How To Become A Pick Up Artist… That Actually Gets Laid!

The term pick up artist is pretty lame don’t you think?

The reason I dislike it so much is because it attracts the type of guy that doesn’t have any interest in getting women… his main interest is idolising guys like Mystery, talking to other losers on a forum and giving advice that would never work in the real world.

It’s very annoying how once guys get into this community, they tend to lose interest in learning how to attract beautiful women and just head straight for the geeky crap which actually makes them worse!

Recently I was browsing through a PUA forum (for research purposes obviously) to see what guys post on these things and was kinda shocked at what I saw.

It actually made me feel a little sad.

I felt sad for the fact that, there are these types of guys in this community… offering no value and helping nobody. They just give incorrect advice based on theory (not results) and troll the forums because they have nothing better to do.

So as I was sitting there I thought to myself, I’m going to create a post that shows newbies how to get better with women and not sit at home on a Saturday night playing Halo… instead he’s out with his wingman, having a crazy time in a bar full of hot chicks.

I use the term pick up artist lightly, because it encapsulates what you want to achieve with women. You want to be able to meet, seduce and attract them in a completely natural way… no tricks, gimmicks or mythical shortcuts.

Oh before I get into the do’s and don’ts. If you want that next level game and would like to bypass the learning curve. Then watch this.

So let’s get into it…

How to become a pick up artist… the do’s and don’ts

Don’t sit at home playing video games – If you do you’re a moron and deserve never to get laid. Treat yourself when you get a REAL woman, not when you complete a level!

Do get out in the streets/bars/clubs and practice – Practice gets you laid, the more women you approach the more numbers… day 2’s… kisses… and boom boom’s you will get.

Don’t eat like a slob – Junk food will make you fat and very unattractive, duh!

Do get to the gym and eat healthy food – You don’t need to look like Arni, just keep your body lean and healthy so you feel good about yourself when it comes to nookie time or the beach.

Don’t use routines – Routines are for geeks who approach women, like they do a game… on an analytical level.

Do try proven methods and refine them to match your style – Learn what works (Pssst… like Stealth Attraction) then use those methods until they become natural, that’s when you develop your own style.

Don’t use forums – Forums can suck you in and strip you of your manhood if you let them. Leave them for the geeks and just focus on the outside world dude.

Do keep track of what’s working for you – Write down what’s working for you and refine your style until it’s effortless.

Don’t use PUA terminology – It sounds like you’re in a game and trying to reach different levels, you sound like a nerd.

Do work on your sense of humour and banter – Work on making people laugh, your quick wit and charismatic energy, this is what gets the ladies!

Don’t focus on too much theory – By focusing on the theory you will turn into a nutcase that knows what to do, but just never does it.

Do practice more than you learn – Take 20% of the theory you have learnt and apply that to 80% of your time.

Don’t hang around with guys with no game – If your buddies don’t get laid then how are they going to help you get laid?

Do get a good wingman – A good wingman is essential and will help you more than you can imagine, they are invaluable.

Don’t drink alcohol to feel confident – It will start off well, but you’ll just get worse as the evening goes on and you will become dependent on it, which obviously isn’t good.

Do work on your inner confidence every dayYour self confidence is like a muscle, you need to work on it daily for it to grow.

Don’t start a blog on picking up chicks – So many losers do this, when they don’t even get any hotties themselves… it’s just sad.

Do keep a record of the girls you’ve been with – Keep track of the girls you’ve been with so you can set up threesomes, engineer friends with benefits and play the game properly.

Don’t be a dick – It will eventually backfire.

Do be a gentleman… with an edge – Think like a player, he’s funny… knows how to treat a woman, but also let’s them know that he’s no pushover so can’t be held down. It’s a push pull scenario.

Don’t bitch about how hard it is – If you give up, you don’t deserve the best chicks out there… go back to playing video games.

Do get into a routine of approaching women – Approach 1 new girl a day for 7 days and see what that does for your self esteem.

Don’t focus on one area of game – Quitters do this and they never advance.

Do focus on your weak points – By strengthening your weakest part of game, you will become unstoppable in all areas.

Conclusion and final word

Basically don’t be a douche! Think of the cool guys you’ve come across in your life or the naturals you’ve seen on TV, those are the REAL pick up artists that you want to emulate.

So there you have it, that’s my honest take on how to become a pick up artist, without turning into a loser and actually getting his leg over once in awhile!

I learned how to pick up women the hard way… if you want to learn my secrets then watch this video.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the community as a whole, what do you really think of it?

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  1. Marrey Jack says

    I have a question. I have a lot of David DeAngelo’s materials(DVD’s, CD’s, book) as well as Ross Jeffries materials. Also “End Game” from the attraction institute. I have past experience, was engaged three times but not to women I wanted to be with(ex-fiancee had a nice body but still now what I was looking for). Haven’t had a girlfriend in 4 years, had 2 friends with benefits in that time span. I am 33, out of shape(but working on getting back in shape), will graduate from college in May, and due to bad financial decisions when I was making good money had to move back in with my parents. Any time I decide to talk to women at school, that fucks with my head, it is driving me crazy. I was in the Navy for 8 years and I am going to do whatever it takes to get back in after I graduate and get the hell out of this house. I am finally to the point of talking more or less normal with people at school(not arguing philosophy, debating endlessly about religion, not spewing all of my dirty laundry to everyone) which was due to how my adopted father mentally abused me growing up(he has agoraphobia and he is a moron), and religious/cult indoctrination. I have worked so god damned hard to fix my mind, and now my behavior is more or less normal according to reactions of my classmates. Where am I with this in your opinion? Do I have a few things just from what I have said that I must deal with before staring to learn how to pick up on women(debt for instance)?

  2. Marrey Jack says

    Thanks for the encouragement, I am going through ridding myself of video games. The hardest issue that I have had is just choosing to pursue this path. Religion(in all forms whether theistic or atheistic) always fucked me up, but I am free of all of them. Always leave it to some asshole know it all who has THE one and only answer to get me “the one” when I am way too smart for that, never did sit right with me. I have fought so long for my freedom, and now for 2013, I vow to myself and on this website to actually learn the game(not in a creepy way, but in a natural way that actually works), and truly become the man I want to be. No more “causes”, or trying to go and save the world, or trying to overthrow religion(by following someone like Richard Dawkins), I have a life to live and I have women to lay!

  3. This IS – a – GREAT – ARTICLE !!!

    Everyone should save it and print it on their bedposts.

    Especially the beginning which finally throws some lights on the shadows behind the blogs (where I myself some years ago took part – with the result of getting only worse)

    In our bootcamps I always begin with the story that: idolising people who are on the other side of the world and having no idea about European women is a big mistake of MACRO Calibration (R).
    Best is to understand the local operational environment and act accordingly.
    This is the reason why those “big mouths” never show up in countries like Spain or Italy: they would lose.

    Understanding the logic behind the practice, the no alchool policy, the no lame lines and bullshit endless discussions: this will make you better!

    This is a good post !

    Morgan – PUA training Italia

  4. What is the whole point of picking up women like this i just want to meet someone i can love and who loves me back dude. You can’t just sleep around, what if you end up getting lots of chicks pregnant and they all decide to keep the babies i don’t know about you guys but us dudes aren’t that great at babysitting and 1 baby’s tough enough let alone 5-100.
    Sites like these make women hate us guys in the first place and that just makes love difficult and bitchy!!
    I agree with all of your points but i don’t think it sounds like a good idea.

    • PUA Training says

      These tips aren’t directed at falling for that one girl dude, these are just for fooling around.

    • Cummon!!! Really????? Dude you are missing the point. The point is to make you more confident, and self aware which will inevitably come through the other areas in your life i.e. your health for exmple!! Go out and have fun, girls love that. Can you even mension two or even three characteristics of the girl who you would like to love one day? Dude you need a reality check.

  5. I found this article quite humorous, but first: A lot of what you said is true. You actually don’t need to worry too much about theory and should just keep it practical.
    But on the downside you make it sound as if being a geek is exclusive to picking up woman? Your site is quite popular is stereotyping like this is not a good habbit.
    My three points would be as follow
    *Be charismatic and engaging (Difficult if you aren’t naturally inclined)
    *Get into good shape

  6. VERY true. This is a must read for all newbies. I see and come across a lot of guys who think more on theory like playing a video game. “If i mash the B button, then the player will jump.” “If i press the A button the player will punch.” No, no, no, REAL game doesn’t work this way. Eventually they realize this after a few brutal rejections and not getting laid. Now i will say this, when first entering the game guys are so anxious about this new lifestyle of sex, and women they get caught up in playing it like a video game.

    Very good post!

  7. agreed with all the points, and im glad you mention about not using forums, even the one you own.. ive been on it and it SUCKS.. i rarely use it because its just loser information… best advice is to just read your book, watch your dvds and then thats it.. no need for any more crappy info, you have the knowlege, then just learn to apply it to your own lifestyle…

    • PUA Training says

      Forums are fine if you use them for the right reasons, to learn and apply. There are some great tips on some forums, but 80% of it is not good advice and can suck you into a lame side of game. But by all means use a forum to get “some” quick tips and help.

  8. Good advice, but why are you so harsh on video games? I mean, as long as you just play them every once in a while and don’t let them be one of the most important things in your life (and don’t talk about them in front of women, duh) it shouldn’t be a problem

  9. Totally agree with this article, a guy’s goal should be to become a natural with women and to become a natural they shouldn’t be doing anything that is unnatural or associating with other pua’s that are unnatural and not benefiting them with their influence. I feel like there are more guys in the sit-at-home reading forums pickup category right now then there are guys that understand the main points addressed in this article: that you have to be practicing regularly rather than theorizing and that you should be integrating in your game everything that is natural and is working for you while not bothering with anything else that is irregular or weird

  10. Good one,but i think main thing here is more approaching. And of course learn from mistakes :)
    And remember – If you are failing to prepare,prepare to fail :)

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