The Ultimate Night Game System: How To Take Over Any Nightclub… And Party Like A Boss (VIDEO)

She came up to me... the hard work pays off.

She came up to me… the hard work pays off.

When I go to night clubs, I go with a game plan.

That game plan is to takeover the club… and be the guy that every girl wants to meet and every guy wants to be.

I’ve been at it for years.

And I’ve developed a system.

This system is now watertight… works in any high-end club in any city and allows you to party like a rockstar.

It’s worked so well for me that I’ve met celebrities, been invited to tables with supermodels, been given tons of free drinks and met some of the coolest guys along the way.

Today… I’m going to show you my system.

Here’s what it will do for you when you put my “club takeover system” into action:

  • You get invited to go to the best parties in your city (and sometimes in other cities).
  • You get stuff for free… champagne, vodka.. even goodie bags if you’re at a special event.
  • You can meet the most beautiful women in the club because you’re the highest value man in there.
  • You meet the coolest guys who are millionaires (sometimes even billionaires) who dress well and have connections with top people.
  • You need very little game to get laid.
  • You can do this in any major club in any well known city.

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My 7 step Night Club Takeover System

Ok, let’s get started… here’s my system.

1. Look for a table and talk to guys

You want to look around the club and spot guys who have bought a table and look the part. The guys should be well dressed, cool looking, on their own (no women) and have drinks (Vodka, Champagne, Whiskey etc).

Once you see some guys, go over and introduce yourself to the most friendly looking one. Compliment him on the drinks, his style or anything that you think will get his attention and make you seem friendly.

Take his name and say that you’re meeting some girls soon… but will chat later.

2. Find some hot girls

Look around the club and see which girls look hot but slightly bored. Approach them with this unbreakable opener: “So sorry to trouble you ladies, my friend has ordered too many drinks and I don’t want him to get too drunk because he gets carried away… would you be able to help us drink them?”

Take the girls over to the guys table and introduce the hottest girl to the guy you just met. Before you introduce her to him, say the following to her “My friend doesn’t like gold diggers because he’s very rich… so if you could not talk about money or the drink that would be great”.

This then sets a warm tone and she will be genuinely happy to meet him.

3. The takeover

Ask the guy if it’s ok for you to offer each girl a drink (they will always say yes at this point, to avoid looking stupid). Take the drinks and start pouring them out for each girl, this will elevate your social value and make you look like the boss of the table.

Once the drinks are all poured, start introducing girls to each guy so no one is left out.

4. Acceleration

Now that the drinks are flowing and the guys are mingling with the girls at the table, it’s time to “accelerate” the situation. Take a few minutes to find new girls and bring them to the table, you could try the dance floor, the bar or even the smoking area.

By now most of the girls in the club will have seen you at the table and you will have a great level of social value. This means you can just open each group of girls casually and they will be willing to speak to you.

Invite them over and do the same thing with introductions and pouring drinks.

5. Choose your girl

With the night in full swing, you want to make your move on the hottest girl. All you need to do is introduce yourself, but when you do… make sure you have your poker face on and look a little disinterested when you meet her.

Why you ask? Because she always gets attention from guys, so for you to show a disinterest will make her work harder for you.

The next phase is to find the girl at your table with the nicest energy, who’s friendly and chatty. Talk to her for a few minutes and then give her a big hug, smile and laugh with her right in front of the hot girl so she can see that you’re warm and friendly to others.

6. Watch things take effect

With your social value hitting the roof, girls will begin to give you IOI’s and crazy shit will start to happen. With only a handful of guys and way more girls, each girl will try and compete for you… when they see other girls giving you the eye.

As the night goes on, girls will come up to you, some will lead you away from the table, some girls will even just come right up and kiss you… it’s happened before :)

Enjoy this moment, the hard work is paying off.

7. Extract the girls from the club

With the night heading for the wee hours of the morning, you want to think about taking girls home. Ask your new pals if they are happy to take the girls back to their place (they will say yes).

You need to start selecting girls who look like they are the leaders of their groups. The decision makers if you will.

Mention that you are having an after party close by, the DJ is coming, drinks will be flowing etc. Make sure you have taxi’s ready outside as you don’t want to be getting a bus or walking, this will kill the mood.

When you have the girls ready, make your move and get everyone towards the front door.

Head back to the guys house and get the party started!

After a few successful nights using this system, you’ll notice that girls will add you on social media, guys will invite you out to clubs and your social life will be far better than before.

5 Things You Can Do Way Better During Night Game

Club game like any other element of game can be conquered if you apply yourself. It took me a good few years of going out 7 nights a week to master clubs. But when I did, I had an endless supply of women. Girls would approach and initiate sex with me, because I was displaying a lot more value over the other men in the club.

When you get a hang of night game, you will be able to have your pick of the best girls in the club. Even girls that have boyfriends, it won’t matter, because women love nothing more than to sleep with a high value male.

Here are some very POWERFUL things you can do much better with during night game:

1. Be more sociable

As soon as you enter the club, you should be socialising. Cheers-ing girls, opening when you get an IOI, talking to cool rich guys, shaking hands with the bar staff, bouncers etc. Being the guy that looks like he knows everybody. More importantly being the guy that everyone wants to meet or at least asks the question “who is that guy?”.

2. Act on more IOI’s

I’ll never know why guys don’t do this more. As soon as you see a girl giving you an IOI, you do one of two things. 1) approach immediately and open or 2) flirt from across the club/bar by making gestures that get her laughing. Invite them to your table and continue rapport building and sexually escalating.

Either way you should be initiating some kind of interaction with the girl. Not acting on an IOI is a potential bang wasted. Obviously from hot girls only though, we’re not swinging for average 5’s and 6’s here.

3. Build a bigger social circle

The bigger your social circle is, the more fun you will have. I used to go to clubs with 3 or 4 guys and between 5 and 10 girls every single time. It’s important to have the ratio right, you want to aim for a 2 to 1 ratio, of women to men.

Within that social circle you will have cool funny guys that keep you and the girls entertained, rich guys that pay for stuff because they are usually crap with women, hot girls who are friends that you don’t bang and then new girls that you’ve never met or seen a couple of times that you have a chance go banging.

4. Frequent the high end clubs more

The more you go to high end clubs the easier it will be for you to skip the line, get in for free, get to know the right people and increase your chances of getting laid. Most guys will see a club, queue up for 20 to 30 minutes, pay an obscene entry fee, stand in the peasant areas and nurse a beer all night long until they are drunk enough to approach a fat girl. Don’t be that guy, you will never get laid properly if you do.

5. Bounce back from rejection

Regardless of the money being spent at your table, the amount of staff you know, the cool guys or hot girls you have in your social circle… you will at some point still get rejected. There’s no stopping it and not every one can have a 100% hit rate. But when it does happen, you need to immediately forget that it did and bounce back from it. Socialise more, talk to other hotter women and appear as though you are unfazed by what happened.


Obviously I’m in favour of being the party guy in the club, but for some dudes, this is not possible as they are too scared or don’t want to go through all the effort. To those guys I say… tough luck. Either you own it and be THAT guy or you try another area of game like day game.

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  1. Hey Rich,
    Quick question for Step 1 – talking to the guys at the table.
    I find this part to be a little tricky. I live in Paris and most guys are ultra obnoxious and piss on whoever is talking to them, especially if they don’t “look the part”.
    Can you go more into detail into the process of befriending the guys? (things to say, how to act)
    I’m generally more comfortable around girls (no homo haha) cos I can behave cocky funny but that doesn’t go down well with rich obnoxious guys whose booze you’re trying to steal.
    Keep up the good work muthafuckaa

  2. “The art of good business is being a good middleman, putting people together.”

    Love the simplicity of this method, gets everyone what they want and you take your cut.

  3. Surely this hasn’t worked every time?

  4. Why don’t you make some in-field video footages ? That would be cool.

  5. Say the girl at the table you want seems interested in one of the other guys at the table who originally had the table and the drinks. Are you still looking to play the cold shoulder or try and make some stealth moves sooner to show your interest so one of the other guys doesn’t snag her up?

  6. I generally stay away from clubs. I dont like them. They are loud, obnoxious environments packed with superficial women who I generally dont enjoy talking to, and the whole atmosphere makes me want to puke! haha

    But this video makes me want to try this. It would make me a little nervous to do it but I would like to.

    But I definately need to learn how to calibrate myself for a club. So for starters, what sort of things do you recommend wearing to a club?

    • PUA Training says

      Even if you don’t like them (or maybe especially) they are great training grounds. Just doing daygame, you miss a whole lot of important skills..

  7. would be curious for some pointers on if you already had the table. i have some friends that always want to buy tables, and i feel like some times it hurts because the girls that come over have already compartmentalized you as a beta provider. the same reason i never offer to buy a girl i just met a drink. the system you described makes a lot of sense on how to bridge that gap if you weren’t part of the table, but how would you change it up if you were? thanks

    • PUA Training says

      I think if you have TOO many girls on the table, so more girls than guys, and invite female friends etc, then you won’t be seen as beta and can get a nice situation going on where they are working for you. If not, it kinda seems like they are blessing your table with their presence. If I am on a table, I always like to wander around the club on my own from time to time, just so I get to see everyone, and so that any girls that were on the table miss me for a while ;-) and I actually meet a lot of women like that.

  8. Hello

    I feel this system is not that Genuine, why? there are 2 lines that just don’t roll with educated girls..

    1: Look around the club and see which girls look hot but slightly bored. Approach them with this unbreakable opener: “So sorry to trouble you ladies, my friend has ordered too many drinks and I don’t want him to get too drunk because he gets carried away… would you be able to help us drink them?”

    I know a lot of women that would actually feel insulted, as they are a poor or something. But you may get the un-educated type or don’t have that high standrads.

    2: Take the girls over to the guys table and introduce the hottest girl to the guy you just met. Before you introduce her to him, say the following to her “My friend doesn’t like gold diggers because he’s very rich… so if you could not talk about money or the drink that would be great”.

    This assumes that the girls are going to tal;k about money, and that they may be gold diggers, which again can be very insulting! But this may work on un-educated girls in chavvy materialistic places!

    Sorry to be the party pooper!

    • PUA Training says

      1. No, I don’t think any girls would object to it if done in the right way.
      2. Yeah for sure, so just tweak it a little “he has unlimited money but he is very cool and down to earth”. For example.

      The hottest girls are in materialistic places, so yeah it’s aimed at that. But as with everything I teach, try and think a little about how you can modify it to apply in other situations..

    • wow, I think that’s the most closed minded thing I’ve ever heard.

      Let me see if I think I can think of a bunch more scenarios that can be totally shut down.

      You must never tell a girl she’s nice, because since you had to tell her that, she’ll think that you think she has low self-esteem and be totally insulted.

      You must never approach a girl at a club, because if you do, you’ll probably interrupt something important she’s doing, and she’ll just get annoyed, and be nice to avoid being rude.

      man, there’s a billion reasons not to do just about anything. None of them will get you any closer to getting with women. Give something a shot!

  9. You just told us your whole secret formula man! I screen captured this because I feel like your going to realize this was a mistake for posting. You should make a program that is just for social influence and power.


  10. I do “game” at church.
    It works!!!
    Well… really well.

  11. Thanks for the great advice. I can’t wait to try this out the next time I go to the club!

  12. Hi there,

    excellent stuff on this blog. All seems much more natural than what other guys are posting on the net. I love the video on how to approche girls on the dance floor. Helps me a lot and works out perfectly.

    My problem on this video is that I dont go to clubs with tables and expensive drinks. I get the idea. Still do you have any remarks on how to handle the situation when everyone is standing around, changing locations constantly and when drinks aren’t that expensive ?

    Thanks a lot !

    • PUA Training says

      at least you can network the venue so that you know all of the staff, it’s not as powerful but definitely will make you stand out if you know the barmen, waitresses, door guys, managers, etc.

  13. Woaw, you seems so desperate at the end of the video “please, comment below !”.

    There is one.

    Merry Christmas :)

  14. Dude, thx, for your suggestions.
    That’s the second post where u are sitting with that attractive lady, she looks like Russian, Does she speak )).
    What the point of sitting with her? Make a video better in night club, corresponding with your suggestions.

    • PUA Training says

      I think it makes the video more engaging to have some eye candy. But if you’d rather just have men in the vids, let me know ;-)

  15. Dante Berdeuv says

    Stop being a AFC J s, your thinking too much about it, I personally feel that this video is genus. Wost comes to worst the guy will say fuck off, how is that dangerous. I personally think most guys would be cool with it, if they feel that you may bring girls to the table instead of them going home to jerk off to the girls would make their night. Rich your great man, a lot of great information. Sometimes we get stuck in over analyzing things and I fall into that trap sometime but I truly feel that this can work but have to be confident when doing it, if you go with the mindset that the guys would get pissed off or wouldn’t work then it won’t work because they will see it in you. Anyway great information Rich, I also saw the Kino video you did. If you have any suggestions of how to break the cycle of not doing it would be great, I am unfortunately in a place right now that have lost all my friends and relationships and need to get back on my feet and am in my early 30s which I feel old. Would it still be possible to get back to the game, seems lame asking this but feel or think that I might be too old. Also if I do the only way would be to go out with friends who are in their early 20s which I am not sure if that is strange, shit I am sounding like J s. Also J s good luck man, sometimes we all make it bigger than it is, eventhough I am saying this to you need to say the same thing to myself sometimes.

    • PUA Training says

      Hey man, you are not too old, don’t say that! I’m 32…and all of my friends, and of course my girls, are younger. It’s nice to have that young and fun energy around you to keep you from getting old ;-) You need guys who make you feel good and encourage you to take action. Kino, no biggie, I think I break down how to get the habit in a few places. You can try that, or just go to Brazil for a few weeks and just copy the locals and how they kino ;-)

  16. Per-Marius Myrland says

    I love this stuff Richard =)
    You are the man!
    Thank you for changing my life.
    Sincerely, PM

  17. whats up w that girl in the vid, the doesnt make a single sound. I would of fired her lol jk thanks man good shit

  18. Hi Rich, im Siro aka Jump from italy.
    I really apreaciate your lines. I ve got lot’s of stuff to talk to you, coz i used to lived in foreign cities all by myself, and day by day i was trying to improve my game, creating a social circle and so on. Wasn’t easy at first. Now reading your lines every memory poped up in my mind. Lol.
    I’d like one day to talk with you, i ve something to share with you.
    Great job and compliments for your hard work. Natural is the way guys, good one Rich

  19. “Ask the guy if it’s ok for you to offer each girl a drink” I think it is dangerous thing. Not each time they will be generous I think.

    • I think your steps are genius
      I have been teaching pickup
      Either direct or indirect
      But what u say makes perfect sense to me. Its even easier than what i teach.

      I think its groundbreaking. And it all relies on your ability to get girls to have free drinks, so even just walking up ro girls with no game in the try-succeed system one could use your blueprint. Im greatly impressed

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