The Ultimate Players Checklist: 31 Things Every Player Needs To Succeed With Women

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Do you want to be the ultimate ladies man?

As in, you walk down the street to grab a quick coffee… see a smoke show in line and actually be able to get her number or even instant date her there and then.

Are you interested in doing that? Being the guy that every guy wants to be?

Ok then.

Well, in order to be that guy you need to do a few things right.

The better you get at doing these things, the higher your success rate will be with women.

Below is a check list of 31 things you MUST do if you want to be THAT guy.

Miss a couple and you’ll see dwindling results, you won’t be able to put your finger on why girls aren’t responding well to you.

Check them all off and practice regularly? Then you’ll be getting laid all the time. No question.

Let’s take a look at the list.

Approaching / Opening

  • Have a stock opener ready (if you need it) – It’s always good to have one opener ready in your head, so that you never miss an opportunity. You will find yourself freezing on doe occasions because the girl is so hot or you just don’t have anything good to say. Write one down, practice it and use it as and when needed.
  • Open with familiarity – If you open with a curious look on your face, she will be curious too. In her mind, she’ll be thinking, do I know this guy and won’t shoot you down when you open.
  • Force an IOI – Forcing an indicator of interest will throw her, grab her attention and intrigue her. Plus it allows you to see whether she’s interested in you and if you should pursue her.
  • Assume, don’t ask – Don’t bombard her with questions, always assume things about her and say them in an open ended way so she is obliged to answer back.
  • Lead and pace (number closing) – Never ask or plead for the number. Take your phone, place it in her hand and say type in your number OR take her phone and call yours from it.

Inner Game (Mindset)

  • Remember her name and use it – A name is powerful, it defines a person. Make sure you use it during conversation to build trust.
  • Exude confidence at all times (not cockiness) – Be smooth, cool, calm and collected. Don’t over react, appear overly nervous or stutter with your words.
  • Always have options – Never place all your eggs in one basket. A true player has multiple girls and options. Girl flakes on you? No worries, you have another girl who wants to meet up anyway. Always stay active with new girls and more trusted girls.
  • Failure is progression – If a girl flakes, you get rejected, you experience LMR… don’t worry! Learn from it, what did you do wrong? Don’t let a girl shake your confidence. Immediately set your sights on another girl, so you don’t beat yourself up.

Outer Game (Game)

  • Social proof – If you can, work on your social circle. Stack up a few girls who you don’t have sex with, but are hot. Take them out with you to clubs and use them as your wing girl.
  • Kino (always be touching) – Touching a girl during conversation is the quickest way to sexually escalate and create attraction.
  • Maintain strong eye contact – Your eyes are a powerful tool. Keep them locked on hers and don’t break until she does.
  • Use attractive body language – Keep your chest out, a firm shoulder width stance, shoulders back, chin up and take up space. This shows confidence and dominance, two things women can’t resist.
  • Dial up attraction – Don’t try kissing or anything sexual too fast. Read her body language and keeping dialling up until she’s ready.
  • Take the lead (don’t follow) – Stop asking her where she wants to go and if it’s cool with her. Lead, tell her what you’re doing, she will follow and she will respect you for it.
  • Build rapport (connect) – Try connecting with her mentally. Ask her about her passions and interests, talk about those and use assumptions to guess how she might feel or why she might like doing those things.
  • Break rapport – It’s vital that you disagree with her once in a while, this will spike attraction and make you appear more attractive.


  • Lean physique – It’s been proven that girls don’t like big muscly men (well most don’t anyway) so you don’t have to become Arnie, but it does help if you keep in shape. Aim for the lean look.
  • Fresh smelling cologne – Smelling fresh always spikes attraction, girls love a good smelling guy.
  • Fitted clothes – Make sure your wardrobe is full of fitted clothes. Nothing baggie or outdated with horrible patterns. Simple colours and slim fitting always works.
  • Minimal jewellery – Get a cool watch that goes with anything you wear. Limit the jewellery you wear as it’s might come across as looking cheesy. No pea-cocking doesn’t work.
  • Trimmed stubble or clean shaven – Some women love the clean shaven look whilst other love some stubble to stroke. See what works best for your face and keep it on point. That goes for your body hair too, no one likes a grizzly bear in the bedroom!


  • Have an exit plan – Don’t go out without an exit plan. As soon as you know a girl is ready for you to take her home. Have a taxi booked or drive yourself.
  • Take the quickest route – Never get on the bus or train unless it’s super quick or a necessity.
  • Distract the logical mind – On the way back, you need to continue with the kino and don’t let her think about what she’s doing (meaning, oh no… am I a slut for going home with this guy). Distract her logical mind by talking to her all the way back.


  • Clean and fresh sheets – Clean, pressed sheets are crucial. It says a lot about who you are as a guy and a potential mate.
  • Candles and smells – Have a couple of candles ready to light and use some plugin air fresher so your place smells inviting.
  • Easily accessible condoms/lube – Don’t fumble for the condoms, have them right next to your bed or in a place where you can grab them as soon as you’re taking each others clothes off.
  • Comfortable temperature – If it’s too cold or hot, she won’t be comfortable. Make sure your place is the right temp.
  • Warm lighting – Dim the lights so it’s comfortable and seductive.
  • Music – Have some music lined up on the laptop or iPod which you can play the moment you get in the door to keep the mood going.

So there you have it!

A list of the most important things you need to cover if you want to be the ultimate player. Good luck!

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