Top 5 Sex Books For Men That Will Make You A God In Bed

Need a little help in the bedroom department? Here’s my selection of the best sex books for men.

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The best sex books for men that will turn you into a sex god.

Learning how to get women into bed is one thing, but knowing what to do when they are actually there is a whole other story. If you are mediocre in the bedroom, then you can bet that she’ll never be back for seconds.

It takes guts to approach and close a smoking hot woman, but it takes serious stamina to please her so much in the sheets that she begs you for more.

Here’s a rundown of my top recommendations for books on sex that are meant solely for men. In between these covers, you will find EVERYTHING you need to please a woman sexually.

Let’s get on with it, in no particular order:

1. She Comes First

She Comes First Book CoverIf you were ever confused by women being able to have multiple orgasms or if they were even having an orgasm (or just faking it) then you need to end the confusion by buying this book.

It’s the complete A-Z guide on the female orgasm… what it is, how to have more than one, what everything is, why it’s there, what you need to focus on and what you need to avoid. It’s your roadmap to giving explosive orgasms basically. Everything from eating a girls pussy to hitting the g-spot.

2. Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget

Oral Sex She'll Never Forget book coverForeplay as I’ve mentioned on many occasions is incredibly important. It’s vital for giving the woman a better chance at orgasming without you having to worry to much about your performance and also makes them feel more fulfilled mentally, you know like you actually CARE about them and not just focusing on busting a nut.

This book is fantastic for giving you a bunch of foreplay techniques specifically focusing on oral only. Who would have thought there were 50 positions!

3. Sexual Behavior In The Human Male

Sexual Behavior In The Human Male book coverAlfred C. Kinsey was a leading pioneer in his day on the subject of sex. Although most people didn’t take notice, because it was 1948, nowadays he’s known as one of the godfathers of sexual knowledge.

His highly controversial research makes this book worthy of reading due to the scientific like approach to all things sex (masturbation, adultery, premarital sex, homosexuality, and bisexuality). Some people may be a little bored by this kind of book, if you’re not into research based books then feel free to skip over it.

4. Red Hot Touch

Red Hot Touch book coverYou know women always say strange things like “Does he have big strong hands?” or “oh you have really long fingers… chuckle chuckle”. Well those where hints! Women like men who know what they are doing with their hands. Why?

Because your fingers are like mini penis’s. You can massage, stroke, slap, pull, push, insert, caress…. the list goes on. This book shows you how to strengthen your hands, fingers and arms so you can really get your lady all hot and bothered in no time.

5. Guide To Getting It On!

Guide To Getting It On! book coverIf you’re a visual learner, then this book is great. It’s full of cheeky illustrations on the best sex positions and easy to follow tutorials on everything obscure you could imagine when it comes to sex.

It gets straight to the point as well, think porn will ruin your sex life? Maybe it will… here’s what to do about it. Live with your parents and need some advice on having sex discreetly?? It’s here. Some bizarre stuff, but an easy and enjoyable read.

Conclusion of the best sex books for men

These books will take you from where you are now to a wizard between the sheets, if you try the principles and techniques outlined in each book. Having the knowledge is one thing, but applying it to your life is much harder. Try one technique at a time and master it.

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