The Numbers Don’t Lie: Why PUA Chooses DMCAForce To Handle Its DMCAs

Back in 2007, launched. This company was one of the first online platforms to offer pickup artist training. The website is jam-packed with both free and paid information to help guys get laid. The site was an instant success. Hordes of men absolutely gagging to bed women descended upon the site, picking up one of the most effective PUA products in the world. However, as every successful content creator will know, PUA Training eventually ran into a problem; piracy.

PUA’s success meant that websites started to share pirated versions of their content. Each time the training was downloaded from one of these links, it was potentially costing PUA a sale. It had to stop. They wanted to take control of their copyrighted content again. This is why PUA reached out to the team at

What Is PUA Training? is a program that teaches men how to seduce women. It isn’t a training program to help men find the love of their lives. It is about helping men bed women using a combination of techniques. These techniques have been put into practice and written down by some of the best pickup artists in the world. There are a few free pieces of information over at, but almost all the good stuff is kept behind a paywall.

It is safe to say that PUA Training is one of the most popular pickup artist programs in the world. It has helped thousands of previous helpless guys get laid on a regular basis. You only have to see the positive reviews online to see how effective it is. However, as we said, once PUA training started to become more popular, it became one of the many victims of online piracy. The difference between and other victims? PUA opted to do something about it.

Why PUA Hired DMCAForce For Its DMCA Handling

PUA first reached out to DMCAForce when it realized that its main product was being pirated. This is a problem that eventually hits all major content creators, especially content creators that offer products related to sex (the porn and the sex industry is one of the most heavily pirated in the world).

PUA realized that the piracy of their products was costing them sales. After all, why would somebody want to spend money on the product that they created when there were ‘free’ channels to pick up exactly the same product? While it is impossible to know how many sales PUA lost due to piracy, stats show that eBook and training product piracy is at an all-time high. At last count, it was estimated that eBook and training piracy costs US-based content creators $300 million per year. So, it is a very real problem.

When they reached out to DMCAForce, PUA had already spent a good amount of time submitting their own DMCA takedown requests. However, the popularity of their product on piracy websites meant that they couldn’t file the DMCA requests fast enough. Every pirated link they took down was replaced by another one. Something had to be done.

PUA turned to DMCAForce when they learned DMCAForce had been assisting companies just like theirs for several years. The processes at DMCAForce are fully automated too, which meant that DMCA takedown requests could be sent out incredibly quickly, limiting the number of pirated links out there. In fact, since 2009, have had over 300 million links removed from websites, and 167 million sites removed from Google. Every link removed means one less option people have to get their hands on stolen content.

As soon as started to work with, hits on their site increased. Sales increased. People who would normally have looked for a pirated version of PUA realized that they had no other choice but to pay if they wanted to get their hands on this awesome knowledge.

Even though DMCAForce has removed thousands of links toward pirated PUA content, there is still plenty of work to be done. DMCAForce scanners are running 24/7 to ensure that the theft of any copyrighted content is caught and dealt with swiftly. Our services allow PUA to focus on building up its training products, and less time dealing with pirated content. Using services like DMCAForce has allowed the business to create better products than ever. The fact that they are less likely to have their content stolen acts as a motivator too.

DMCA Handling Benefits All Content Creators

PUA is not the only company working with DMCAForce. In fact, the main work for the company is with content providers. for example has been the official DMCA agent for DMCA takedown notices.

Any person or company producing content they want to retain the copyright on should be utilizing services like DMCAForce. The second a content producer ignores the piracy of their content is the second they start losing money. DMCAForce has worked with content producers on platforms such as:

  • Patreon
  • JustForFans
  • LoyalFans
  • Fansly
  • Fanable

But any content creator can use to handle their DMCA monitoring and takedown notices. Musicians, filmmakers, software developers, and photographers have all benefitted from this type of service, as have those that produce written content.

Basically, if there is digital content to protect, can help.

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How DMCAForce Operates has been around since 2009, offering millions of takedown notices to over 8,000 different piracy websites. The company has helped to remove links from these websites, as well as get certain links to pirated content removed from search engines. The aim of the company is to keep the content they protect away from piracy websites. uses sophisticated monitoring software. Every hour of every day, this monitoring software will be scanning over 8,000 sites to see whether they are hosting any content protected by DMCAForce. If any stolen content is identified, a DMCA takedown notice is issued. Most of this process is automatic, with a few links submitted for manual review.

Because the process is automatic, DMCAForce can issue tens of thousands of DMCA notices every single day. This helps to protect every single one of the clients that the company works with. As soon as a link to pirated content appears, it is spotted and handled.

Unlike other DMCA companies, DMCAForce only scans known piracy websites. This helps to reduce the likelihood of false positives triggering the system, helping to protect the brands issuing DMCA notices.

The Importance of DMCA Handling

It is impossible to know exactly how much piracy costs content creators. However, with over 50% of people regularly pirating content, and over 70% claiming there is absolutely nothing wrong with piracy, it is fair to say that piracy costs content creators a lot of money. In the US alone, it is believed that piracy costs content creators over $100 billion in revenue. While much of this is focused on large TV, movie, and music companies, smaller content creators are also missing out.

It only takes a quick search for any popular digital product online, and you will likely be overwhelmed by links to pirated content. In fact, choose your favorite creator, and you can probably find their pirated content in a matter of seconds. This isn’t fair. When people create content, they should have full control over it. If they want to profit from their content, they should have the right to do so. It isn’t something that pirates should be profiting from.

Let’s go through some of the reasons why companies like PUA and OnlyFans are turning to DMCAForce for DMCA handling.

Protect Income Sources

The main reason to combat piracy is to help protect income sources. Simple as that. The more available content is through piracy sites, the less chance somebody has of buying it. This is a problem that PUA was suffering from. PUA knew that people wanted their content. Their training course had been a major source of success for them, and people were writing a ton of positive reviews about how much the course had benefitted them. The problem was that because piracy links were so prevalent, people just weren’t willing to spend the cash.

As soon as PUA started to work with DMCAForce, links to piracy went down. People were reluctant to pirate the training course again too. They knew that every time the training course was pirated, it would be taken down again within a few days. It wasn’t worth their time. Many of the major piracy sites really don’t want to be dealing with constant DMCA notices.

If a content creator doesn’t work to protect their income sources (i.e. combat piracy), then it doesn’t matter how great their content is, nobody is going to buy it!

Keep Control of Content

When you produce a piece of content, it is nice to have control of it. Think about those people that snap photos and videos for OnlyFans. Do they really want people to be posting their nude bodies everywhere? Probably not. A lot of these people are incredibly protective of their image. They don’t want these pictures appearing on random porn sites, blogs, etc.

Remember, for many people, producing content isn’t just about income. It is about the right to control your intellectual property. When somebody steals your work, you feel a sense of loss. Something that you have spent days, weeks, or months working on is now in the hands of somebody else, and those people are using it in a way you never intended it to be used.

Allows Focus On Other Important Areas of Business

Many content creators, including PUA, hire a DMCA-handling company just because they don’t want to go through the rigmarole of filing DMCA claims, or even hunting down potential online piracy sites. It takes a lot of time, and one person would barely be able to put a dent in the amount of piracy there.

Remember, each minute that you spend on combating piracy is a minute that you can’t spend on creating more content. If you are a content creator, focus on what you do best. Let companies like DMCAForce focus on what they do best i.e. combatting piracy.

Hides Piracy Links From People

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely kill off piracy. Companies have spent millions of dollars fighting it, even going as far as to change the laws in certain countries, but it is never going to completely die. As long as your content is out there, people will pirate it.

The best any content creator can hope for is to ensure that the pirated content is kept as hidden as possible. This means hiding it from the search engine results page, and ensuring that any links to the pirated content are killed off. The harder it is for people to find pirated content, the more chance they are of obtaining it from the right sources.


Is It Easy To File a DMCA Takedown Notice?

Some sites will make the process easy. They will have a short form that you can fill in. Others are notoriously difficult, often requiring you to email them the notice. If you work with a company like DMCAForce, the filing process can be automated. Check out DMCAForce DMCA FAQ’s

Can You File a DMCA Against Companies Not Based In The US?

The DMCA legislation only applies to web servers and companies based in the US. You can, however, file a DMCA takedown notice against US search engines e.g. Google, if you want to hide the content.

How Much Does a DMCA Handling Service Cost?

This will depend on the type of content being protected, as well as how often it is being pirated. DMCAForce can provide you with more information on the cost of a DMCA handling service.

Final Thoughts – Find Out Why PUA Relies On DMCAForce

Content creator? The piracy numbers don’t lie. Whether you are a small or large content creator, people are going to pirate your content. This will cost you money. Take control of your content. Automate your DMCA management with DMCAForce today.

Get in touch with the team at DMCAForce, and we will be more than happy to discuss your content needs.

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