Your Ultimate Guide to Salt Daddy Dating in 2022

Are you looking to become a salt daddy?

Or have you only just discovered the term?

Either way, you're about to enter a whole new date realm filled with unbelievably beautiful women.

A guy in a suit who's a salt daddy.

Salt daddies reap all the sugar baby rewards without paying for the arrangements.

And with sufficient charm, game, and ambition, you can attract stunning women from sugar dating websites without parting with your cash to do so, too (although it's always nice to pay for their drink).


By learning what a salt daddy is and using this guide to get the lowdown on the latest salt daddy dating tips and tricks, you're well on your way to seducing attractive women from sugar dating websites. 

What's a Salt Daddy?

A salt daddy is a man who dates women from sugar dating websites but doesn't pay them for the arrangement. In other words, they're the perfect combination of handsome, charming, and desirable that attracts women without paying for their attention. 

You may have noticed that salt daddies have recently received a lot of shtick in the media lately.

News sites and magazines try to portray these men as scammers. But they're nothing of the sort. 

Salt daddies don't pay supposed sugar babies because they're aware that a huge portion of women on sugar dating sites aren't looking for financial bonuses. They're simply looking to "date up."

What Does Date Up Mean?

In the mainstream romance world, dating up simply means you think your partner is hotter than you. But in the sugar/salt dating world, the term encompasses everything from looks to ages to careers to mindsets.

So-called sugar babies are just trying to date an older, intelligent, handsome-looking man — you.

What a Salt Daddy is NOT

Speaking of the media and their terrible portrayal of salt daddies, let's look at what they are not before continuing.

Put simply, salt daddies are not what mainstream publications would have you believe. 

Around the world, women dream of the "high life," and some turn to sugar daddy dating websites to get it.

According to media outlets around the world, sugar babies see salt daddies as scammers. They believe they "trick" girls into bed by claiming they have money and promising to take them places they can't really afford. 

But rest assured, this is not a salt daddy. After all, they aren't scammers. 

As you venture into the salt dating world, don't mention money. It's those who lie about their bank balance or the purchases they're making that give salt daddies in general a bad name.

Why Are Salt Daddies Dishonestly Portrayed in The Media?

Potentially two reasons exist for the incorrect depiction of salt daddies in mainstream media outlets.

These are:

  • It's another strike against men. 
  • It aids the narrative that women are at the mercy of men (long live the patriarchy and all that).

Now that you've discovered the disparity between the majority's perception of a salt daddy and what one actually is, let's take a look at whether you have what it takes to live the salt dating lifestyle.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Salt Daddy?

Let's get one thing straight; the salt daddy dating game isn't for everyone. 

You might be a man, but that alone isn't enough to be successful. There are some vital mindset, personal, and physical characteristics necessary to guarantee salt dating pleasure:

  • You are comfortable around beauty — Sounds easy on the surface, but you'll be surprised by how many men fail at this first hurdle. Get used to being around wildly attractive women. Talking to them shouldn't make you nervous. Confidence will get you everywhere in the salt dating game. The wealthiest men on the planet won't get the girl if they lack the ability to believe in themselves around beautiful ladies.
  • You look good for your age — To put it bluntly, no hot woman wants an ugly guy. Make sure you're well-groomed. It should be obvious that you take pride in your appearance and enjoy staying in shape. 
  • You thrive in social situations — You should be able to hold your own in conversations and have an air of intelligence. Know your way around a decent restaurant and get used to being in high-end clubs. Social confidence is a non-negotiable.
  • You have a clear head on your shoulders — Women wanting to date up want a salt daddy with a clear direction in life. They want someone with few insecurities and who is capable of dealing with adversity. Sound like you? Then you're in for a real treat.

Basically, salt daddies are older (by how much, you decide) men with incredible charm. You in a nutshell, isn't it?

How to Join the Salt Daddy Game (It's Really Simple)

Becoming a salt daddy has been a fantastic way to meet women for years. But we're expecting it to boom soon. Why? Because of the changing direction of sugar dating sites and enhanced exposure. Consider it an underexploited dating hack that most of the male population are yet to spot. 

Websites like Seeking Arrangement are no longer branding themselves as sugar dating sites but rather dating up sites. The rebrand is perfect for wannabe salt daddies. 

And luckily, starting your salt daddy dating life is ridiculously simple. Just follow these three steps:

Simple Process

Sign up - Depending on the specific website you use, you might be given a free trial. Regardless, the initial sign-up procedure should only take a couple of minutes.

Create your profile -- Upload your favorite photos and write a description about yourself. Make sure your personality shines through in your description and your pictures showcase your best angles. They need to get to know the real you.

If your selfie game is less-than-stellar, it might be wise to learn a few poses before putting yourself out there for hundreds of beautiful women to see!

Switch on your game and start talking - After creating your profile, the sky is the limit. Now get out there and begin messaging these gorgeous ladies.

The first message is always the hardest. But once you get into the swing of things, salt dating becomes much, much easier. 

The Top 4 Tips and Tricks for Successful Salt Daddy Dating

Once you're on the sugar dating websites, only your game can stop you from achieving the salt daddy success you want. 

You are already on the right side of the female-male ratio of these sites. There are usually around six times more women than men! So, this fact alone should boost your confidence.

But by following these extra tips and tricks, you stand an even higher chance of seducing the sugar baby of your dreams:

#1 Offer Business Advice or Mentorship

Not every woman will be wowed by your business acumen. But some will.

If you have something to offer in this area (yes, even IT servicing or contracting), it's life experience that she may not have. Giving mentorship or entrepreneurial advice strengthens your relationship and provides a bonus she won't find in dating younger guys. 

#2 Provide Excitement and/or Adventure

Many young women are seeking weekends away in overseas cities. Others are searching for civilized excursions to museums and art galleries. The rest want to be wined and dined. 

You can offer them all of this — and probably more. 

Being a successful salt daddy is all about playing to your strengths. If you love traveling and still have a zest for life, let her know! She'll struggle not to find you appealing.

#3 Portray the General Life Direction You Have

As an older man, you have a life direction that your younger counterparts simply don't have. So, use it to your advantage when salt dating. 

Depending on where they live, many women on sugar sites find the world pretty scary. After all, it's still a man's world. Not to mention times are tough.

They will turn to you for emotional support, guidance, and reassurance. Only salt daddies can be the reliable rock the majority of young, beautiful women are searching for.

#4 Seduce with Maturity

You aren't in your early twenties anymore. The days of lusting after everything with a pulse are well and truly behind you.

What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well, you could be in the market for a relationship - and that's huge for many girls.

The stunning ladies found on sugar daddy sites are typically tired of playing the field. They've reached their mid- or late-twenties and want something more serious. An older man like you does just the trick. 

What Are You Waiting For? Live The Salt Daddy Dating Dream Now!

Salt daddy dating is what you see on mainstream media. It isn't about scamming girls into your bed.

It's about building connections with beautiful women on sugar dating sites without paying them for affection. The outcome? A mutually beneficial bond and the potential for a wholly fulfilling relationship.

As long as you have the social confidence and game to back up your good-for-your-age looks, you're well on your way to becoming a successful salt daddy.

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