5 Reasons Why You Must Plan Every Date From Start To Finish


Women want strong, confident men who are leaders.

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Most guys don’t plan their dates, they think it’s corny or way over the top and just too much effort. But little do they know that planning a date… EVERY date will help you get laid more often than not. Let me explain…

Women like to be lead.

I don’t care how many feminists you talk to, strong “independent” women or single stay at home mums. The large majority of women, I’m talking 95% want a man to make the decision for them.

They are hardwired this way and it’s natural for them to follow a man.

There isn’t anything up for debate here, it’s nature. If you’ve dated countless women like I have, you’ll soon realise there is a pattern that most women fall into. Once you understand that pattern and then give them what they want, it’s like magic. They just wanted to sleep with you.

Below are 5 reasons why you must plan every date, before you go on it. Regardless of if it’s the first, second or you’ve seen the girl multiple times. Planning will keep her attracted and will get you laid… trust me.

1. Women don’t want to think

In a woman’s mind. It’s a mans job to organise the date and they aren’t wrong. Firstly, no one likes to be the person who has to think about what you’re going to do on a date, organise it, pay for stuff etc.

But when you’re given the chance to just coast along on the date without thinking about anything, you’re free to enjoy yourself and live in the moment. This is why it’s very appealing to women for the man to take charge, she will love you for it.

2. It’s attractive to be told what you’re doing

Like I said already, women want to be lead. They will NEVER say this out loud because it’s weird. But I guarantee you, if you just lead her she will follow and she won’t say anything stupid like “Hey, do you think you can just push me around like that?”. Any objections you think might happen, will almost never happen.

All you need to say are things like “Cool, are you ready? Great, let’s go to (planned place) there’s something I want to show you” or “Let’s go this, you’ll love it”. All she will do is nod and go along with the experience.

3. Most guys don’t do this

Seriously, it’s incredible the amount of guys who don’t plan dates. All they do is text a girl they’ve just met, ask them a bunch of dumb questions and then get them to a bar or pub so they can them bombard them with more pointless and boring questions. So the moment you say to her, “Cool, I’ve got some things planned for us”, she’ll immediately respond in a positive way.

4. It’s exciting and fun

Put yourself in a girls high heels for a second… and let me ask you this. What would you rather go to a bar or pub with a guy you’ve just met and have him fire boring questions at you for a couple of hours?

Or would you rather do something new, fun, interesting, exciting and different with him? Obviously you’re going to choose the latter. Girls will always choose the latter, because it’s not something they’re are used to doing.

5. She will remember you for a long time

I’ve had girls text me things in the past like “Haha, I had such a great time today, the best date I’ve ever been on… thank you xx”. Now when a girl says that, she’s not joking and the likely hood is, she’s going to remember you for a very long time, which will increase your chances of hooking up with her again in the future.

So that’s it. I hope you can see why I think planning a date is far more important than just free-styling it? If you can’t and you continue to go on these crappy boring dates, then I can assure you that you will get laid a whole lot less dude.

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  1. Very true and some good points , I recently took a girl on a day 2 to bowling …she loved it plus we had some competitive fun which is a nice change from standard bar meets for dates .

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