The 6 Undeniable Reasons Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

I get multiple guys emailing me every week with a whole heap of questions about women. One of those questions I see more than most is this…

Why can’t I get a girlfriend??

That question comes up so much that I’ve decided to create a post detailing the reasons WHY you don’t have a girlfriend and then go in to detail on what you need to do about it, because it’s quite pathetic how men these days can’t spot the obvious reasons as to why they have zero chance of getting a girlfriend.

While you don’t need to be a skilled seducer to get a girl to like you… you absolutely need to master the basics.

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1. You’re out of shape

Notice I said “in shape” and not ripped? It’s because your body type does matter to most women. Now I’m not saying you need to be buff like The Rock, in actual fact that would scare a lot of women away. But you DO need to be in shape, this means a flat stomach with a hint of a six pack (no beer belly) a toned physique that looks like you take care of yourself.

When you have a flabby belly, double chin and eat crap all the time, what do you think you’re likely to attract? I can assure you it’s not women, maybe diabetes though.

2. You’re perceived as “ugly”

If you’ve ever spoken to a girl and she’s said “women don’t care about looks” I’m afraid she was just lying to your face. Women absolutely care about looks. Granted, not as much as men… but they really do care about how a guy looks physically. If you don’t take pride in your appearance, then that says a lot to women about how you might be as a person.

Luckily you’re a man, which means you can play with your stubble, wear trendy looking clothes that don’t cost a bomb, get a cool haircut and basically look the part pretty quickly.

3. You have no social proof

Social proof as you know is a VERY powerful way of making women feel attraction for you. It’s uncontrollable and hardwired in their DNA to feel attraction for the most popular guy in the room. If you’re staying in your room on the weekends, playing GTA, pigging out on fast food and not moving much… who the hell is going to be attracted to that?

Do you think that I’m going to teach you a special technique that makes women beat down your door to get to you? Don’t be stupid. Get off your arse and make shit happen you lazy lazy boy.

4. You have no money or potential

Money is without question an aphrodisiac to women. I don’t care what feminists say, women love men with lots of money. But the good thing is you don’t have to have a lot of money for women to be attracted to you. All you need is “security money”. Which is basically enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Being able to go out for a nice meal, take an Uber home, pay for some flights for a weekend away… that kind of comfortable living. This is VERY attractive to women. But if you can’t afford your own rent, spend most of your money on drugs or pointless shit, what is there to offer? You’re not showing any potential.

5. You do the same stuff… on repeat

Have you worked at the same office for years? Eat the same food everyday? Watch TV at the same time every night?… Blah, blah… BLAH! You are living a prescribed and predictable life. How is a woman (potential girlfriend) ever going to find this attractive? Well the answer is, she’s not.

You have to break the pattern that is leading you nowhere. Start something new, sign up to something exciting, go somewhere cool… do anything that will bust you out of the daily rut you’ve crawled into.

Learn how to build attraction with a women from the first meet to the bedroom. It’s a process.

6. You reek of neediness and desperation

Women are amazing at sniffing out losers. They can tell which guy is doing well for himself, is confident in his own skin and can hold his own with any woman. When you show feelings of desperation or neediness, you’re done. You might as well give up at that point, because you’re never getting a girlfriend.

Every girl wants a confident and secure guy, they don’t want an insecure, needy little boy. So what if she gives you a shit test or rejects you? Seriously, there are way bigger things to worry about. Just put yourself out there and grow some balls, the response from women will astound you.

No matter how many seduction tricks you have up your sleeve, if you don’t change the above… you’ll never get a girlfriend dude.

As long as you change everything I’ve mentioned above. Maybe… just maybe, you will find the perfect girlfriend.

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  1. Well most women today are Nothing at all like the Past. And that i am sure.

  2. Wow! Suicide Warning!!

    If I were still in the dating scene instead of married, this piece would have made me believe my life was not with living.

    Glad I didn’t read this twenty years ago…

    • Lanny, that is far truer than you know. It’s the very reason suicide is never far from my mind. I realized I have no hope of every finding anyone, and will die alone and forgotten. Pretty much all six describe me, and I cannot fix the reasons such as being out of shape and ugly (both are due to health issues that I was born with and cannot change/fix) nor will I ever have any ability to be in social situations. When you’ve actually been asked to leave parties because someone finds your looks either offensive or scary (I’ve been told both more than once), it becomes the right decision to stay out of the public eye as much as possible.

      I work from home and have everything delivered to my house that I need. I only go out if I have absolutely no choice. I even got a waiver from my boss from having to attend the company sponsored yearly retreat. Funny thing is I make dang good money. If I wasn’t so repulsive, I might actually have a chance with someone. Even money only goes so far into covering up ugliness.

  3. Rik Kemper says

    That love of guys with money, was and still is garbage, truth is they are invariably, boring self centered dotes. A real turn off for women. Plus rich guys can buy women, but we all know what that gets them, and where that goes.

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