Death Of The Real Man: 27 Reasons Why Modern Men Suck

Modern men are in a state of crisis.

The modern man has been beaten down mentally and physically to the point where the only thing separating them from being identified as a woman is their dong. Let’s end this madness, before it’s too late.

Death Of The Real Man: 27 Reasons Why Modern Men Suck

The modern man…. In a word… is a pussy.

He is weak, sickeningly apologetic, unable to handle any real life problems and is slowly morphing into a sexless being.

When you think of the modern man, you don’t think ‘manly’ right?

You get an image of a skinny or fat, nerdy, checkered shirt wearing, latte drinking pansy. The type of man that would have been no use to anyone a few hundred years ago.

If you were to randomly select a modern male, pluck him from his home comforts and plonk him in the middle of the amazon rain forest for one week. I’m 99.98% sure that you would come back one week later to find a dead manboy.

So where did it all go so terribly wrong and why are modern guys evolving into such pathetic losers?

Well, there’s a lot to discuss and I’m going to be breaking it down into great detail below, so stick with me.

Grab a manly cup of coffee and let’s get into it.

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What has caused this decline of the modern man?

There has been a very noticeable and quite shocking decline in the way that men behave socially and how they look physically over the past 50 or so years.

I think there are several factors attributing to this decline:

1. Evolution: We no longer need to be hunters

Evolution of caveman to the modern man

As humans build and use more and more technology, we grow weaker. Not just in the physical sense, but mentally too. As men, we no longer need to do the “mans” work like:

  • Chopping down firewood to stay warm and cook food
  • Hunting for food in the wild
  • Making things from scratch out of wood, iron or clay (building flat packed furniture from Ikea does NOT count)
  • Building a house for your family

You know, real manual labour intensive work that requires skill and muscles.

What this means is we begin to develop a lazy mindset. That mental muscle we once had for survival, that gave us the oomph to do the work, has vanished… POOF…. gone.

We want technology to take care of it, we don’t want to get our hands dirty if we don’t have too. It’s much more enjoyable sitting at a desk tapping a few keys rather than lifting heavy bags of cement all day, right?

2. Childhood: The traditional family unit is DEAD

Childhood in the olden days was much simpler

Generations ago, families would be sitting around one table eating their breakfast and dinner, engaging with each other. Sure it may have been a little boring, but it set a vital precedent.

It placed importance on the family unit, the father was the head of the family, the mother was the glue and you were the child that had a solid foundation to grow up with.

Nowadays, that’s no longer the case.

We eat our food (mostly takeaway, because we’re too fucking lazy to make anything fresh) in front of the TV or laptop, glued to the predictable drivel that makes us feel even worse about ourselves or skimming through email after email.

It’s not just you either, it’s your mother, father, brothers and sisters. All scattered around the house doing their own thing. Just shoveling ready meals into your gob.

Not only is the family unit broken now, you’ve also got kiddies being brought up in politically correct school systems, that look to make EVERYONE feel special and wanted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at something or not, you will still be given a shitty little ribbon or trophy that says you took part and you’re amazing.

What does this seed?


You begin to believe you deserve recognition for things you are quite clearly crap at, you feel a strong urge to be reassured at every moment and you are confused when you’re rejected, because you’ve never really felt rejection before.

This breeds resentment towards others who are better than you and you lash out, feeling like a victim, instead of working hard and staying focused.

3. Feminism: Pink haired overweight freaks are taking over

Feminism is a poison that feeds lies to women

The filth that is feminism.

Yuck, makes me shiver just thinking about all those fat, ugly, pink haired, flat shoe wearing freaks and their self entitled mindsets, telling men how disgraceful they are for being a man.

When feminism was first introduced back in the early 19th century, women wanted nothing more than to be given the same rights as men:

  • The right to vote
  • Equal pay at work
  • Equal rights in marriage/parenting
  • Property rights

All noble and worthy things… right?

Of course. Women aren’t subservient to men, they should be given the same basic rights, obviously. Duh.

But that was first wave feminism.

Once women fought for those basic rights, more ideologies, political movements and social movements started to get attention.

Fast forward to modern day feminism…

“Third wave feminism” – What the heck is that?

“If anyone is prosecuted for filing a false report, then victims of real attacks will be less likely to report them.” -David Angier (An idiot feminist)

Obese, ugly, self loathing idiots that want to see men burn just for the sake of it.

Their whole existence is geared towards making men feel worthless and insecure. To the point where men are frightened to say anything that might actually offend them.

Fuck me…. Don’t ever offend a fat lefty feminist. She might just die of offensiveness.

So where has modern day feminism gotten women?

Nowhere, that’s where.

It’s at the point now where women aren’t fighting for equal rights anymore, they are simply filling a void in their lives to make themselves feel worthy. To make themselves feel important and relevant.

Ban Bossy Campaign Fail

This campaign failed HARD.

It’s a known fact that women in the 21st century are less happy. Why? Because they aren’t doing what nature intended, making babies with a husband that they love. (Pssst… I’m going to be called a misogynist for saying that, hehe).

If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself “jesus, you are so old fashioned dude” then you ain’t seen nothin yet punk. I’m just getting warmed up.

4. Diet: The modern man’s diet is terrible

The modern man's diet is terrible

With machines doing our work and food being delivered to our doors, we don’t need to move much in order to get anything done these days. Hence why the majority of men are fat or getting fatter.

A staggering 80% of men in the UK will be overweight by the year 2020.

How insane is that?

Not only are we bombarded with ads from big companies trying to sell us their cheap food, we’re also given mixed messages from the media and online about what we should be eating and what’s healthy for us.

This leads to mass confusion, frustration and feeling deflated. Then what do you do? That’s right… you grab a beer, fall onto the couch and munch on a greasy pizza, because it’s makes your little head hurt.

However that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and blame others for your problems.

Or does it?

I mean gyms are over priced, the supermarkets don’t make it easy for you to NOT buy those cheap cookies and it’s not your fault that sugar is in 90% of our foods. Dammit, if only someone could make it simple for you.

I give up.

Cavemen vs modern men: The big differences

Cavemen vs modern men: The big differences

If we were to compare the modern man to say a caveman, our earliest ancestors. That would be somewhat unfair. We clearly have evolved and no longer need to live like they did.

But, it’s still interesting to see the differences between the two:

1. Bone mass

Believe it or not, our bones are worse off now than they were millions of years ago, recent findings have shown that our ancestors had up to 20% more bone mass due to agricultural developments.

Homo sapiens were hunter gatherers, which means they needed to run fast for short distances, walk for long distances and lift heavy things.

2. Lifestyle

Hunting and surviving, that’s it. The caveman did not know anything else other than to make sure he and his family didn’t die, every day. They could easily burn 20,000+ calories just by tracking and killing their next meal.

3. Lifespan

The earliest of humans were lucky if they lived to 30 (maybe 35 years) old. They didn’t have the luxury of retirement and living off their life savings. They either died from being killed by predators or they died from illness, disease and/or infections.

4. Work ethic

A typical day for a caveman would be traveling long distances to find food (either hunting or foraging), building a fire to stay warm and cook food, protecting their young from predators and finding shelter.

5. Sex

Having sex served a purpose, it created more offspring to help build a larger tribe. The bigger the tribe, the more man power you had. I’m sure there was plenty of sex for pleasure, but nothing like we have today. No sex swings and gimp masks back then buddy.

1950’s men vs modern men: The big differences

1950’s men vs modern men: The big differences

Ok, let’s forget the caveman now, we can see that we are physically and in some cases mentally (in terms of survival) inferior to them.

But what about more modern times? Let’s look at men from the 1950’s and compare them to the weaklings we have today.

The change in men from the 1950’s to now is radically different. Men nowadays are physically weaker, mentally incapable of handling tough situations and emotionally unstable.

The 4 BIGGEST areas of change are…

1. Lifestyle

There was no gym, no mixed group language classes, trips with your mates to Vegas or hours of gaming. It was work… pub… home for dinner with the family… a little TV and bed. Same again the next day.

2. Work ethic

Back then, men were still men. They went to work, grafted hard, got their weekly pay packet and brought that home to the wife who spent it on food to look after the family. His sole role as the man of the house was to provide, to make sure the bills were paid and the family never went hungry.

3. Sex & Dating

Dating was super easy back in the 50’s. You saw a girl you liked in school, local disco on the weekend or through your social circle. Showed her you were interested, dated and maybe got married if the romance progressed.

Sex was less in your face and more conservative, remember this was pre-birth control.

4. Mindset

Everything was very simple, you as a man knew your place and the woman knew hers. There was no confusion as to what you should be doing as a man. You got a job and provided for your family, simple.

Here it is… the 27 reasons why modern men suck

We’ve gone over the major differences between men of today and in previous years. Now we’re going to go deep… really deep.

Below is the definitive list of reasons why the modern man is a complete loser. Brace yourself, it’s going to get messy.

Guys watch too much porn

1. You don’t need to exert much energy

Food, dating, driving… everything nowadays is focused on making your life super easy. Hungry? Call for a pizza. Horny? Get swiping on Tinder. Need to get somewhere? Book an Uber.

You don’t even have to move from your couch to make money anymore. Just start an online business or freelance. Less energy exertion = a fat lazy piece of shit.

2. Talk to therapists about your “problems”

When a man had a problem back in the day, what did he do? He kept it to himself, maybe he told a close friend or his mum. But he never had the gratification of speaking to a therapist about his problems.

Men these days are as bad as women when it comes to being open emotionally about their problems. It’s gringey. BE A MAN!

3. Never disagree or have an opinion

Modern men don't disagree or have an opinion

People have opinions, lots of them. That’s fine. But the beta males of today allow others to have an opinion without any disagreement. They are scared of offending or having an opinion of their own that could clash with others. It’s utter cowardice behaviour.

By forming your own opinions, you will demand respect and admiration from others. You will be seen as an outcast (a good thing) not a follower. Exactly what some of the most famous seducers in history did naturally.

4. Support equality and parrot statistical lies

Weak men surround themselves with strong opinionated women. They do that to get approval from other women, which is the biggest bitch move you can ever do as a man.

If you are open in saying that you support true equality and you spout those ridiculous lies about the wage gap. You’re an idiot. Wake up you schmuck, there is no wage gap and women will NEVER be completely equal to men, it’s impossible.

5. They don’t take risks

Men these days don't take risks

When something is risky, it usually means there is a bigger reward at the end. For example, if you start your own business… the downside is that you lose everything you have, but the upside is that you could become a multimillionaire or even billionaire.

Or even something with minimal risk, like talking to a beautiful woman in a bar. She might say no and reject you… then again, she might go home with you that night. Who knows.

Men today don’t take risks, but attractive men do this all the time. All they want to do is stay home, play computer games with their other weak friends, eat junk food and dream about banging a supermodel.

6. Eat junk food

Junk food like McDonalds or Dominos will make you fat. You know that and I know that, so why do you keep eating them so much and on such a consistent basis?

A modern man would rather grab a burger from a fast food restaurant, than buy fresh ingredients and teach himself to cook basic meals.

It’s very important to get the right amount of nutrients in your body, so you can maintain a healthy life, yet you still chow down on food riddled with chemicals, getting a fix like a drug addict.

7. Cannot hunt

Yes, I’m fully aware that most men have not hunted for hundreds of years. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t learn how to. All men should at some point in their lives know what it’s like to eat an animal they have killed.

This will give you a greater appreciation for the meat that you eat, instead of taking it for granted when buying it in a supermarket.

8. Doesn’t know how to start a fire

The fire is the main reason homo sapiens evolved from primates. It’s the reason we were able to stay warm, cook food and fend off predators.

Knowing how to start a fire is one of the best things you can do as man. It teaches you the fundamentals of life and could potentially save your life one day.

9. Lost without a smartphone

Modern guys are lost without their smartphone

You just need to take ten steps outside your front door and you will see people everywhere, glued to their smartphones. The majority of men, without a smartphone would be lost.

No sense of direction, no access to important information, no texting… damn, I guess you could actually try talking to people, maybe build up your social skills?

10. Can’t interact with beautiful women socially

Talking of social skills. This is one of the biggest problems men face these days. They are too scared to talk to women and they have no idea how to act around them in a social situation.

Not only that, they are retarded at flirting and reading social cues. The better you get at understanding how women operate, the more you will get laid.

11. Have forgotten what it means to be masculine

Masculinity means being a leader, not being scared of telling people what you think, going your own way and not being a follower, working hard, not complaining or feeling entitled to something you didn’t earn.

It doesn’t mean wearing your heart on your sleeve and being stuck in the friendzone you little bitch.

12. Ashamed of being a man

Men are ashamed of being MEN

When I see beta males who show signs of being shameful about being a man or express guilt over what other men in history have done, it makes me sick.

You are a man and you should be damn proud that you’re a man. Let your balls hang free and never apologise for being masculine. Regardless of how many fat feminists complain about your “manspreading” on the train.

13. Play video games instead of working out

Video games are fun. No question. But you know what’s not fun? Staying in all the time, not socialising, not getting laid and eating fattening food constantly.

Get your filthy, pasty, weak minded ass of the couch, put the controller down and get outside. Video games add entertainment value only. They don’t improve your life and give you what you need to be successful.

14. Give up when something gets too hard

Modern men give up far too easily. Work is too hard in school and your grades suck… so you give up. The gym is tiring and you’re not getting the results you wanted… so you give up. You got rejected from three different employers… so you give up.

Do you see a pattern here? Only losers give up. You need to see things through to the bitter end, to make sure that you didn’t cut corners and you exhausted every possible opportunity put in your way. You should be making it happen, not waiting for it to happen.

15. Don’t know how to fix appliances

Modern men cannot fix household appliances

When was the last time you fixed a leaky tap? I’m guessing never. Most men in this day and age have NO FREAKING IDEA how to change a stop cock, fix a leaky tap, change a plug or unblock the sink to name a few common household problems.

You need to learn the basics of running a house, that’s a man’s job. Yeah I said it… a man’s job!

16. Cannot run long or short distances

Your fitness should be consistent throughout the year. You should be able to run for a bus without being out of breath. Our ancestors were able to run for miles without getting tired, because they needed to eat.

But you? You can’t even run for 20 minutes on a treadmill in your fancy gym, without feeling like you’re going to die. Ugh, you are so pathetic.

“We are very confident that strong selection for running – which came at the expense of the historical ability to live in trees – was instrumental in the origin of the modern human body form” –Science Daily

17. Obsessed with muscles over stamina and endurance

Why are a worryingly large number of modern dudes obsessed with having big muscles? Your focus should be getting fit to be healthy, not getting big to look like a super sized freak.

Women do not find big muscles attractive…. men do. So unless you want to attract big burly hairy men, I suggest you stop working on your pecs big boy.

18. Naturally low in testosterone levels

Do you lift bro? Men these days have low testosterone

Now this is scary. Men are becoming so weak and futile these days that they are quite literally becoming less manly. By that I mean the very essence of them as men (their testosterone) is unhealthily low.

Recent studies have actually shown that testosterone levels in adult men have declined over the past two decades. The effects of having low testosterone can be devastating for a man.

“In 1988, men who were 50 years old had higher serum testosterone concentrations than did comparable 50-year-old men in 1996” –Thomas G. Travison, Ph.D

19. No leadership skills

Do you like being a sheep? Do you like other people making your decisions for you? If you do, then congrats, you’re a joke and you will be walked over in life.

It’s imperative that as a man, you show leadership qualities. Not only will it get you more women, you will develop strong qualities that people look for in a friend or partner.

20. Avoids conflict at all costs

Guys avoid conflict these days... they are too scared

When was the last time you had a fight?

If the answer was never, then you are a bigger pussy than I originally thought. It’s a man’s birthright to fight. Every man at some point in his life needs to have at least one fight.

It doesn’t matter if you lose, let’s get that straight. What matters is that you didn’t back down from the fight.

21. Needs constant reassurance

If you make a decision, you should stick to it and be confident in the decision that you make. If you feel as though you’ve done something wrong, then you try your best to correct it.

What you don’t do is look for reassurance from everyone around you, it shows weakness. Women don’t like weak men, they like strong powerful men who are confident in themselves. Stop saying yes and put your needs first, not others.

22. Passive aggressive behaviour

A terrible characteristic that is on the rise with beta males is being passive aggressive. What that means is repressing their true feelings and being indirect.

In my view these are the worst kind of men, they pout, do things behind your back, act bitchy, badmouth you to others, ignore you, use sarcasm. I want to choke this kind of man.

23. Sedentary lives

Gone are the days of running after your prey and stabbing it in the neck with your spear. Right now we are living in the internet age. Unhealthy, pale, approval seeking weirdos scattered across offices just sitting in one spot for 8 hours at a time.

The only time they get up is to eat fast food, then they sit their fat ass back down and tap away at the keyboard until it’s 5pm. Then they sit on the train, tapping away on their smartphone. Tap tap… ugh, it’s truly depressing.

24. Over grooming

Modern dudes over groom

When did the over grooming trend start? First it was a tan on the sunbed, that quickly turned into a fake tan and now straight men are getting their assholes waxed? Some men are even using coverup… C-O-V-E-R-U-P!

If you are a hetrosexual man, you should not be wearing makeup. Period. Basic male grooming is necessary, but that’s it.

25. Provider role has… gone

Thanks to feminism, women now have absolutely no need for men when it comes to providing for them. They are better educated, get better jobs and are earning more money in a lot of cases.

So where does that leave men? Even though the playing field has changed, the biological rules are still the same. Women want to be provided for, they want to have children, they want a family and they want to nurture. You just need to show them.

26. Fatter than women on average

You’d think that women would be fatter than men on average because of all the diet pills, fad diets and glossy magazine health “secrets”. But the sad fact is that men are on average fatter than women.

This stems from feeling inadequate as a man. You don’t know your place in society or how you should look, so you just eat to suppress the depressing thoughts you have.

27. Not owning up to their actions

If you do something wrong or you make a mistake, you should own it. Men today like to complain, whinge, pass the buck and it only ever comes back to bite them. If you don’t own up to your problems, then you won’t fix them and move on with your life.

People respect those who own up to their mistakes, it makes them more likeable and trustworthy.

Conclusion: Is this the death of the real man?

In a word… maybe. There is still a fighting chance, it’s just up to the guys themselves to change.


If you are a guy in his mid 20’s and you feel as though you can relate to some of the points above, then you need to change dude. Stop being that beta male and start working on your masculine self. Your life will be better for it and women will appreciate you more.


If you are a millennial and you’re reading this, I have some words of advice for you… get your shit together.

You still have time to become a real man though, you don’t have to give in to the feminists, the media or your university teachers.

All you need to do is think for yourself, ask questions and NEVER be a coward. Remember: Women want an alpha male, not a beta male.

What other things do modern men do that piss you off?

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  1. PUAs are incels says

    you just know the incel author of this garbage jerks off to loli porn when he’s not fantasizing about raping women.

  2. uniteindiversity says

    Can’t believe people are agreeing to this shitty post. Words spoken by a backward man living in the past. Sorry you weren’t born in the times to “start a fire”.

  3. The world changes man… don’t be afraid, embrace it. Or don’t you’ll be dead soon anyways. I’m sure your grandparents and parents generation also thought you weren’t a “real men”

  4. Love this article! So true!!
    Need to add a point though, for men drinking city water be aware, all those hormones i.e. Estrogen getting flushed down the potty via urine isn’t removed by the standard water systems. Just an FYI, filter your water! Men love BC though, means they can be irresponsible idiots and do what they want without taking responsibility. Enough is enough, soon women will be importing men because your so lame. Wake up!
    I’m raising two strong and healthy young men, skilled, trained, great bone mass btw who eat home cooked meals and know their way around the woods – they adore, admire and respect women AS women. XO I started studying the failings of masculinity a long time ago and chose something different for my own boys and as parents we can start now too.

  5. Men are made to be submissve. Women are natural leaders since they CAN get pregnant. All you little men talk about is power and women. Apperently, you can’t get over “fat, ulgy..” when you describe feminists because that’s all your male brain can process. Like animals, you can only be stimulated by looks. That is why you need an alpha female ( a real woman) to put you in your place.

  6. Anti-feminist woman says

    Completely agree with this article. As a woman, I generally look at western men with disdain these days, because they don’t know how to approach women at all, and if they like a woman, then they are very indirect about it. I am never going to chase after a man ever, that’s not my job, quite frankly, and if he doesn’t approach me because he’s too scared of a little thing like me (5’3″, less than 100 pounds), then I have no respect for him. They also prefer to whinge and put all the blame on women, saying “women are this! women are that!”, and think they’re entitled to a quality woman without once stopping to look at themselves to see if they have anything of worth to give, and the biggest whingers typically have the least to give. They are not at all interested in self-improvement, and they want a feminine woman, but they themselves have noodle arms and never lift weights or do anything to behave like a man. They take pride in being emotional and crying easily (yuck) but then look down upon women for those very same traits and view them as inferior. They bitch about women TO women and show an ugly, bitter side and then when the woman runs off and gives them the flick, they get all surprised then consider her irrational and secretly insecure, (of course that’s why she ran off! because she couldn’t handle “the truth”, never mind that if the situations were reversed THEY wouldn’t tolerate women insulting men in front of them), and in his little soft head he concludes that her kicking him out is somehow confirmation that all women are entitled bitches who only look for the perfect man (even though he himself believes he’s entitled to the perfect woman without putting any effort into self-improvement). Then the feminist movement just further exacerbates the situation in so many ways. Though to be honest, if a man were a real man, he wouldn’t use feminism as an excuse to relinquish his role as the man. Modern men want both the good bits of feminism and the goods bits of traditionalism in a woman, they want the woman to contort to the perfect shape like an acrobat without complaint at the click of his finger (depending on which bits suit him best at the time), but women CAN’T do it all. She can’t be a full-time mother and home maker AND work a full-time job and be the bread winner! It’s not fair to ask all that of her (this is why I hate feminism). Men should be men, and women should be women, therein likes the excitement about liking the opposite sex, because each is what the other isn’t. If I wanted an effeminate man, I’d just go be a lesbian instead.

    • kill yourself says

      lmao a man cosplaying as what he wishes women were wrote this garbage while watching gay gangbang vids.

  7. I’m interested in the number 17 point where you talked about getting big muscles instead of building strenght. I thought that getting big muscles means getting more strength. So I’d like you to elaborate on that issue and perhaps give me a strength building routine ’cause I recently joined a gym. Nice article though.

  8. The modern man clings to feminism as a way to avoid responsibility. He decides that because women can do everything that it is fair to make them carry the most financial responsibility as well as domestic responsibility. Even after children etc come into the equation women find themselves unhappier than ever because they have to look after adult men as if they are children – men who have hurried themselves in a second life via their gaming, online forums and internet porn at the expense of the family. They attach manliness to objects like cars or objects they bought – which financially they shouldn’t have – because that is easier than any real effort at self improvement. They nag and denigrate efforts of women because it’s a self defense mechanism to pick on the efforts of others if you think that they will notice that you make no effort yourself. I am a woman raised in the country where some things were more traditional and I wish I could make myself a lesbian.

    • Oh so true ! I agree with this post too! I am a female in my late 20’s now and I cannot take much more of this non sense here in the west. Anyways, best of luck in today’s world we live in. Take care. :)

    • Totally understand the above, unreal isn’t it? Unbelievable..

  9. Interesting article. I guess I’m lucky I’m from Eastern Europe, we still have to fight and survive out here.

  10. You are talking about men from the West. Most of the men of other continent ain’t like that.

  11. Hey bro. Great article :D I love ’60 men mind style and you have rights ‘the modern man is pussy’.

  12. Richard you have no idea the truth you have put into this post…! Btw verrrry funny! Hahah I was laughing at some words lol

    Something that I relate is the stupid games, I play 1 game (clash of clans) that I love but it’s giving me a hard time to quit. When I was youger I used to play for hoursss and that is definitely not good for social skills and like you said… I mean it’s true… You becaume less man, less in control, more of a pussy…
    I haven’t played like that for years so This is not my case but yeah.. You have a point.
    Waoh… Such a magnificent post, and sooo true.. I’ll keep it in favorites. Btw I’m not sure if you have something about it, but I’m in college and uff I see that women are every day more desesperate with so many man looking at them and not doing anything, would you happen to have a post or video with some cool advice to make it a fun game? I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying but anyway, great post!! Thanks!!

    • I’ll give you some advice.. remove “desperate” out of your post cause its demeaning and real men don’t need to demean women to endorse themselves. Next remove lines “cool advice” and “fun game.” After you figure out WHY you might actually get a clue. LoL, gawd your in college? Wow!

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