How to Seduce Women Without Harassing Them: A Guide for Movie Execs and Other Powerful Men

How To Seduce Women

Seriously… you will get caught!

God it must be hard having so many beautiful women around you. They want you to choose them for movies, but they would rather date their attractive male co-stars than give you a forced handjob in a bathrobe.

For years the only option seemed to be to lure them back to a hotel room and whip it out. But times have changed and that is no longer gonna fly. So what’s a movie mogul going to do??

Fear not, I’m here to help.

Here’s how to respectfully seduce women (in a non-sleazy, jabba the hut meets creepy rich guy way).

PLEASE NOTE: My techniques do not involve masturbating into a plant pot whilst holding eye contact with an intoxicated woman. If you came for this, I’m sorry… you’ll need to go to Hollywood for the weird stuff.

Is it Business, or Pleasure?

When you invite her to meet with you, she better be clear on whether it’s a business meeting or a date otherwise things could get messy.

If you like her, feel free to say “I’ll leave the casting director to decide on whether to put you in the movie, but in a few weeks I’d love to meet you for dinner socially”. Wait until the business is over, the decisions made, then make your move by inviting her on a date.

PRO TIP: Don’t ask her to come to your hotel room and sit in the bath butt naked, hoping she will see your shriveled up schmeckel and yelp “Yay!, this is what I wanted!”.

Use Psychology to your Advantage

Make It In Hollywood Meme

Or you could just… not do that.

If a woman is so beautiful that everyone hits on her, then when you play it cool and are business-like she will actually wonder why you don’t make a move.

Sometimes she will even initiate things. In any case it puts you in a much better position later on when you want to transition from a business to personal relationship.

Look after your reputation

Chances are you are going to be introduced to tons of beautiful women. You don’t need to jump on them immediately.

Charm them and show your chivalrous qualities. Some will end up being friends, and some will be lovers, either way you’ll be considered a gentleman.

What you want to avoid is women saying stuff like “How do I get out of the room as fast as possible” (NY Times). A Hollywood Don Juan lives and dies by his reputation.

Don’t dangle the movie role in front of her (or anything else!)

Relax, women will rightly assume that if you like them you can probably help their career. If they come to you and decide to try to be nice to get something in return, let that be their choice. You’ll have no shortage of women who want a leg-up (or leg over), and if it’s their choice, you are good to go.

Helpful hint: No means no. If she won’t meet you outside of work, that’s cool. There are plenty of other women out there. Say you respect her and wish her good luck. Keep your reputation intact and live to fight another day.

So that’s the basics, we can now safely get dates. No police sirens or six-figure settlements so far, but now things get even more dicey.

How to Smoothly Seduce Women… the non-sleazy way

You might think “well she’s back at my hotel room, so she obviously wants to see me take a shower” but that kind of thinking can land you in trouble (ahem… obviously). Of course you are still allowed to make a move, in fact you are the man so you should initiate things.

Here’s how:

Don't Be Sleazy

Put it away dammit!

1. Make sure she is comfortable

Don’t jump on her immediately, let her chill out, have some wine, relax and get comfortable being around you.

2. Don’t rush

Women like a man that has some self-control and doesn’t come off as desperate or only after one thing. Leave it a good 30 minutes at least before you start to introduce some sexual tension. Building attraction with girls is VERY important.

3. Don’t verbalise too soon

No “I’d like to kiss you” or “your boobs are amazing” or “I’d like to see you kiss another girl”. Instead try to create sexual chemistry by holding good eye contact, and speaking in a smooth and sexy way. Think James Bond.

4. Can you touch her?

Yes and no. If it’s the kind of touch that would be fine on a family member or fellow movie exec, then you are all good to do that from the beginning. Think patting the arm, kiss on the cheek, shaking hands… that kind of thing. Breaking into a boat and stroking your plonker is definitely not okay.

5. But how do I kiss her?

Well the key is not to lunge. Once we have some sexual tension and are feeling the vibe, try gently brushing the hair back from her face or taking her hand. If she is fine with that you can move in slowly for the kiss.

6. And to the bedroom?

Nearly there but now is not the time to blow it by forcing yourself on her when you’re partly naked and she’s fully clothed. Instead, once you are both sufficiently turned on, take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Carry on kissing her and go from there.

Basically you need to adopt styles of seduction that are most attractive to women and then build from there.

So there you have it. That’s how to master seduction without harassment, who would have thought it? Good luck out there!

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