7 Character Traits That Prove You Are Dating A “Damaged” Woman

These women are nuts, stay away!

These women are nuts, stay away!

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If you are thinking about dating or you are actually dating a woman that shows the following character traits. You need to do one thing… and one thing only.


Get away from that crazy bitch as fast as you possibly can. Delete her number, unfriend her on Facebook, stop reading her tweets, perving over her useless Instagram pics and detach yourself from her entirely.

If you don’t do this, then I promise you that your life will be terrible if you decide to make her your girlfriend or continue seeing a girl you’ve been dating for a short while.


Because the below character traits display very clearly that she is mentally unstable. Now this could be that she’s a full blown nutcase or it could mean that she has some minor issues which she needs to deal with herself. Either way, you are going to be on the receiving end of this broken woman.

Over time, you will slowly mould to her choosing, because it makes your life seem easier. You will begin to tell yourself lies like “I know she’s doing this because she loves me” or “What kind of man would I be if I didn’t support her”.

Having said that, you might even be the kind of man that would put up with her crazy nonsense because she’s hot. If you are that person… you deserve everything she throws at you. Because you’re an idiot.

Ok, so here are the top character traits “damaged” women will show and you need to stay clear of:

Self entitlement

Also known as a princess syndrome. Something happened during childhood (usually with her dad) that made her think that she was entitled to everything. If she asked mummy or daddy for something, they would usually say yes. So no, wasn’t really a word that was often used around her.

If a girl shows that she is self entitled, get rid. It’s not something she can easily get rid of as she’s had years of validation from her parents (and quite possibly past boyfriends) who spoiled her. To spot this trait, listen to the things she says… “What do you mean no? But I want it” or “Why can’t I have it, I don’t understand?”.

Whining or bitching regularly

Damaged girls enjoy drama. They will seek it in the workplace, amongst her social circle, at home with their family and yes… with you in a relationship. This means they will take great pleasure in whining about something that they don’t like or which didn’t go the way they wanted (stems from self entitlement).

They will also bitch about anything and everything, just to make themselves feel better. Making a situation out of something small is something that makes damaged girls feel alive. It feeds that inner crazy voice.

Whining and bitching is cancerous and it will grind you down until you don’t even fight back anymore. If she’s showing this character trait… You got it, leave her.

Unstable emotionally

Women as you know are emotional. However most of them can at times control those emotions (kind of). However emotionally unstable women cannot control those emotions and they act out when in a heightened state of emotion. This is both toxic and incredibly dangerous for you.

If she flips out, screams, shouts, punches, scratches etc when she doesn’t get her way or she’s having a bad day and it happens regularly… then you need to take that very seriously and leave her. That bitch is crazy and you should not give her a second more of your time. Let some other guy take care of her.

When emotionally unstable women lash out, they know that by acting as a victim they will usually get what they want. As a man, this automatically puts you in a bad position, because you’re socially expected to put up with it.

Predictable patterns of behaviour

If you can predict when a girl is going to erupt with anger, lash out at you physically, bitch/moan or complain about something then you have just spotted a detrimental pattern of behaviour. These behaviours have taken her years to master and they are NOT going away soon. Which means you stay and put up with her, or you leave.

Gets confidence from physical validation

With social media such a part of everything we do these days, it’s becoming a problem for younger women who don’t understand that they can get their confidence from within as opposed to compliments, given out by us pervy guys. So what they do is post a contrived photo of themselves in an effort to get some form of validation.

Within seconds, they will receive comments such as “Wow, babe you are stunning” or “You are so beautiful” to which she will divulge and bask in temporary confidence.

These types of women are ruining their ability to have self confidence and will constantly rely on you to give them what they need. Validation.

It can also increase the chances of her cheating on you, so you need to know how to spot a slut before something bad happens.

Always late or has an excuse

Girls that are constantly late and always seem to have the most wonderful excuses are useless. They lack respect for you and don’t take your time seriously. This will show if you begin a relationship with them. first they will be late to meeting you for drinks in a local bar, then the cinema, then family stuff and it will eventually become tiresome.

What they are really saying by being late is that “I just don’t care about you as much as I care about me”. That my friend is a worrying attitude for a woman to have.

Extreme jealousy

Lastly, one of the most important character traits to spot which can strip you bare of friends, confidence, social media, enjoyment and happiness is if she is jealous. Not regular jealous… extreme jealously.

To the point where she has to look in your phone, at your messages on all apps to satisfy her curiosity that you may be cheating on her. Now this type of girl has usually been cheated on in the past or she’s grown up around peers (parents, sisters etc) that have gone through cheating on several occasions, so she’s developed a “He must be cheating on me” or “All men cheat at some point” mentality.

Trust me, you will go crazy if you stay with a woman like this. Ditch her NOW.

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  1. This is not signs of an emotionally damaged woman. This is signs of a narcissist or a sociopath. But, nice try.

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