How To Approach A Group Of Girls Without Any Chance Of Failure

Wanna learn how to approach a group of girls without the possibility of rejection?

Cool, I’ve got a few tips for you.

Now this approach can work whether you’re in a bar, nightclub… even a coffee shop. Basically wherever you see a group of girls that you want to approach these tips will work.

I know some guys would never think of ever approaching a group of girls… but here’s why you should. It will actually give you more confidence with girls and others in the bar/club will see you as high status because of pre-selection.

Quick Note: My Stealth Attraction techniques work perfectly in these types of situations, watch this video to learn how I use them in a set.

Non-verbal communication (Forcing an IOI)

To initiate an approach I would first try a non-verbal approach and force an IOI. To do this all you do is simply catch her eye, hold your drink up with a smile, maybe nod your head, even wave at her.

The aim of the non-verbal approach is to get a positive reaction. A smile or shy head tilt, something that will let you know that she is into you.

Once you get a good reaction, you can then approach the group with the intention of speaking to her.

The verbal approach

Use any opener to start the conversation with the group, something like… “hey girls… are you talking about me?” The will say “no” and then you say “Why not?” with a smile.

After a few minutes of chit chat, you need to direct your focus on the girl that you like and want to continue a conversation with.

When you start speaking to her, her friends will eventually speak amongst themselves and let you carry on speaking to her. Providing there are no cockblocks, you will be able to isolate her at some point.

Rules for approaching a set

  • Approach immediately – When you see a group of girls and you notice one girl you like, approach them immediately and don’t think about it.
  • Take control – When a friend tries to take over the conversation and muscle you out, make it a point to lead the interaction so that you are in control. Men who take the lead are perceived as the confident ones, this is VERY attractive.
  • Grab a wingman – If the group is too large you might want to get your wingman to help you after a couple of minutes, just to take the heat off you a bit and allow you to focus on a couple of girls.

So that’s how you approach a group of girls dude. Let me know what you think in the comments below…

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  1. Matt Powell says

    The non verbal stuff is absolutely killer. Increases your confidence x 10 as you’ve got the frame for your set before you do the approach. Also, having the confidence to take your chosen person by the hand and lead her away demonstrates you have real social power. Girls just love being lead around a venue by a strong guy!

  2. Hi, listen I´ve used some of the techniques and they helped me hook up with one of hottest girls at my work. The problem was, she suddenly lost interest, and I know there were some mistakes I made, but am not sure how to identify them.
    The other thing is, once I entered a club, and there was this girl giving me some IOI´s but it was a mixed set, 5 guys and 2 girls. I hanged out with my friends, but never really knew how to approach, and she glanced over a couple of times, but didn´t know how to approach that setting.

    Thanks for any hints

  3. Rich, you’re a genius – a master at this stuff. There’s no other instructor out there who provides as much directly applicable material. Regarding other systems out there – Yes, the evolutionary progress of man is interesting, but who wants to sit through a bootcamp listening to that stuff? Your videos are right on target – “here’s what you do”.

    • PUA Training says

      Thanks Marco! The idea of a bootcamp though is to apply this stuff with other people who are a similar position to you, so you’re taking action. This is the biggest problem guys have when learning game. Theory is great, but if you don’t use it in field you will just be a knowledgable loser.

  4. Hey dude, awesome video, absolutly love the non verbal approach, and the including friends in the conversation to avoid them tearing there friend away from you. I love your blog and will be back shortly :) thanks again

  5. What i did which worked perfect was…im a dancer… ok so i go up to group of guys and girls together in a hip hop or an electro club and i go in doing the robot and i shake one of the girls hands…if you actually know how to dance they well get a happy feel good response which would would eaisly open the group and starting talking to them in a more comfortable way. i try this every time i go to the club and it works great to open. also it gives u a reason to start trying to teach them lessons so it would be an easy convo starter…one time,,2 out the three girls started pulling me out in front of them to dance with them…best time of my life…works great in a group situation :)

  6. Nick_Stanley says

    Hey! What about mix-sets?

  7. Thanks so much for this video, this is one of those things that always had me stuck.

    I am just wondering, does anything change if there’s a guy in the group you approach?


  8. Terry from IL says

    Hello. What if the girl you like says right off the bat that shes married, or has a boyfriend? I have yet to recover from that. That being said, I have just started to scratch the surface with PUA training, and I really like it so far.

  9. Hey Rich !

    You didn’t sent me any tips on getting a Valentine date since last Thurday Februaary 14 was Valentine’s Day.

    Walter from Canada.

    • PUA Training says

      Hello Walter from Canada. Valentines is lame dude :) It’s for women and soppy guys, hence me not posting any cheesy Valentines day tips.

  10. Hi Richard !
    Love the opening, it looks really nice.
    Thank you for the video content too. It’s cool because when it comes to approaching, we tend to overcomplicate things, by thinking too much before doing anything. But your video remind us that it shouldn’t be more complicate than that.

    Quick question : do you agree with people that say that giving a compliment is the best way to approach during the day time ?

    Thank you for your answer,
    Ali from France.

  11. hey just curious how long should you wait between you making eye contact and then make the approach

  12. Thanks so much for this video, this is something
    that I have been stumped on for the longest time lol.

    I’m wondering though, what do you do when there is a guy
    In the set?

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