The 6 Types Of Men That Get Laid More Than You Ever Will

As a man, your biological aim in life is simple. Sleep with as many women as you can, thus spreading your seed and leaving a legacy far greater than any other man.

As a modern man, the biological aim is still essentially the same, expect now it’s more like… get laid, so you can brag about it to your friends, feel more like a man and live a more fulfilling life sexually.

In my years traveling, I’ve observed a lot of situations where guys seem to get laid far more than the average man. Below is a list of men that I believe to be very strong candidates for sexual encounters with women, I’ve witnessed them first hand, sleeping with beautiful women on many occasions.

But why? How come they get more poon than you will ever hope to get?

You need to become like the biggest playboys in the world. Let me explain…

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1. The Asshole

Everyone knows one of these guys, the alpha. He’s a prick, a douche… the kind of guy that annoys you the moment you see him. Yet the kind of guy that women are throwing themselves at from an early age. But why do women love him? Because he offers everything that attracts them, excites them and makes them wet.

He’s adventurous, non-apologetic, overly confident, a leader, a renegade and someone that demands respect, no matter who you are. Women never settle down with this guy, but who cares, he’s getting some of the finest ass you could only dream of.

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2. The Boss

To you he may just be your boss, but to women he’s very sexually attractive… even if he’s butt ugly. The boss is a leader, both men and women look up to him, he’s also usually got more money than you, women love men with money (if they say they don’t they are lying). He’s also going to be very confident because he deals with so many people all day long, which is mucho attractivo to women.

3. The Model

This guy just lucked out genetically. There’s nothing you can do about that, he’s incredibly attractive, ripped, tanned and looks perfect in every way… and women go MENTAL for him. He could walk into any bar, club… heck, even a supermarket and have a girl approach him. Women are very liberal these days (some may say more slutty than ever) so they will look at the model like a trophy piece. Don’t waste your time wishing you could be him, there’s plenty you can do to still out game this dude.

4. The Magnet

Now, this is a man that attracts women based on the job he does. He’s in the thick of it, women have to talk to him, he’s in demand. Basically his social proof is through the damn roof, which makes women horny for him. You will often see groups of women surrounding him and swooning over his every move. Think of jobs like a barman, DJ, pro fighter, musician, dance instructor, stripper, photographer etc.

5. The Worker

This type of guy is the one who said “fuck you” to genetics, money and everything else that gives him the advantage over other men. He get laid, because he works HARD! Working on his fashion, engineering his looks, focusing on boosting his confidence, building up his social proof on and offline. He earns respect by playing the game right and women reward him for that sexually.

6. The Traveller

Ah, the explorer. This type of guy travels the world with a care free, you’re not the boss of my destiny mentality. Women go bananas for that shit. They dream about leaving their dead end job and traveling the world with a hot guy who can help them forget about their depressing life back home.

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