How To Pickup A Bartender… Even If She Is Smoking Hot And Rejects Guys Constantly


She can be all yours…

Bartenders are some of the hottest women in the club and they know it. Club and bar owners know that if they employ super hot women to serve drinks, men will hang around to drool over them and buy more drinks as the night guys on. It’s a proven formula for getting dumb men to spend more money.

Hot girl who flirts with customer = more money in the bank and makes the establishment look good.

But here’s the thing…

Some of the time, the bartenders are waaaaayyyyyy hotter than most of the girls in the club or bar you’re in. Ugh!

They have this untouchable vibe about them too, multiple guys try their luck and get shot down within seconds with the same stock rejection lines she gives every other guy…

“Sorry I’m working…”


“Thanks for the compliment… do you want another drink?”

So the question is… how the hell do you pickup a bartender, without bribing her or paying her a huge amount in tips?

Well there are multiple ways really, but two solid ways which I’m going to show you today.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, you first need to understand the mindset of a hot bartender.

The mindset of a bartender

I’m working, not socialising

They are their to make money, do their job and clock off when the time comes… not to find Mr Right, especially in a bar or club. No girl wants to meet a guy in a bar or club, they want to be swept off their feet by fate. If they are being social, it’s because they are paid to be social, that’s it.

Bottle girls or shot girls for example. VERY flirty and sociable, but only interested in making money off you… not banging you.

I see guys like you all the time

Most guys will ogle, try and grab their ass and talk to them with a drunken slur throughout the evening. She sees these types of guys EVERY DAMN NIGHT, so you’re just another regular dude trying his luck. In other words, you offer no real value to her so why should she give you her number or even sleep with you?

I don’t really want to be here (It’s a job)

She might even hate her job. If she does then good luck trying to grab her attention and get her in a flirty mood if she just doesn’t want to be there. These are the worst types of bartenders to deal with… miserable and uninterested.

I’m not allowed to date customers

Some bars/clubs really frown upon bartenders dating customers, so if she really values her job she will be a very tough nut to crack. The last thing she wants to do is jeopardise her pay check by dating you.

How to pickup a bartender (multiple ways… not an exact routine)

1. Build familiarity with her – The more you visit the bar or club, the more she will see your little face. If you say hello and make small talk every time you’re in there, she will become familiar with you and begin trusting you over time. This is the familiarity opener, that works very well to build a relationship without actually getting to know her.

2. Get her out of the bar – She’s in work mode, get her out of that environment. Invite her out to get a coffee or lunch during the day, only after building some rapport. Do this before she goes to work, so you’re not trying to take her home or anything.

3. Stay by the bar, but interact with others. If you don’t and only focus on her, she will notice this and your value will drop.

4. Get into conversations that don’t involve her job. Connect with her about her passions, interests and what she normally gets up to outside of work. Most guys will just talk about themselves.

5. If you sleep with her, don’t make a big deal out of it and carry on as normal. Meeting her for coffee, lunch etc. Bartenders do move around in small social circles so word will travel fast in that bar or even area (if it’s a small town) that you’re a douche.

6. Lastly, you can try the social proof game. If she’s a bartender that moves away from the bar and maybe visits your table with drinks, then you can use the club game I use that will allow you to take advantage of social proof. For example, a table full of hot women, cool guys and drinks flowing will make you a look a whole lot better than if you’re just a bunch of guys at the bar drinking beer the entire night.

So there you have it, simple tips for picking up hot bartenders.

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