Does My Girlfriend Still Love Me?

Love is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. It just feels so wonderful when you have that special bond with another person. You hope that feeling with last forever. Sadly, that doesn't always happen.

Love can fade. The problem is that if you are still head-over-heels in love with a person, it can stop you from seeing that they may not love you anymore.


We have no doubt that you have landed on this page because you sort of think that your girlfriend may not love you as much.

Honestly? Most of the time you should go with your gut instinct. But, we figured that we would share with you those big, red flags that just scream that she may not be all that into you now.

You have stopped arguing

Couples argue. That is a fact. We can promise you that there isn't a single couple out there that hasn't had a tiff on occasion.

Obviously, we argue because we want to get our point across. It is a way of dealing with conflicts. In many cases, we argue because we actually care and want to make something work.

If you and your girlfriend used to argue a lot, and suddenly that has stopped, then it could indicate that she is no longer in love with you. It could mean that she has just emotionally checked out of the relationship. She doesn't see a sense in arguing because nothing can be fixed.

Obviously, this doesn't always mean that she no longer loves you. Sometimes there is just nothing to argue about. This is more one of those signs that you look at alongside other signs. It isn't the only one to focus on.

She has started talking about exes or other guys

This is a big one.

If your girlfriend has started to talk a bit more affectionately about exes or other guys, then your relationship probably isn't going anywhere.

This means that she has eyes for somebody else. If she has eyes for somebody else, then she doesn't love you. Well, she may still love you, but it is going to fade.

She suggests a more 'open' relationship

We know that some people are in open relationships and are completely in love. However, these boundaries tend to be set near the beginning of the relationship.

If your girlfriend is just blurting out that she wants an open relationship several months, or even years, down the line then this is going to spell trouble.

Quick Note

Chances are that if your girlfriend is suggesting an open relationship, then she has probably already found somebody else that she is interested in. She may even be cheating already.

If you are a long-time into a relationship and the idea of an open relationship is brought up, then just leave. Don't even entertain the idea of turning that relationship a bit more open. Trust us.

That is something that is never going to work. As we said, she probably already has her eyes on somebody. This means that she is going to be hooking up right away, and you are going to be sitting there completely devastated. 

She isn't a fan of you touching her

Alright. This is not a sign that she has fallen out of love with you. People sometimes just don't want to be touched. It happens. Most of the time, they will get over it and everything is fine. If you are concerned with the issue, then asking about it.

If you are constantly being battered away when you try to be affectionate, then this indicates a problem. If sex no longer seems to be on the table, then this indicates a problem.

Again, we cannot stress enough that this may still be down to something other than 'fallout of love', but if it is something that seems to be going on for a long time for seemingly no reason, then you may want to start worrying.

She is constantly making excuses not to be around you

Trying to make plans with her and getting almost no response? Does she magically cancel dates at the last minute? Does she always seem to be busy when you suggest that you meet up?

You may have a woman that has fallen out of love with you. She is being incredibly cowardly and trying to cut you out in the hope that you end up being the one breaking up with her.

Once again, you may want to look at other reasons why this could be happening. For example, if she is going through a particularly traumatic event or suffers from depression, then it can lead to this behavior. Try and talk it out with her if you can. If she says that she needs a little bit of space, then give it to her.

She doesn't really seem to miss you

If you are apart for more than three-four days and you don't get a text from her reaching out, then this could indicate a problem. It means that she isn't missing you. It means that she may have fallen out of love.

Of course, she may be thinking the same thing about you. This means that you are probably going to want to check in with her.

You should be able to pick up from her tone whether she misses you or not. If she doesn't seem that thrilled to be talking or doesn't really respond properly (if at all), then this could be a problem.

Of course, sometimes people do need to have a bit of time apart. It is healthy. However, if it seems to be happening time and time again, you may need to have a little bit of a talk with her.

She no longer asks about your day

Sometimes couples can have the most mindless of conversations. The conservations don't really matter. All that matter is that the two of you are sitting together, chatting.

Quick Note

If your girlfriend is no longer asking about your day, then this could mean a problem. It could mean that she no longer cares about your day-to-day life.

Of course, if she has never really been one for asking about your day, then this may not be a massive issue. You may notice that standard conversation becomes stifled, though.

Every single conversation that you have may seem bland or have a point. If your conversations are no longer those random conversations where you talk for the sake of talking, then your relationship could be on its last legs.

Discussions of a future between the two of you have gone out the window

This is probably the biggest indicator that your relationship is over. She is out of love.

Couples are meant to have a future together. If all conversations about the future have turned to 'I' instead of 'we', or she is no longer asking you to make future plans, then something is wrong.

We don't just mean those long-term plans where you talk about having kids together either. Oh no. We are also talking about the plans a few months down the line e.g. planning to go to concerts or on vacation.

Final word

Chances are that you will already know whether your girlfriend has lost her love for you. It will be a noticeable change in her behavior. She will seem completely different to before. The signs we discussed on this page are more just going to confirm your suspicion.

Of course, just because it seems like she no longer loves you, it doesn't mean everything is over. There could be other reasons for her behavior. Talk to her. You may be able to fix it.

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