Smooth Pick Up Lines

In your head, you imagine yourself casually walking over to a girl and saying the coolest line that she instantly laughs at, followed by her throwing herself at you and begging you to take her home.

Probably not going to happen, but these smooth
pick up lines might get you a laugh or two.

Side note: Smooth one-liners are a little more complicated because they require you to be aware of your surroundings, rather than relying on a prescribed phrase.

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What are Smooth Pick up Lines?

A smooth pick up line is something you use on a girl when you have superman level confidence.

That moment you feel bullet-proof and can say ANYTHING to a girl is when you should use these one-liners.

They are NOT meant for beginners.

Only advanced gamers can continue.

Rejection is not an option, it doesn't even cross your mind.

Once these lines are delivered, the subject will be helpless. Her mind will be flooded with feelings of attraction for you.

Or maybe not, she might just giggle and walk off.

Either way, it's fun to pretend you're James Bond.

9 Smooth Pick up Lines

Here they are, the ultimate list of smooth pick up lines for those men who have absolutely nothing to lose and zero fear. Pick one, use it on the next girl you see and good luck.

You notice a girl has Tinder on her phone and say “I’ve got an excellent tip for Tinder actually”.

When she says “What’s that?”

You come back with “Just delete it and then go out with me”.

You see a girl on a bad date in a bar, clearly feeling uncomfortable. Wait for the guy to go to the toilet and say to her “What’s your number? I’ll call you in 5 minutes and say your cat died and you need to leave”.

When she gives you her number, call her as promised. Then meet her outside the bar and say “Time for one more drink?”

You see a girl in on her own reading a book, walk up to her and say “Excuse me, is that the book where the guy at the end takes a pretty girl out for a coffee?”

Wait for the penny to drop and then raise a smile to let her know you’re joking. Follow up with introducing yourself.

Approach a girl at a bar and say “Let’s play the would you rather game.”

She’ll most likely be taken aback by your directness. But continue with “Would you rather, have breakfast in bed, a romantic lunch in the park or watch a rom-com with a handsome man while drinking fancy cocktails?”

She’ll choose one or sometimes all three. To which you reply with “Great, choice. What’s your number, we’ll set something up this week to do that”.

Walk past a girl and say “Hey, can you hold this for a second” while curling your fist up. She’ll have a confused puppy dog look on her face and eventually offer her hand.

Put your fist in hers, uncurl your fingers and hold her hand. Then casually say “Thanks”.

She should laugh, then you can follow up with “Hey, I’m [YOUR NAME]”.

Approach a girl in the coffee shop and say “Excuse me, I just wanted to ask you 1 quick question for a survey I’m doing”.

She will say ok. Then respond with. “Let’s say a guy thinks you’re super cute and wants to get your number. Would you prefer him to a) confidently approach you and introduce himself or b) be more indirect and talk to you first?

Whatever she picks, do that and then ask for her number.

If she says A, then just introduce yourself.

If she says B, then talk about the weather for a second and then ask for her number. She’ll usually laugh.

Walk up to a girl limping with a painful look on your face and say “Hey, sorry I just hurt my knee falling for you, can you help?”

After she realises your not in real pain or hurt, she’ll laugh. Then you can drop the act and carry on the conversation.

Look confused while approaching a girl and raise your finger as if you’re trying to remember her. Then say “I know you from somewhere right?”.

Her: Erm, no, I don’t think so.

You: Oh yeah, you were in my dreams last night.

Note: Cheesy? Oh yes, but smooth if delivered like a boss.

If you see a girl looking sad, say “You need to tell me, how’s it possible such a pretty girl to look so sad?”.

Note: Obviously, this is risky because her dog might have been run over last night, so be cautious. Hopefully, she’s just got resting bitch face.

Imagine this scenario:

It's a hot summers day in London, you're feeling happy so you grab yourself a lunchtime beer on sit down in the park.

Half way through your beverage, you spot a girl sitting alone, sunbathing and reading a book.

Full of dutch courage and feeling smooth AF, you decide to go over to her and use a line.

"Excuse me..." You say, bending down on one need so she can see you better.

"Can you help me, I seem to have scraped my knee [point down to your leg] falling for you, do you have a plaster/bandaid?"

At this point, your smooth words will enter her brain and she will be frozen in time, trying to process such a masterful chat up line.

"Hahaha, very cute. Good one" she says, adjusting her body language and sitting up.

"Hey, I'm Dave... nice to meet you".

The line worked, you're in.

Mission accomplished.

Conclusion: What to do Next

Here's why women love the smoothness of these lines.

They convey confidence and fearlessness.

They know how hard it is for a man to approach a woman and the fact that you strolled over to her and delivered such an outstanding line, commands respect.

That's why you should only use them when you have enough experience and your confidence is sky high.

Delivery is everything.

If you deliver a line with even a shred of doubt in your head, it will not work.

Women can sense your doubt, fear and trepidation.

We do not own the lines listed in this guide. If you see something you feel was created by you or someone you know. We’ll be happy to credit a source.