How To Be A Gentleman: 9 Rules You Must Follow

Today we’re going to take it old school… real old school. Oh yes. I’m going to show you how to be a gentleman. Yep, that’s right… a modern gentleman to be exact.

Gentleman in a smart suit.

Understanding how to be a gentleman in the modern day is important.

Ok so you might be thinking; “What the hell are you talking about dude? That stuff doesn’t matter anymore, men aren’t men and women aren’t women these days”.

Now there is something to be said about that, I mean equality is a big topic in today’s society and rightly so.

But the gentleman is a dying breed my friend and it pains me to see good manners go down the toilet when you’re around a lady.

I’m not saying that you have to dress in a 3-piece suit, wear a monocle, play with your pointy mustache and rest your handkerchief on the floor over a puddle when it’s raining so your date doesn’t get her shoes wet.

That’s just stupid.

What I’m referring too is respect… chivalry… politeness and manners.

All things that women love in a man and respond extremely well to, meaning they are attracted to and feel drawn towards.

If you’re a gent who has game, she won’t stand a chance.

So enough with the fluff of why I think it’s important to be a gentleman… let’s get on with how to be a gentleman and some simple rules you must follow.

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How to be a gentleman in these modern times with 9 simple rules

Before we get into the specifics, I want to emphasise that we live in modern times, which means we need to take what our grandads did and adapt it to today’s society. To be honest though, aside from technology, not a lot has changed.

  • Be polite at all times – Simple things like saying “please, thank you etc”, opening doors for a woman, smiling and showing interest are all basic manners that should be considered.
  • Don’t swear (too much) – Everyone swears, we’re not perfect. But overly swearing and saying f**k with every other word that comes out of your mouth is very distasteful and makes you sound like an idiot, so keep it to a minimum.
  • Watch how much you drink – Can you hold your drink? If not then don’t drink or only have a few glasses when you’re with a lady. Being drunk and slurring your words is a massive turn off for women.
  • Be the protector – Don’t be overly protective like a father, but simple things like holding her waist or hand when crossing the road, walking on the outside of the sidewalk whilst she’s on the inside and take her home or at least offer so she’s safe. Also if another guy is out of line, then make sure you stand up for your girl and show him who the daddy is. You must become an alpha male over time.
  • Be willing to help – If you see a woman carrying something heavy, then help her out and offer to carry it. Give your seat up on the bus or train when a woman is standing, show that you’re caring guy, women love this.
  • Be spontaneous – If you have a girlfriend, make sure you surprise her with a few small gifts or a mini weekend away somewhere. Do it out of the blue so she doesn’t know it’s coming.
  • Keep yourself in shape – As part of being a modern gentleman, you want to take care of yourself. This means keeping fit, grooming yourself and dressing well. It’s an overall package not just manners and politeness.
  • Be a sincere person – A gent doesn’t need to lie, he’s sincere with his words and actions. Make sure you’re you project sincerity as a man.
  • Have good table manners – Don’t talk with your mouth full, excuse yourself when you want to use the toilet, keep your elbows off the table, your back upright and be interested in the other person you’re talking to (strong eye contact is essential).
  • (Bonus Rule) Don’t talk about other girls – The worst thing you can do is talk about other girls to girls you’re on a date with, it’s disrespectful.

NOTE: If you’re following these rules and you believe you’re being the respectful gentleman that every woman says she wants and she still doesn’t want to date you. Then it’s her loss, move on.

5 forbidden things you should NEVER do in the presence of a lady

Use your common sense and think “would a gentleman do this?” before doing anything where you’re not sure if it’s a gentlemanly thing to do.

  1. Never bite your nails – It shows you’re bored, that you have a bad habit and you’re hygiene is off.
  2. Never yawn without putting your hand over your mouth – Try not to yawn anyway because it’s rude, but if you need to ALWAYS put your hand over your mouth and apologise after.
  3. Never chew with your mouth open – Chew your food with your mouth closed fool! Did you never listen to your mum?
  4. Never fart or belch – Save this for the bro nights, when you’re with a chick it should be less wind more chat.
  5. Never look at other women – Do you know how disrespectful it is to look at other women when you’re with a girl? Stop it.

Final word on being a gent

So that’s how to be a gentleman. Simple rules right?

Trust me, if you start using the above rules, you’ll find women showing much more interest in you and they will have a hell of a lot of respect for you also.

If you find it hard to remember everything here, just remember one thing. Be like the top womanizers in history and adopt their style.

Like I said before, if you’re a gent who has game… women won’t stand a chance.

Did I miss anything? If you think I missed anything, let me know in the comments below dude.

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  1. i was just wondering, there’s this girl i kissed, twice, yet both times we were kinda drunk, but now i don’t have a clue of what to do, because first of all we’re not good friends, second i get all nervous when talking to her, so i don’t act like the fun, cool, respectful guy i really am.. i’m usually really good with women, yet this girl seems to make me forget about the stuff i learned.. what should i do?

    • You gotta start building connections with her. Talk about your childhood~ start randomly with… “Do you know when I was young…”

    • That my friends is the reason we are all here! Just try to relax and realize if she is hanging out with you (especially drinking) she enjoys your company and has some interest with you just be how you normally are and don’t freak out (would you like a girl that could barely talk or was always nervous around you? In short she. Has some interest in you its your job to take it the rest of the way! Cheers.

    • Ryan Shatwell says

      Hey Wade, I’ve had the same issue on a few occasions in the past too. It is when 1) you are idealising the girl too much. Think of the things that are imperfect about her and you will feel more in control. 2) Chat to other girls and approach other girls. This will not only increase your confidence but it will also prove to yourself that you have other options and put much less pressure on your interaction with this desirable girl. You are forgetting your smoothness because you are hellish nervous and putting her on a pedestal too much.

      Hanging out with Richard I know he is a gentlemen with women.

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