking at her car. Obviously, no one’s car actually defines who they are, but if you’re into her wheels, it may be a good place to start.

One tip with anything involving cars is not to offer advice she did not ask for. This automatically comes across as sexist and will make her question your intentions. It’s more attractive if you acknowledge her independence and see her as equally capable at traditionally male activities.

Meet Women On Public Transport

Think about it - subway carriages or busses absolutely jam-packed with loads of people from all over the place going about their day-to-day. Why wouldn’t the perfect woman be on public transport?

If you’re on your way to work, meeting someone on public transport probably means they’re busy and they’ve got somewhere to be other than their own couch. After a pandemic, “how great is it to be heading into the office again?”.

Whether it’s on a commute or not, a simple “where are you headed?” or “where have you been?” are the perfect ice breakers to start a conversation. You’re asking for a piece of information that will immediately tell you something about them. From here, you will be able to explore what you have in common, and what you don’t.

Meet Women In Bars And Nightclubs

The key to meeting women and finding a date is to put yourself out there. Round up your closest friends and hit the bars and the clubs. Although meeting someone is never a guarantee, these places are a great place to start.

If you’re with your friends and, let’s face it, a couple of drinks in, your inhibitions retract and your confidence will inevitably build. This means making the first move won’t be as terrifying as when you’re perhaps alone, and stone-cold sober.

Quick Note

Being in a nightclub also gives you the opportunity to explore each other fun sides. Always invite her to dance, even if you can’t. She’ll appreciate the effort. If she says no, then ask if you could buy her a drink or whether or not she likes the music.

By asking questions you make women feel valued and thus builds their confidence. When they feel comfortable with you, they’ll ask questions back, engaging in your first conversation.

Some Top Tips When Making The First Move

No matter what situation you find yourself in, if you’re going to approach a girl, you have to do it in a way that brings across your awesome personality. After all, first impressions are key! The art of dating, or rather initiating the dating process, is essentially marketing yourself.
It’s important to manifest the type of guy to want to be. If you love yourself so will she!

1. Show That You Are Confident

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are (except perhaps the office). If there is someone you’re attracted to, you’ll never get anywhere by just sitting around wondering what could have been.

You have to have the confidence to approach a woman in the right way that doesn’t make you come off as a jerk, but also in a way that doesn’t creep her out. The key to this is confidence. Many guys confuse this with arrogance which can be a massive turn-off for women.

2. Remember - Women Are Not Aliens

Women often get a bad wrap for being confusing or for sending mixed signals. The reality is, most girls are equally as nervous as you may be and will appreciate being approached without pressure and expectation.

Remember, women are people too. Start with simple opening lines like “hey, excuse me do you mind if I introduce myself” or “hey what’s your name”? Even a simple “hey, how’s it going” will suffice. No one is expecting you to open with some amazing Shakespearean sonnet (please don’t in fact!).

Some light banter and a casual first meeting will set you up for spending more time together in the future.

3. Learn To Use Your Context To Your Advantage

Your context is really important. It’s the first thing you and the woman you want to talk to have in common. Talking about your immediate surroundings is easier, and it’s a great ice breaker. It offers you both the opportunity to express an opinion or perspective, and thus opens up their personality.

For example, if you’re both walking your dog say “hey that’s a cute dog”. If you’re in a nightclub, perhaps start by asking how she finds the music or, the old classic, “can I buy you a drink?”. Don’t worry, women do actually like being approached. But a situation assessment never hurt.

4. Assess The Situation

There are obvious signs that girls do not want to be approached. If she’s jogging with her earphones in or clearly caught up in her own thing, it’s probably best to leave her to get on with whatever it is she seems to be totally boss at.

Also do not offer help where it is not needed. If you genuinely think that she could use a hand, then, by all means, be the perfect gentleman you are. Offering help where she does not need it will make you come across as arrogant, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

5. Don’t Assume Anything - Ever!

When you approach a woman don’t assume that it’s going to be immediate fireworks and you’ll get married and have kids. There is such a thing as being too keen. Also, don’t assume that she is as great as you may have built up in your mind.

You don’t have to figure her out completely within the first 5 seconds of chatting to her, but be mindful that there are some strange people in the world. Look after yourself first. We cannot encourage putting yourself out there enough but proceed with the right amount of caution.

Another mistake many guys make is that just because a girl seems to respond positively to a man’s advances, does not necessarily mean she is interested. Sometimes girls are overly polite and are chatting to you so they don’t offend you.

If you ask for her number and she politely declines, don’t argue or try and convince her otherwise. Thank her for her time and for reciprocating the chat and move on. This means if you do bump into her again, you can just be friendly and it won’t be awkward.

Meeting Women Is a Piece Of Cake!

It may seem scary or daunting, but the truth is meeting women does not have to be. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, your shining personality will come through when starting any conversation. Don’t be shy, just own it.

If there is a pretty girl that catches your eye, she’s more likely to appreciate being approached than she is to reject you without even thinking about it. Also if the worst thing that happens is she says no to exchanging numbers, so what? There is plenty of fish in the sea. 

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