4 Seduction Styles That Get You Laid

Pick one and roll with it.

Pick one and roll with it.

I’ve spoken on several occasions about seduction characteristics and what qualities really attract women. But today I want to talk about seduction styles and how adopting just one style will be everything you need to get laid.

If you’re new to game, then absolutely need to work out what kind of style works for you, before pursuing any girl. For me when I started out, I didn’t know what would work best for me. I knew I wasn’t the gimmick type or incredibly outgoing, so I needed something that would play to my natural strengths, you need to do the same.

So lets get into it:

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This will be the least popular style for sure, but it’s worth mentioning because I do know guys that get laid with it. Imagine the Trickster as someone who likes to be the centre of attention and woo women with tricks/gimmicks. He doesn’t need to be a magician or anything, he can simply just know a few bar tricks that get the conversation started.

But his main thing is really entertaining people, in the hope that women will find him attractive because of his perceived social value, which in my experience is temporary, once the smoke and mirrors have worn off.

How to be the trickster:

  • Learn some bar tricks that will help you to start conversations
  • Have a handful of magic tricks or illusions you can use for both crowds and 1-on-1
  • Learn palm reading, cold reading and simple mind tricks that wow women
  • Use small props that will catch the eye of women


Definitely the most popular seduction technique out there, especially with younger guys. As it’s been said before, if you are too cocky you will come across as a dick… however if you are too funny, you will just be that really entertaining guy she can use for self amusement. But if you use a 50/50 approach, magic will happen.

This guy will not only make women trust him and want to be around him, he will also let them know that he’s not a friend, he’s a sexual partner. Women find this guy SUPER attractive.

How to be cocky/funny:

  • Focus on being playful mostly and then throw in a curveball with cockiness. Think of it like you’re seasoning a meal. A little cockiness here and there to make her want you more.
  • Don’t be shy to call her out and bust her balls a little, she will appreciate it.
  • Practice some cocky/funny lines so you have them to hand, whilst learning the more natural approach.

Party boy

Although cocky/funny works well for mostly all women. There’s one guy that will most likely sleep with the hottest women imaginable and that’s the party boy. His social value is through the roof and building attraction with women is easy for him, his confidence is sky high and he is the most in-demand guy at the venue.

Women want to be seen with him, they want to sleep with him and guys want to be around him so they can soak up some of his success.

How to be the party boy:

  • Create highly valuable social circles that deliver you the hottest women
  • Network with high net-worth individuals that aren’t afraid to spend money in clubs/bars
  • Always have a venue to go to, whatever the time, whatever the place… make it happen

Quietly confident

This style of seduction is basically James Bond. He’s cool, calm, collected and always quietly confident. So you won’t see him trying to impress women with special moves or being overly loud so he’s the only one being seen. But you will see him slip out the back door with a gorgeous girl every night of the week.

How to be quietly confident:

  • Talk a lot less and let your actions speak for themselves… use kino… lot’s of kino
  • Don’t seek any validation from anyone, you are everything a woman wants and it doesn’t need to be shared with anyone else
  • Aim to be the mysterious type, where you avoid questions and never answer her directly
  • Don’t let anyone f**k with your frame. Your mindset is rock-f**king-solid

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  1. Cool, I personally like the style 2, although I still do not master it, but I want to look good in this style … this really is one of my challenges, I am a kind of very serious guy, I have tried to be more charismatic, more fun and funny and a little arrogant to balance, but not me seems so easy in practice, but I will try to apply these ideas to see if it improves my humor.Prestar more tension in the conversation can help, since we can play with or something situational occasional, every moment can be a good opportunity to be more relaxed. What else I bequeath to have a good mood and be funny, it is that with it if you can break the ice easier, helps to break that tension between agent and the girl. I have entered the field and tested to improve my game.

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