Top 10 Slutiest OnlyFans Girls Of 2023

Sounds too good to be true? Then buckle up! This is going to be a crazy ride through all of your naughtiest dreams! Without further ado her is our TOP 10 SLUTIEST ONLYFANS GIRLS OF 2023.


It can be quite challenging to find a very special OnlyFans girl. Yes, a lot of them look amazing, but a juicy booty and a pair of great tits might not be enough to make you want to become a loyal fan.

Our list of the top 10 slutiest OnlyFans girls of 2023 is exactly what such picky individuals as you might be looking for. These babes are not only insanely hot, but they also know how to always keep you excited for the next upload. The girls have done it all and the best part is that if there is something in particular that you would like to see, all of these ladies will be happy to assist you in bringing your wildest fantasies to life.

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Skylar Mae

When Skylar is wearing ordinary clothes, she looks like a very well-behaved girl with her big blue eyes and a lovely smirk. But don’t let her cute face fool you. This girl is one of the slutiest ladies on OnlyFans, so no wonder her page was rated #1 on the platform. 

Skylar is not against getting on top of a girl, or two, or even 5! She regularly posts videos of her orgies, as well as plenty of anal, naughty solo, and squirting videos. To see all of the exclusive content, you would have to become a fan for $30 (but that would definitely be worth it when you’ll get a taste of what Skylar is really capable of).

The girl also likes to have sexting sessions with her fans which is one of the best ways to get to know each other a bit closer. By the way, the fit girl likes to say that she would do anything for money, and she would be happy to prove that to her most loyal fans.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 2,800 photos and nearly 350 videos
  • Sexting sessions


This sexy Hawaii beach girl has been rated #1 tits on OnlyFans and is constantly making it to the top 0.1% of all creators. And, to be honest, it’s quite obvious why the babe is so successful. 

Ambs has gigantic boobs and a cute baby face – what else could you possibly ask for? Furthermore, the bombshell likes to get extremely naughty in her videos. And for $30 per month, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of boy-girl videos, cum swallowing, solo content, role play, and a lot-lot more. 

If you’re not fully ready for commitment at the moment, then you can easily get one month of subscription for free by referring the beauty’s page to one of your friends.

Ambs also posts plenty of nude pics, so you’ll always have something to look at while you wait for the next sex tape. By the way, we are 100% sure that trying to find a small tattoo between the girl’s tits will become your new favorite pastime.

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Top Features

  • 1,400 photos and 80 videos
  • Full-length videos

Mia Monroe

Mia Monroe is one of the most popular Latinas on OnlyFans, and you’ll figure out why as soon as you see the bombshell. There are definitely quite a few thousand men out there who would be happy to die for these bazookas.

If you’re fond of girls with Bambi's eyes and curvy bodies, then Mia is your girl. The Latina might look like a good girl, but as soon as you subscribe to her OnlyFans, you’ll discover the other side of Lady Mia. Anal, roleplay, orgies… The girl has done it all and is ready to show how much she liked doing that.

For $30 per month, you’ll get to see weekly livestreams and video releases (some of them, in 4K), and plenty of nudes on the feed. Don’t forget to spam Mia’s page with likes once you subscribe – this will help make sure that the girl notices you.

Where to follow:

Top Features

  • 1,500 photos and nearly 250 videos
  • New video releases weekly

Mariella Mae

Mariella claims to have the juiciest tits on OnlyFans, and we can’t really argue with that. Once you see those bazookas, they will live in your head rent-free…forever. Apart from the big boobs. Mariella also has a juicy ass, so you will find it really challenging to focus on one part of her body when enjoying her weekly releases.

It will cost you $30 per month to become a fan, and you’ll immediately get access to a lot of stripteases, and lesbian and dildo content. If you prefer a more intimate experience, you can become sexting partners with the long-haired babe or ask Mariella to rate your dick (mommy is a real pro at this).

By the way, the gorgeous lady also has an extensive Amazon wish list with plenty of kinky outfits and sex toys. We bet that if you decide to gift her a few things from the list, she would be happy to show you how she’s going to use the props.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • Over 280 photos and 40 videos
  • New releases weekly


Fallon is the #1 fitness baddie on OnlyFans. She is a real gym queen, and her big booty is there to prove that. 

The gorgeous blonde knows exactly what you’re looking for, and for $25 per month, you’ll be getting plenty of naughty solo and lesbian content. Fallon also likes to play with a plethora of different toys and she knows exactly how to squirt and ride a variety of different objects.

The girl posts daily and releases her X-rated videos on a weekly basis. If you’re lucky, you might be able to become a fan for just $3.75 and get access to the hottest sex tapes for a fraction of the price. 

Fallon would also love to get to know you better so that you can tell her what turns you on the most (and the girl most definitely has the necessary skills to make all of your dreams come true).

Where to follow:

Top Features

  • Over 420 photos and 76 videos
  • Daily posting


Scarlett is a real California dream. This girl has long blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and a pair of juicy buns. Though she might look like a real sweetheart, that’s not entirely true – her naughty side is completely wild!

The bombshell takes her content extremely seriously and releases plenty of photos and videos on a regular basis. Furthermore, her most loyal fans constantly get special surprises from the beauty. For $30, you’ll get access to boy/girl videos, anal play, and BBC dildos with squirting, as well as super hot girl-on-girl content with some of Scarlett’s best friends.

Make sure to DM the sexy Barbie as soon as you subscribe – the closer you’ll get to know Scarlett, the more exclusive videos and pictures you’ll be sent. Also, don’t miss out on very cool deals. Right now, for example, you can become a fan for only $3. Furthermore, Scarlett sometimes makes her OnlyFans free during the holiday season, but you might not want to wait for that long to get a sneak peek of her fantasy life.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 1,200 photos and over 620 videos
  • New video releases every week

Kleio Valentien

This mature 30-something-year-old knows exactly what you want. Kleio is a Texas girl and the blonde blowjob queen. She is obsessed with foot fetish and kink, as well as video games, comic books, and backpacking.

What makes the beauty one of the slutiest girls on OnlyFans? Well, for just $12,99 you’ll get to enjoy a plethora of solo, squirting, and anal content. You also wouldn’t want to miss Kleio’s live shows where she showcases everything she’s got and enjoys every second of it. 

The bombshell posts daily, so you’ll always have something to do when you come back from work. If you’re looking for more personal interaction, tip the queen to get a custom video or a dick rating. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can buy clothing items from Kleio’s personal collection (including worn bikinis and socks).

Where to follow:

Top Features

  • 1,900 photos and nearly 130 videos
  • Custom videos are available

Sofie Gostosa

Sofie is half-Filipina and half-Latina, which makes her a rather exotic gem. She likes to call herself the queen of facials, and she’s definitely one of the naughtiest girls on OnlyFans as you’ll get to see extreme nudity and XXX videos on the feed as soon as you become a fan for $15 per month. 

Sofie also constantly changes her hair color, so the chances of you getting bored of this girl are close to 0. With this wild queen, you’ll get to enjoy boy-girl facials, threesomes, orgies, and solo, squirting, and anal content. By the way, Sofie is 100% kink- and fetish-friendly, so if you’re looking for something extra special, DM the babe and order a custom photo or video. 

Tip: if you’ve got your rebill turned on or if you immediately buy one of the bundles, you will receive free perks.

Top Features:

  • 1,600 photos and over 180 videos
  • Custom photos and videos are available

Celeste Estefania

Celeste named herself the ‘horniest Latina on OnlyFans’, and who are we to doubt that? The girl is simply gorgeous with her long black hair, big booty and tits, and plump lips. But what makes her extra special is, of course, the high-quality content that she puts out for her fans to enjoy.

The hot Latina likes to play with dildos, post explicit boy-girl and girl-girl content, and show her sexy feet. She is also famous for her super sloppy blowjobs, so make sure to check those out as well.

It will cost you only $9 to become a fan which is totally worth it for the amount of mouthwatering photos and videos that you’ll be getting.

Where to follow:

  • To be updated

Top Features:

  • 1,600 photos and over 400 videos
  • Customs are available

Priya Patel

Priya is the slutiest Indian on OnlyFans. She is the hottest and freakiest XXX desi creator and this sexy brown girl has a lot to offer for $50 per month.

Becoming a fan of this exotic babe is definitely not cheap, so you might want to monitor the available discounts. Right now, for example, you might be able to get a taste of Priya for only $5. You can also subscribe to the OF of her slutty friends to get 90% off. 

The girl posts new content daily, loves anal, threesomes, blowjobs, and video calls, and considers herself to be the best sexter on the platform.  

Where to follow:

  • To be updated

Top Features:

  • Over 240 posts
  • New content daily

To Sum Up

So, how exactly did we come up with the top 10 slutiest OnlyFans girls of 2023? Well, we decided to choose not only the hottest girls on the platform but also those who are ready to do anything you can imagine for money.

And though you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of steaming hot photos and videos for a regular monthly subscription, the real game starts in the DMs, where the girls would be happy to make all of your personal dreams come true for a tip.

Good luck with your hunting, and let the slutiest babe win!

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