Top 10 Dom OnlyFans Girls Of 2023

Looking for the right Dom Onlyfans girls you want to follow? You are in the right place as we made a list of TOP 10 DOM ONLYFANS GIRLS OF 2023. Lets dive in!


Hey you. Yes, you. Listening? You’re here because you love women to dominate you, right? You love when they tell you exactly what to do. You love when they control when you can cum, when you can bone them, and you love that teasing, right? Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve tracked down the top 10 dom OnlyFans girls of 2023. If you want the ultimate list of dominatrix babes, read on.

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Slutty mommy Lilymichi has a dirty, little secret. You know she is on OnlyFans, right? Well, shh. Don’t tell anybody. Her husband doesn’t. We don’t know about you, but we find this makes the whole thing so much hotter. Oh, and she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure that you don’t tell a soul!

Lilymichi certainly must have some fun with her husband in private, though. Oh boy. She has some of the kinkiest damn outfits we’ve ever seen, and she certainly has a whopping collection of handcuffs. And that voice? Oh, that voice. She is commanding. She gets that mommy tone out, and you can’t help but say ‘I’ll do anything you want’.

When she isn’t doing her femdom, she’s doing lesbian stuff, BJs, sex videos, and anal bating. She’s the complete package. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 480,000+
  • Photos: 5,000+
  • Videos: 120+
  • Roleplay kinks
  • BJs

Dainty Wilder

When Dainty Wilder asks you to jump, you ask ‘how high’. This squirting nympho is one of the top women on OnlyFans, and her domineering attitude has rapidly made her one of our favorite dom OnlyFans girls of 2023.

When we say she is a nympho, we mean she is a full-on nympho. She can’t get enough cock or pussy, so you’ll often find her making posts of her hookups. You’ll wish that you were the one laid down on that bed, handcuffed to it, with Dainty shouting at you.

Honestly, Dainty Wilder may be a petite chick, but she knows how to control people. Just listen to her JOI videos for proof. You’ll want to cum within seconds of hearing her gorgeous voice…but she isn’t going to let you. Oh no. You’re going to have the biggest blue balls in history, and you’ll fucking love it. 

Top Features

  • Likes: 2,000,000+
  • Photos: 3,200+
  • Videos: 550+
  • JOI


This rave chick may look cute and innocent, but underneath it all, Jade Rylee is one of the filthiest sluts on OnlyFans, and she is ready to dominate you.

Alright. Jade Rylee’s normal content is a bit vanilla. Well, for OnlyFans. You’ve got your pussy shots, titty shots, solo bate, and more. That’s all well and good, but what she gets up to in private is sure to make you bust a nut.

This woman gets off on controlling men, and if you drop her a message, she’ll tango with you. She loves private chats, and some of the stuff she says is the dirtiest, crudest stuff you’ve ever heard. If you love your doms, then you’ll love every damn word she says.

Want to see a sample of what Jade offers? We’ve been nice to you! If you look under the ‘Where to Follow’ section, we’ve given you a handy link to her free OnlyFans, but if you really want to get down and freaky with one of the top dom OnlyFans girls in 2023, then make a beeline for her VIP now. 

Top Features

  • Likes: 20,000+
  • Photos: 450+
  • Videos: 45
  • Private chats
  • Cock rating


Burke Baby’s got a couple of accounts. We’ve mentioned her free one here, but if you’re after more BDSM shenanigans, then hop on over to her VIP account (also listed), you’re guaranteed to get a stiffy within minutes of subscribing.

Oh lord, we hope Burke forgives us for saying this, but she has that whole ‘resting bitch face’ sort of thing going on. Don’t worry. It isn’t bad (sorry Burke), it actually ties in nicely to the whole sub-dom kink. With that look on her face, you know that if you don’t say ‘yes’ to whatever she asks, she’s going to tie you up and spank you. Actually, come to think of it. That doesn’t sound too bad.

Burke’s profile is a mish-mash of nudes, lingerie pics, and PPVs. As we said, the real excitement is over on her VIP where you’ll get dominatrix outfits, JOI, free daily sexts (perfect for dom lovers), and weekly live streams. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 23,000+
  • Photos: 170+
  • Videos: 8+
  • Free account
  • GFE


If you can think of something related to femdom, then Mistress Terra will offer it. Hell, her entire thing is about femdom. This means humiliation, online domination, BDSM, cuckold, pegging, and more. We’re not afraid to say this; she is the best dominatrix online. Seriously. We don’t think any woman has managed to get us going quite like Mistress Terra. 

Mistress Terra got on OnlyFans purely because she wants to control men. Every week, she posts fantastic fetish content (some solo bate, but most of her controlling a bloke), and there are daily posts. In fact, nearly every single day, she has a recording of JOI that you can have a wank to.

This big-bosomed beauty loves to please her fans, so drop her a message. She’ll let you know exactly how she will control you.

Top Features

  • Likes: 630,000+
  • Photos: 1,000+
  • Videos: 350+
  • Weekly femdom clips


We don’t know about you, but to us, it is always the Europeans that are the most controlling. You saw that with Mistress Terra, and now you’ll see it with Mistress Dee. While this dominatrix isn’t quite as popular as Mistress Terra, with the amount of quality content Dee has been pumping out, we reckon it won’t be long before she gets there.

Mistress Dee loves to treat her followers like slaves, so if you’re going to be following this femdom extraordinaire, then you best be ready to bow to her every whim, because she’s going to be punishing you hard if you don’t. 

Drop her a message, and she’s another woman that only lets pure filth pop out of her mouth. You’ll get instantly hard, and wish that she was wrapped up in leather, whip in hand, ready to punish you in person. Still, subscribing to one of the top 10 dom OnlyFans girls of 2023 is still good, right?

Top Features:

  • Likes: 37,000+
  • Videos: 460+
  • Pictures: 1.6k+
  • Humiliation
  • Live shows


When it comes to OnlyFans girls, there are two things that we really bloody love; dominatrix (obviously), and goths. Roll them into a neat, little package? We’re going to start making goo-goo eyes and beg to be whipped. So, the second we stumbled across Goddess Sylvanas, we know that we were ready to get horny as hell.  

Goddess Sylvanas is a chunky goth slut that loves to get dressed up in rubber and leather and start whipping every guy she comes across. She loves to control, and she especially loves pegging. If you’re a bloke that loves to be pegged (or at least the idea of being pegged), then Goddess Sylvanas is right here for you.

The best part is the amount of content she uploads. She ain’t cutting corners. Every damn day, you’re going to get something. It could be a video, it could be a pic, or it could be the sexiest JOI you’ve ever heard. This woman only knows two things. How to please, and how to punish. Go enjoy both. 

Top Features

  • Likes: 560,000+
  • Photos: 2,200+
  • Videos: 430+
  • 100s of videos


What did we tell ya? It is Britain that produces some of the best dom sluts in the world. We suppose it is all because of their overly uptight attitude, and the wimpy men, but who knows? All we know is that this fit Liverpudlian bird is ready to tell you exactly what to do.

Don’t let her model good looks fool you. Mistress Karina isn’t an angel. She is the devil, and she’s here to punish. She loves femdom and findom, and if you ask, she’ll worship you before taking it all back and punishing you like the bad man you are. 

Drop her a message, and she’ll love to drop you a sexy-as-hell voice note. You’ll be listening to it multiple times a day, and you will cum…if she lets you. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 40,000+
  • Photos: 2,000+
  • Videos: 380+
  • Femdom


If you live in New York City, then you’re the luckiest son of a bitch alive. Right on your doorstep you have this award-winning dominatrix. Yep. You’ve read that right. MistressBlunt is a pro, and while you can’t meet her in person, she is still fucking good online.

This award-winning dominatrix knows how to control people. Not just men. She loves to force women to worship her tight pussy too. Because she is a pro, she has all the gear, and she isn’t afraid to whip it out (quite literally). 

If you’ve got the cash to splash, then definitely reach out to her. You can book an online session where she’ll control you in the most intimate one-on-one online relationship you’ve ever had.

Trying to get a partner into BDSM? Then check out Mistress Blunt. When she isn’t busy controlling when and where you cum, she’s giving tutorials on how to be a better dom. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 54,000
  • Pictures: 1,500
  • Videos: 200+
  • Award-winning dominatrix


You know that Mistress Damazonia has been at this whole dom thing for a while the very second you hear her voice. She’s a controller. She’s a beast. She has a hypnotic way about her. Try as you might, there is no way you’re going to be able to say no to this dark, beautiful temptress. 

This tattooed babe’s OnlyFans profile is loaded with seriously kinky stuff. Watch as she pulls out her toys and tells you exactly what she will do with your body, and you can’t do anything about it. Listen to her describe how she is going to pin you down onto that bed, climb onto your cock, and have her merry way with you. She’s a tease.

Top Features:

  • Likes: 83,000
  • Videos: 500+
  • Photos: 160+
  • Dominatrix gear


Ready to be controlled? We’ve given you our top 10 dom OnlyFans girls of 2023. Head on over to OnlyFans now and be prepared to have your cum controlled by some of the kinkiest, and dirtiest women online. Subscribe to any, and you’ll enjoy some of the best dom content (pics and videos), you’ve ever seen. Drop them a message with some cash, and you’ll have your own personal femdom experience without leaving your computer.


Who is the best dominatrix on OnlyFans?

Lilymichi is one of the best doms on OnlyFans in 2023. She has all the kit to make your life a living hell (and you’ll love it).

Can you get custom dom content on OnlyFans?

Most women offer custom content for the right price. Just drop them a message and ask.

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