MASTERCLASS TRAINING: The Art Of Being A “Foreplay Tease” And Why It Drives Women Crazy In Bed


Ready to tease her?

I’ve discussed becoming a legend of foreplay before in great detail and I’ve had some amazing feedback on the tips in that post, so I highly suggest you take a look at that.

But what I didn’t mention in that post is the “build up”.

You see women are highly emotional creatures who require a lot of mental stimulation before they can be physically stimulated.

But most men just don’t understand this. They think that they can just whip off their panties, stick their plonker in and start humping away until the woman has an orgasm.

Nope… doesn’t work like that.

Most of you know by now that you need to introduce some foreplay… but what you probably don’t already know is that you need to learn the art of being a “foreplay tease”.

I’ve touched on teasing before, but those were only the basics my friend. THIS… this is the master class.

So what the hell is a foreplay tease?

In a nutshell, it’s when you create so much tension BEFORE sex and BEFORE any real foreplay, that the girl is already wet, horny and ready to bang. Being a foreplay tease, requires patience and a delicate touch, so if you’re eager to just sleep with her then you need to control that urge.

Once you master the teasing aspect of foreplay, she won’t be able to stop thinking about how good you are in the bedroom… I promise you that.

Ok so let’s get into it.

1. Bite / kiss her neck

The neck is a very sensual zone on a woman’s body. It’s sensual because it’s very sensitive and always portrayed as an erogenous zone in movies and “clit lit” books.

When you’re kissing her normally, make your way to her neck area and begin slowly kissing her neck softly. Long, soft kisses with long enough pauses to create tension. After 3 or so kisses, introduce a soft bite that will make her giggle and squeal a bit, sending tingles through her body, she will become more playful at this point (and turned on).

2. Kiss / lick her earlobes

Move back up slightly to the earlobes and begin kissing her earlobes and kind of sucking at the same time, but in a very soft and sexual way. Not slobbering over her ears and and sucking her earlobes in a strange way. Another thing you can do is whisper something dirty to her like “I can’t wait to f**k you…”.

At this point, she’s really starting to heat up. She should be picturing your cock inside her and you’re on your way.

3. Breathe seductively on her neck

After the earlobes, give the neck another little kiss (again veerrrrrrry slowly) and this time, breathe a little heavier on her neck like you’re getting turned on. You want the tempo to build a little bit her and the breathing will sharpen that tempo, she will pickup on this and maybe let out a few groans.

4. Kiss her boobs and stomach

Moving down, you should be in the boobies area now. Start with one breast…. DO NOT grab them! Kiss slowly and softly around the areola part of the nipple, you can also lick lightly here too. Spend a good minute on the one boob, before kissing your way over to the next boob.

After a minute or so on that one, move your way to the stomach area. Kiss very slowly and softly in a downwards motion. This should take you about 30 seconds or so.

5. Pull her knickers down slightly with your teeth

Now you’ve reached the area that will seriously get her worked up until the point where she will be begging you put it in. By the way if she does beg you, ignore her and say “no..” then continue with the rest of the teasing. The more she wants to have sex, the quicker she will cum, that’s the golden rule.

Move your head towards her knickers, now with your teeth, slowly bite down on the top of her knickers and begin slowly pulling down. The idea here is not to remove them, but to tease her only. Let her knickers fall out of your mouth and snap back to her skin.

6. Kiss her inner thighs

With her knickers still on, you want to move down a little more to her inner thighs and begin kissing them sloooooowly. Keep kissing down until you kiss the entire leg on both sides. So from the inner thigh to the foot basically.

7. Kiss her pu**y outside her knickers

Now with both legs done, move back up to her p**sy. Kiss her p**sy outside her knickers, by this point you should see her getting very wet and stay there for about 30 seconds, whilst making eye contact with her if she’s looking at you.

8. Tickle her stomach with light touches (before removing her knickers)

Ok, so now for the last part. Begin tickling her stomach by running your fingers very lightly from her breast bone right down to her knickers. Slowly take both hands and pull down her knickers.

Everything should be very slow and sensual. From start to finish, before you even get to the real foreplay, you’re looking at about 10 minutes minimum. When you remove her knickers, her p**sy will be wet…

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