10 Reasons Why Models Make Terrible Girlfriends

Models are stunning to look at, but are they really worth all the effort? I’ve dated models in the past and I’m going to give you my reasons as to why you should avoid them.

Never Date A Model

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Most men would chew off their arm to sleep with a model.

Ok, maybe not an arm… but it’s definitely a fantasy that a lot of guys dream about. They ask questions like…

“What’s it like to date a fashion model?”

I did too when I was just starting out in game.

Then I actually dated a few.

And I can tell you, I will NEVER date another model for as long as I live.

Dating a model is good for two big reasons

Listen, I can totally understand why you might want to date a model… aside from the obvious.

They are a popular breed of human after all.

There are two things that come to mind other than looks, which make dating a model better than dating a normal girl and they are:

  • Social status
  • Partying

When you start dating a model, you will notice your social value go through the roof.

Women want to be with you, because they see you with an incredibly attractive woman, who is usually the best looking on a night out in a club or bar, deeming you as a high value male.

Guys want to know you and be your friend, because they think you have a lot of money or some Jedi level game.

You also get invited along to some amazing parties, which are hosted by millionaires and socialites. Models are always wanted at events where there is free booze and rich dudes wandering around.

But here’s the thing.

The cons of dating a professional model FAR outweigh the pros.

Forget the fact that she’s stunning for a moment and listen to what I have to say. It might just save you from getting into a boring and pointless relationship or save you hours of time from chasing them down.

10 reasons why you should avoid dating models

Always remember that models are just like you and I on the inside. They may be super attractive, but they still fart and get insecure, so don’t build them up to be some untouchable creature from heaven.

1. No idea how to manage money

Models have no idea how to save and manage money properly. They are prone to live in the moment and tend to spend as they travel.

This causes big issues later down the road, when their looks start to fade and the modeling castings dry up.

A lot of models are plucked at a ripe age, usually when they’re 15 to 18. Even younger for some agencies, so they have zero financial knowledge and in most cases spend everything they earn.

Even if they do receive money management advice from their agency, it will be very basic and they won’t take much notice.

If you get $5,000 for a day’s work at 16. What are you gonna do? Save it or spend it?

2. They live in the moment

Models tend to develop a “live in the moment” mentality. It’s a contagious thought pattern that you will find younger models adopting.

Most of the time they are sitting around doing nothing, waiting for their agent to ring with the next casting or booking, so they don’t have a strict schedule to stick to.

This means they will party more, go to the beach, shop, sleep in later etc. There is no discipline in their lives.

It can also mean she like to sleep about. Here’s how to identify a slut so you can see if she’s the wrong type of girl for you.

3. Her insecurities are deep rooted

Like I said, models are just like you and I. Even if she’s a perfect 10, she will have insecurities and in a strange way they will be worse for her than a normal girl.

Why? Well, because they are scrutinised for their looks everyday. They ARE the product.

If a casting agent says that she’s too fat or her ears are too large, she will have a complex about those things mentally for years and years after. Maybe even her whole life. This is a big red flag and the signs of a damaged woman.

4. She sucks at cooking


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With traveling and never really settling in one place for too long, models are constantly eating out.

Unless they’ve been taught by their mother to cook (which is highly unlikely nowadays) she’ll be living off Starbucks and Wholefoods.

I think you can agree that a woman that cooks is very attractive. Obviously it’s not a must, but it’s certainly welcomed.

5. They are lazy and messy

Again this leads back to traveling. Models are living out of their suitcase for most of the year. Going to hotels and model apartments arranged by the agency.

That means they lack organisational skills.

I’ve also met tons of models that don’t really do anything during the day, they just get a coffee, maybe go to the gym and just chill out at home, with no concept of time.

Having said that, if she if she respects you, she will clean up before you get to her place.

6. They are boring: Hello? Is anyone in there?

Models have little to no personality. Actually they fall into two categories from my experience… 1) Stupid and crazy or 2) Boring and dull.

Either way, they aren’t the best type of person to be around, let alone be in a relationship with.

As you can imagine, if you were born beautiful and everything was just handed to you throughout your life without you needing to try hard, you would also be dull.

That personality muscle us “normal” people develop throughout life is never used by models. It’s not needed.

7. Men will try to take her

Looking for a ? husband so I can do nothing but this forever.?? ????? Hmu

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Depending on the type of guy you are, you need to be ready for an onslaught of dickheads, rich guys, meatheads and every kind of guy just waiting to take your girl away from you.

She’s hot, so she’s automatically seen as the prize.

The douchey guys aren’t actually the problem (not even other male models), because if she’s got any sense or standards she’d never go off with them. It’s the rich guys you need to worry about.

8. The traveling is tedious

The average working model who gets regular bookings and goes to regular castings will be traveling at least 6 months of the year, all in all, maybe more.

If she’s young, they may ship her off to a country like Japan or China to model over there. The Asian market loves white models.

That means you will rarely see her and we all know what happens when you get into a long distance relationship. It’s pointless.

9. They are very bad at sex

Why be good in bed if you don’t need to be? Think about it for a second. If women threw themselves at you all day every day, would you bother being good in bed?

Nope, you’d just sleep with as many as you could and be selfish.

Now I’m not saying that models sleep around a lot. All I’m saying is they just don’t need to be good in the sack, because they already look hot.

If you don’t believe me, then wait until you sleep with one, you’ll see.

10. Her looks are everything

When make up is on fleek while shooting a secret project!! ???

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Are you punctual?

If you are, then you can kiss goodbye to being anywhere on time again. Models never stop trying on different outfits, looking in the mirror and constantly seeking validation, which leads to them being late… ALWAYS.

Also if they don’t get the validation they need from you, they will find it elsewhere. In the form of social media.

If you’re the jealous type, then seeing guys drool over her on Instagram will be a daily pain for you.


So there you have it. My 10 reasons for not wanting to date a model.

However if you’re a shallow, selfish moron that only cares about sex with hot girls… regardless of her intelligence or nature. Then by all means date a model.

For the guys out there who fantasise about sleeping with a runway fashion model. Kill that dream right now dude, it’s not worth it.

Just go for normal hotties.

Have you dated a model before, let me know below about your experiences?

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  1. This is horrible! I’m a model and I’m a normal girl and a really loving, loyal girlfriend. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with models but it’s unfair to categorise us all as one thing. Also my boyfriend always says I’m amazing at sex, so that comment is not true for all models.

    • Julian Lyons says

      Speak the truth!!

      I can’t tell you how many models I’ve talked to that are actually fun and do shit with their lives. Ive met a grand total of maybe TWO out of dozens of models that have shitty personalities. There are so many models out there who are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out.

      Also reading this article closely this guy only has had experience dating a few models. Guys who date a ton of models or are friends with tons of models know that not all of them are airheads with eating disorders.

  2. I remember… 3 years ago I’ve used Stealth Attraction to seduce a sort of model…. and I spent one month into a relationship with her.
    I total agree with you, bad sex, and for her no idea how to manage money… she was a good person, but was impossible to mange her.

  3. I am dating a part time model. I have to say, she does have that mentality at times, its like its creeping out but due to her dating a guy like me, it changed. She realizes there’s more to life than what she was doing. The sex, was terrible for like a month. I felt that i was wasting my *hard earned* sex skills. I communicated to her about it, now we even do public sex *big smile*. She’s slowly becoming very passionate in sex and I got myself feeling like a god and the connection we now share is amazing. And ps, 9 min ago was our 3rd month together

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