Top 11 Jobs For Men… That Get You Laid Like A Rock Star

Wanna get laid like this guy?

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Let’s be truthful for a minute.

Would you like to be out every day and night hunting for women… or would you like to do something you enjoy and take your pick of women?

I’m guessing you’re going to go for the same thing as I would… the latter.

You see your current job is tough, not only are there the same women in the office or your workplace day in day out, but if you wanted to sleep with one of the girls you work with, you’d have to run your game over several weeks/months.

It’s a long boring process, with limited options.

So why not make it easier on yourself by working in a job, that is DESIGNED to get you laid?

Oh yeaaahhhh, no we’re talking!

Below are the top 11 jobs for men that I think will get you laid like crazy.

Women will be battling to sleep with you… your social proof will shoot through the roof and you suddenly become a high status male, which is what EVERY woman wants.

Granted, some of these jobs aren’t something you can just hop into overnight… but if you want to get more p*ssy than you can shake your winky at, then I recommend going down these paths.

Can you imagine getting paid to do something you not only love to do, but as a bonus you get your pick of stunning women all day long??

It’s a no brainer dude.

Here they are, enjoy:

Top 11 jobs for men… that get you laid like a frikkin rock star! In no particular order:

1. DJ

Even the lame DJ at your local bar gets more ass than you are right now… with very little effort. He’s just playing music, that’s pre-recorded and he’s getting paid for it.

Not to mention women are always surrounding the DJ… fighting for his attention and he just takes them back to his apartment once his set is over. Lovely stuff.

Book some DJ classes and start mastering the 1’s n 2’s, women will be easy with this job.

2. Bartender

So I know a few bartenders and it’s a very tough gig, cleaning pipes, changing barrels, dealing with drunk idiots every night, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

But I would recommend being a bartender in certain venues, like high end hotel bars that have hot women passing through all the time all lonely and looking for a cuddle ;)

Other great places to bartend:

  • Boat parties, think summer holiday destinations in Europe, spring break around Mexico etc.
  • Strip clubs… can you say easy pickings? Probably the best way to pick up a stripper.
  • High end clubs – Hard graft, but still plenty of beautiful women because of the rich guys.
  • Private events – You could work directly for a mobile cocktail bar that goes into people’s houses, also special events that companies hold with hot office chicks.

3. Professional fighter

Unleash the bad boy! Women love a bit of rough and can’t get enough of the bad boys, so if you’re a keen fighter… maybe you should turn professional. I’ve got a buddy in Brazil who is a pro cage fighter and mixed martial artist, I’m not joking when I say the women flock around him.

You’ve got two types of girls that will be attracted to professional fighters, the first are the ring girls and the second are hot (slightly kinky… even nuts) fans of the sport who want a big guy to look after them. Fighters are more likely to experience symptoms of depression because of the amount of pressure placed on them, so be careful with this career.

Fighters are also alphas. Ask yourself this question, who’s getting laid more… alpha men vs beta men. You decide.

4. Masseuse

You’ve heard the saying “I love a guy who’s good with his hands” right? Yep, women love a massage and they go all tingly for guys who are great with their hands. So jump on a few massage courses and see if it’s a trade you can work in.

I’m sure it’s at the top of many women’s fantasies for a massage to suddenly turn erotic ;)

5. Dance instructor

I remember going to a bar in central London a while back which had salsa lessons (yes I did give salsa a shot) and the main instructor there had every woman in there going crazy for him.

Why? Because he knew how to dance and dancing is very sexual to women, they are attracted to men who can move their hips, as it translates to the bedroom.

Pick a type of dance… hip hop, salsa, ballroom… whatever. Learn it and teach it, you don’t need to be a master at it in order to teach it.

6. Stripper

Huh? You’re kidding right? Well no not really. A male stripper is one of the best jobs a guy can have to get laid instantly. If you’re ripped and very confident with your body, why the hell not?

Certain strip clubs do “women only” nights and you can even sign up as a freelancer with male stripping agencies. Listen, it’s not my cup of tea, but some guys are killing it with the ladies and making decent money too.

7. Personal trainer

A good friend of mine is a personal trainer… 80% of his clients are women. Nuff said.

You’ve been to the gym, some of the women there are beautiful and who is in a better position to talk to them than a personal trainer? Exactly.

You can freely approach them without looking creepy, offer them advice and even sign them up as a client without them knowing you’re hitting on them.

8. Ski instructor

Posh, rich… drunk girls on a ski resort in some of the finest locations around the world for 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Awesome!

These girls are there to bang as many guys as they can and spend the rest of their holiday gossiping about to their friends and not tell a soul back in their home town. So it’s the perfect opportunity to clean up.

One piece of advice would be to learn both skiing and snowboarding so you have more options for teaching.

9. Photographer

Lingerie, fashion, fitness… there are tons of ways you can use photography to sleep with more women.

Women love to have their picture taken and think they are models or have the potential to be models, plus it’s an excuse to take pictures they can add on their Facebook profile, which will give you more cred with her.

You could actually freelance at weddings (desperate bridesmaids) private events (Christmas parties, etc) the possibilities are endless with photography.

Sign up for some photography courses and train your creative eye, you never know you might have a natural eye for it.

10. Musician

Play the guitar? Sing in the shower?

Then start a band dude… ok so it’s not that simple but every band, singer… guitarist has groupies. Even local pub/club bands that get paid barely anything to gig still get the girls in the crowd that love musicians.

Some of the greatest male lovers in history have all been musicians, and there’s a reason why. It’s attractive. Women want a man with these qualities.

11. Tattoo artist

Ok so this one is a longshot as you need to train for years, but tattoo artists still get laid.

It’s the bad boy vibe coupled with the fact that you are allowed to touch the girl in intimate areas, such as their stomach, legs… even private areas.

Seriously hot girls get tatts too… just watch out for the ones who get the tramp stamps… they are the crazy ones.

So there you have it, 11 jobs for guys that will definitely get you laid.

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What other jobs do you think would be great for picking up women?

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  1. I just want to make alot of money
    im a guy

  2. I just want to make alot of money

  3. Dansical Chris says

    honestly if your an aspergers suffering red headed man who’s seen as ugly, none of these will get you with anyone, other than maybe the most obese or bottom of the barrel looking ones at very best. a man has to have looks and status, I know a few bands who didn’t get groupies also in honesty, this only works for popular bands, it doesn’t tend to work for a lot of other bands, performers or perhaps dancers. saying that, I am 39 and its a wonder that I wouldn’t be charged 5x the amount in brothels if I went for it (I picture the scene in a jim carrey film where he walks into the brothel wearing studs and spikes in his face , where the whores all clock out!) but saying that I have been called ugly by lots of women, and ive had women try to pick fights with me for the way that I dance and try to run me into the ground in the uk. trust me, if the face doesn’t fit in the uk, nothing will ever change their hatred towards a man, he may infact be seen as cancer by them just for the way that he looks, and if a man has mild autism – forget it from my experience.

  4. Crackheads didn’t make the cut? DANG!!!

  5. Dance instructor does help…except the girls instructors where I work at are straight up hitches and treat all guys like shot…one of them tried argueing with me about how I was teaching the kids the move wrong lol…anyways…being a dancer does give u a higher value at the club…

    • Dansical Chris says

      I dance often, I’m not quite on the professional level but I’m told by so many people that I’m ranging from a good dancer to a great/wicked dancer. but women in bars and clubs are actually physically trying to pick fights with me and are mocking me as opposed to admiring what they see. I’m told I stand out on dancefloors (I wouldn’t against a professional of course but I’m not bad considering ive not had dance training)

      I would like to know you views from a dansical standpoint – if a man is physically not good looking, does dance ability equal women more likely to wanting to fight him over being attracted to him? because In England, I have nothing but hostility from nearly all women unless they are over 50 or below 6/10 at very best.

      I’m more thinking that men who dance are actually hated by women in the uk, unless they move like bullying type thugs. saying this, I’m late 30’s and physically closer to ugly (despite being in shape) and I’m an aspergers suffering red head.

      I’m looking for ways and dancers to put my trust in however to take it to the next level. its difficult where I live in the west midlands, and there is nowhere close really to where I live.

  6. Hair stylist. And it should be number 1, trust me!!!

  7. Being a pilot doesn’t hurt!

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