Why Am I Rejected By Every Girl?

Rejection hurts. It hurts some more than others, but getting shot down is painful no matter who you are. Sadly, this is the reality for some guys more than others. Some men seem to get lucky with any girl he goes after, while others get the letdown time after time.

Many men who struggle with low self-esteem, no motivation, and bad life habits, tend to have trouble grabbing and keeping women’s attention. Women want confident, sexy, and strong men to sweep them off their feet.


You do not need to be rich with a model’s face and six-pack abs (although that wouldn’t hurt). But you do have to present yourself in a way that will pique a woman’s interest and make them interested in getting to know you more.

Do you ever ask yourself "Why am I rejected by every girl?". Here are the top 10 reasons most men strikeout.

1. You’re Cocky

If you love yourself more than you love her, there will be many problems in any relationship you find yourself in.

No woman wants to date someone who is arrogant, conceited, and self-absorbed. (This goes for in life and bed.) women want attention and affection, and if you are wasting it all on yourself and your appearance, you don’t stand a chance.

What can you do?

It’s perfectly fine to value how you look. In fact, women love a well-kempt man. Just take it down a few notches. Refrain from talking about yourself and ask her questions to prove you care about more than appearance.

Quick Note

A man who is intelligent, funny, polite, etc., is much more attractive than great hair or teeth. Give her what she wants, and she’ll return the favor.

2. You Don’t Seem to be Going Anywhere in Life

Are you living in your mom’s basement, filing for unemployment every week, or content working part-time at your local fast-food restaurant? Well, that’s a major turn-off for pretty much every female on the planet.

These days women can fend for themselves and do not need a guy to take care of their every need. However, no woman wants to provide for her man while they are playing x-box all day long or lack in the “life-goals” department.

What You Can Do

Now, don’t assume every woman wants a doctor, lawyer, or CEO. Most ladies out there just want an equal life partner: someone to share their goals, dreams, and futures with. You have to have yourself together before you can impress the opposite sex.

Are you working in retail? Strive to become a manager. Not sure what you want to do in life? Go back to school. A successful man is a sexy man.

3. You Come on Too Strong

It is true that women love to be loved. Many movies, books, and famous songs will tell you flowers, cards, and candy can get you the girl of your dreams. While this is legit, there is a point of no return when you are suffocating them with gifts and flattery.

What You Can Do

Your intention is good. You want to show you are a good guy, someone that will be there for her and spoil her with love and affection. Don’t stop; just slow down. A woman likes her space; she needs it.

Plus, when a man goes over-board on someone he doesn’t know well, it’s a little creepy and makes you look desperate.

4. You Don’t Come on Strong Enough

Contrary to popular belief. Not all women think you are desperate for answering her text within a few minutes of receiving theirs. In fact, if you wait too long to respond, you seem disinterested, which in turn, will make her act the same way.

Also, these are modern times. Women are up for a good time just as much as men are. If you are not making the moves quick enough, they are more apt to think you are not attracted to them or not interested in moving forwards.

What You Can Do

As adults, we still play games, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell when it is your move. Feel her out. If she seems to be a little touchy-feely or gets very close even when she doesn’t have to be, she’s probably waiting for you to move in.

5. You’re Too Shy or Show a Lack of Confidence

Some men are just too scared to approach the woman of their dreams. They feel like they are out of their league or just can’t muster up the courage to make the next move, terrified of rejection.

This type of thinking has had many men miss the chance of a lifetime. You never know what another person is thinking if you don’t ask. The beautiful girl sitting next to you at lunch might be smiling at you because she thinks your cute, not because she’s “just being nice.”

What You Can Do

Build self-confidence. Before you can create a good relationship, you have to be comfortable with who you are. Remind yourself that you are good enough, and the worst that can happen is she will say no. What then? You move on to the next.

6. Your Cup is Always Half Empty

Women hate pessimistic men. Honestly, your negativity is boring and annoying. If you are trying to build a relationship or keep one, you have to look on the bright side of things. If you are dooming the future before you have lived in the present, you will be spending a lot of time solo. 

What You Can Do

Stop yourself before anything negative comes out of your mouth. Avoid subjects that seem to trigger these negative emotions, and try hard to make the lady sitting in front of you smile, laugh, and look forward to the happy relationship that could be.

7. Your Kinda Dirty

Okay, we already told you appearance isn’t everything. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital. If your friends or family keep telling you to take a shower or brush your teeth, man, you better listen. No woman will want to get under the covers with someone who stinks like an old sock.

Not only are women going to run the other way if you smell like a sports locker room and look like you just rolled out of bed every day, but this is also going to give an insight into how you see life and yourself. It shows you don’t care about yourself, so how can you care about her?

What You Can Do

Self-love, Self-care, Self-commitment. Take time to treat yourself like you want to be treated by a woman. Dress your best when you take her out; this will prove that she is worth impressing.

Keeping up with your mental and physical health is a great way to show a woman you care about life, you have ambition, and you take all things seriously.

8. She Has a Man

So, your that guy huh? This one is tough. Going after someone who is already spoken for can be big trouble. However, if the relationship isn’t serious and you genuinely love the woman, the option isn’t necessarily off the table.

Rule #1:

Never try to seduce a woman who is truly in love. It’s nearly impossible to do, and you will get yourself into quite a mess.

What You Can Do

Well, really, the only thing you can do is make a move. If you have your eyes set on someone who is in a bad relationship and she knows you are interested, you have a good shot.

9. You’re a Man Child (You Are Obnoxious)

It may have been cute when you were in high school, but the loud, obnoxious child behavior isn’t attractive in a full-grown adult. Women don’t want to sleep with a man who can’t keep himself together in a crown, much less date one.

This type of behavior is extremely unattractive and will have you spending many nights alone. 

What You Can Do

Save it for boy’s night. You can’t help being who you are, and you are a guy. Guys are expected to get rowdy when they are together, but not when you are trying to swoon your female companion. There is nothing wrong with having fun; just tone it down a bit.

10. You’re Not Clear

Girls are a lot of things, but mind readers are not one of them. If you are struggling to get or keep a woman, it may be because you are not clear with your intentions.

Many women wait for the man to make the first romantic move. If you are coming off more like a friend who likes to talk rather than a man who finds her sexy, you will not get anywhere anytime soon.

What You Can Do

Be subtle but direct. Woman love confident men who aren’t afraid to tell her she is beautiful. Women enjoy flattery, attention, and romance. Pull her in and kiss her; she will either pull away from you, or it can turn into a great night. Either way, you’ll survive.  

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