10 Things Your Girlfriend Needs To Hear You Say

I haven’t spoken about relationships much recently.

The reason why is because I’m just living life like any single man should right now.

Partying throughout the week, sleeping with multiple women and enjoying every freakin minute of it.


Being in a relationship when you’re with a girl you love… daymn, it’s just a beautiful thing.

So today I want to talk about how you can keep things sweeeeeeet with your lady… avoiding the arguments, tension and all the other crap, so that she can’t keep her mind off you and knows you’re the only guy for her.

What I’m not going to do is show you what to do… but actually things you should be saying to your girlfriend.

Women respond well to the thoughts and feelings of their man and like them to be truthful with their words and actions. Having said that, if she’s not responding well, then you need to call her out on her B.S.

So let’s get down to it.

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The 10 things your girlfriend needs to hear

I’m going to be honest…

Women love honest strong men. They can see straight through the bullshit and know intuitively when you’re lying. So say what’s on your mind (most of the time) and start it with “ok, I’m going to be honest with you”.

She will immediately know that you’re guard is down and she’ll have massive respect for you.

I love you

Obviously you don’t need to be told to say this, it’s the most important thing you can say to a woman when you’re in a relationship.

But don’t overuse it. This line holds a lot of weight and should be used when you feel overwhelmed with feelings for her. You know, when you look at her and think… man I really like this girl.

I miss you

When you don’t see each other for a few days, maybe even a few weeks due to work or holiday. Send her a random text out of the blue with nothing more than “I miss you…”.

She will melt on the spot and love you for you.

Tip: If she doesn’t respond with saying something like “I miss you too” then there’s a chance that she’s not interested in you anymore.

Woah, you look so sexy

Women as you know are VERY insecure and need reassurance that they aren’t fat, their arms aren’t looking like wobbly wings and they aren’t getting old lady wrinkles.

So when the time is right and she’s getting ready or you haven’t seen her in a certain outfit before. Say “Woah, you look so sexy” and watch her light up.

You’re pretty awesome at…

Don’t just compliment her looks, we can’t all be that shallow dude! Compliment her mind too, intelligence is very attractive.

By saying what you think she’s good at, she’ll know that you’re different from other guys and appreciate you noticing the finer details.

How was your day?

Don’t be selfish. Let her know you care about her by asking her how her days was and actually listen to what she’s saying. I know it might be boring and won’t make the slightest bit of difference to you, but it’s a nice thing to do.

You’re amazing in bed

Women love to hear it as much as men do, trust me. After you’ve had sex with her… give her a cuddle and say “You’re amazing in bed, do you know that?”. She’ll giggle but will love that you said that.

What do you think?

We all know that women love to give their opinion on everything. If you want to remain in her good books, ask for her thoughts on anything. Are you thinking of changing jobs? Ask her opinion on it… anything, it doesn’t matter.

You’re going to make a great mum

Telling your girlfriend that she’ll make a great mum, does two things. 1) It shows that you’re committed to her and are thinking about kids in the future and 2) It makes her feel like a real woman.

I love that (dress, bracelet, watch, shoes, earrings, makeup, fill in the blank)

Lastly, women like looking good for their man. Tell her what you love about what she’s wearing, and be detailed. Most men don’t notice the details and just say “oh you look nice” which is lame.

Sometimes you need to keep the conversation going if it fizzles out or she doesn’t respond in the way you want. You also need understand breaking rapport which spikes attraction and is essential for relationships.

That’s it dude! Simple easy to follow things that your girlfriend needs to hear you say.

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  1. I think as long as the above is said genuinely and not over used then yes – you’re right. So many guys are completely out of touch with their emotions.

  2. Good one Rich, I like your posts as they’re just down-to-earth and honest, and about people as people, not like the others that treat it all too much like a game.

    thanks bruv, I’m looking forward to more

  3. Socialkenny PUA says

    Lots of points worthy of being commented on in this article, however the first stuck out the most. I’ve been in an LTR of 4 years now (although I still pick up chicks), I rarely use the l word. Saying all this to say that you don’t have to overdue it on the L word. Use it once in a blue. I’ve probably only used it 4 times in 4 years. Reason being why so sparingly is that as you eluded to Gambler, chicks can sense bullshit. For a guy to be telling his GF every day that he loves her, there will come a point where she sees through the fakeness of it all. One doesn’t need to declare love on a constant basis IMO.

    I’d like your take on what I said in this comment.

    • i get what you’re saying here, but he’s not advocating saying I love you as a throwaway comment, quite the opposite – “… don’t overuse it. This line holds a lot of weight and should be used when you feel overwhelmed with feelings for her.”

      Basically, just don’t be fake in anything you do

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