Male Extra Review 2020: Does It Really Give You Bigger, Harder Erections? [Truth Revealed]

In this Male Extra review I explain what taking this male enhancement supplement for 30 days did to my body; and my dick. I just took Male Extra and no other erection pills or anything like that. So did it really work? Well let’s just say I was in for a BIG surprise…

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Trusted by men to give them results quickly since 2009.

First things first, let me give you my overview and rating and I’ll go into details further on in the article. Stick around, because there are things I wish I knew before buying these penis enlargement pills that other reviewers definitely didn’t add!

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  • Quality of ingredients
  • Effect on my dick
  • Effect on my stamina
  • Satisfaction
  • Price/Value for Money


There are so many products out there that claim they can give you a bigger stronger dick, but in the end it always falls flat. Not with Male Extra though. This all-natural male enhancement supplement gave me more powerful erections than ever and honestly the look on her face when I just kept going and going; DAMN! Pure gold right here.

My Male Extra Review

So I’ve used this product for just over 30 days now. The company’s site says this is the time you should use it to really start seeing the best results. Now, after 30 days in, I can tell you I DEFINITELY see those effects.

I have to admit that at first I wasn’t all too sure about it. As you probably know a lot of the male enhancement supplements out there are just crappy scams, and honestly I thought Male Extra would just be the next one in line. Turns out, it actually lives up to the hype!

The effects

I started noticing the first effects after about a week and they’ve only gotten better since. Right now my dick is redefining the meaning of morning wood. Seriously man, my bedtime boners are almost starting to scare me!

So how does it work?

Male Extra reviewer

A very happy customer!

It’s because of the top-notch ingredients, which are all completely natural and safe. I won’t bore you with too much sciency stuff, but I’ll quickly run you through some of the top ingredients; FIVE of which are unique to Male Extra by the way (!).

These ingredients really work together to give your member a solid boost. The effects are all backed by tons of studies (check out the Male Extra website if you want to know the specifics and all).

For example one of the top ingredients is pomegranate 40% ellagic acid (yeah, quite the mouthful), which has been shown to massively increase blood flow to your body, and I don’t have to tell you how important it is to get that blood pumping if you’re trying to rise for the occasion.

In fact, guys in one study reported they had way better erections after just a few weeks of drinking this juice!

But there’s more…

Male Extra also contains something called L-Arginine HCL, which was actually proven by science to be able to help guys with erectile dysfunction! They could finally get it up again (and actually do something with their magic wand for once)!

Another powerhouse ingredient is zinc citrate. This mineral actually gives your testosterone levels a big boost, which in turn will do all sorts of good stuff to your body. Testosterone isn’t called “the male hormone” for nothing my friend!

I wouldn’t bore you with getting into all the ingredients here, but I think you catch my drift.

The important thing is that all these natural ingredients were getting my blood pumping, my sex drive going like I was back in college and my manhood throbbing like a legendary meat machine… The effects of this product were definitely a 10 out of 10 for me!


The pros

  • All-natural, safe ingredients: I’m not a fan of messing about with any synthetic shit. True alpha males keep their bodies clean of that kind of crap. So the fact that Male Extra is 100% natural really was a big pro for me.
  • BIG effects that just keep growing: The longer you seem to take this product the better. Effects have been constantly on the rise ever since I started about 30+ days ago. Harder, bigger and longer erections the chicks can’t keep their hands off.
  • Multibuy savings available: I always like it when companies do this. You can buy Male Extra per 1, 4, 6 or 12 months supply. The more you buy at once the bigger the savings, plus they’re throwing in some FREE bottles of fast-acting erection gel as well!
  • Risk-free with 100-day money-back guarantee: These guys are confident about their product. So much so, they give a special guarantee: “Your Best Performance or Your Money Back”. With 100 days to try, you might as well!

The cons

  • It’s not instant: Like I said you do need to take the pills for a few weeks to really see the best benefits, so it’s not an instant solution (the guys at Male Extra actually honestly say so on their website, to not give you falls hope, which does show they’re legit). Basically, see it more as a long-term solution to your erection problems.
  • Buying 1 bottle could be cheaper: If you just buy 1 bottle the price is not that great. They make up for this with those whopping multibuy savings though. My advice would be to just buy multipack straight away anyway, but if you can’t cough up that much at once then you at least still have the 100-day money-back guarantee if it turns out you don’t like it for some reason.

Final Male Extra review comments

My final thoughts are definitely in favor of these bad boys. The effects are awesome, and that from just natural ingredients as well so no harm done to your body.

True, the somewhat pricy 1 bottle option may put some people off, although I think the multi-buy savings and the 100-day money-back guarantee really make up for it. Given that it’s not an instant solution, you probably shouldn’t just buy 1 bottle anyway. In the end, don’t you want your dick to ALWAYS be ready for action?

So yeah, I would say give Male Extra a shot as it won’t leave you disappointed. Your dick will be bigger, stronger and harder than ever. And your girl? She’ll love you more than ever, I promise!


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