5 Warning Signs That Your Girlfriend Is About To Leave You

Is she about to go?

Is she about to go?

Has your girlfriend been acting strange lately?

Not calling you as much… feeling a little distant… snapping at you when you say certain things?

Yep, there’s something up here and you need to rectify the situation before she leaves you dude.

Today I’m going to run through the warning signs your girlfriend will give out over several weeks/months which will indicate that she’s getting bored and ready to move on.

Now there are two things that could happen in this situation:

1. She finally breaks up with you because you didn’t read the signs and do something about it… Boohoo.

2. She stays with you, but actually starts cheating on you with another guy behind your back. Obviously this is the worse of the two, but you don’t want either to happen.

Ok, so let’s move onto the warning signs first…

Quick note: If she’s looking to cheat on you, then you’re not manning up in the bedroom. Do yourself a big favour and watch this video before it’s too late. She will thank you for it later.

The warning signs

Most guys look over the warning signs as just a strange phase their girlfriend is going through. Some even blame it on their “time of the month”. Don’t be one of those guys! Learn what the signs are and do something about her if you want to keep her.

1. She’s becoming increasingly distant

When she’s with you there’s no “connection” and it kinda feels like she’s being distant. She’ll be more quiet than normal, less enthusiastic to see you when you haven’t seen each other for a while and not as into your conversations like she was when you first met.

2. Not responsive with calls/responding to texts

When you first started dating, she would respond to your texts almost immediately, pick up the phone when you called and reply with funny/witty messages. But now… she’s responding with one word messages, not answering when you call and taking a few hours to respond.

Obviously you wouldn’t expect your girlfriend to pickup or text back right away every time, but if it’s always non-responsive… then you have a problem.

3. She’d rather go out with her friends than you

If you’ve organised something with her like going to see a movie or grabbing a bite to eat and she’s already made plans with her friends on more occasions than she’s been out with you… that’s an issue. This shows that you’re just not any fun or interesting to her anymore and she sees going out with you as a chore.

4. She makes lame excuses

If you were supposed to meet or she didn’t answer the phone after multiple calls or she came home late (if you’re living with her) from a night out without telling you she was out for the night (this is common courtesy, not a father daughter complex) then makes lame excuses as to why she didn’t call etc… this is a big warning sign.

There’s no respect on her side and she feels as though she doesn’t need to be courteous with you because you’re a pushover.

5. She picks fights over small things

When you’re talking to each other, she will pick a fight over the smallest things just to release her frustration and anger towards you. Now there’s no reason why she’s doing this, except that she’s bored with your personality now… there’s no spark, excitement or mystery (cheesy word by very true).

Bonus warning: She wants to travel more and even starts talking about why long distance relationships are actually good.

How to stop her from leaving

Ok so now you know what the signs are, let’s see what you need to do to stop this madness from happening FAST:

  • Create some excitement – You need to bring back the personality that she was once attracted to when you both met originally. Ask her what she was first attracted to and what made her like you so much, then DO THOSE THINGS.
  • Don’t be so needy – Neediness is like cancer to a relationship, you need to remain independent, secure in your own self and confident at all times. If she doesn’t call you back, then pull her up on it and make a joke of it… say something like “Oh ignoring me now are you… that’s cool, I just had something really important to tell you and you’ve now missed your chance of knowing what it is. You would have LOVED it too x”
  • Create anticipation – By building anticipation she will be thinking about you all day and will want to rip your clothes off when you walk through the door. How do you do it? Simple, send her flirty messages that will strike intrigue and make her think sexual thoughts. Things like “…can’t wait to see you tonight, I’ve got something I need to try out on you :) New trick I’ve learned”.

So that’s it… don’t ignore the warning signs and make sure you do something quickly before it’s too late and she leaves you bro.

Again…  watch this video and get good in-between the sheets so she never thinks about leaving you again.

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  1. ivben duped says

    yeah the phone games suck,the ol hangup,dropped call,when call it has a pause then voice mail,or voice mail for 20 minutesw then finally it rings then it dosent.swear to christ it so obvious whats happening but hey,no its not… let me do it to her and christ shes a cellphone technition and knows suddenly all about phone.. toal lies and bullshit.

  2. Davis Bogardus says

    I like this site – its so usefull and helpfull.|

  3. Sorry, but sounds like a load of bullshit to me.. so according to this article.. women are the ones who always need to be “wowed” no matter what we are going through? Shouldn’t the reverse also apply? I mean to be fair.. if you are in this situation already.. chances are you are not feeling over the moon about it and probably not your usual self full of the usual positive energy you have! Honestly if all women do is just expect expect, then when they don’t get it.. move on to the next guy who seems better.. then fuck me.. must be easy being a woman!

    What if this is happening because the guy is having genuine family troubles… the girl still ups and leaves because her needs aren’t being met and screw him? No repercussions for her.. Things like loyalty and a conciseness.. don’t apply for them?

  4. Hello there,

    I’ve been puzzled with the girl I’m seeing now, we did have somewhat of a breakup, as I didn’t see that she was needing space, and when during the time, it went out of control, like things she would say about the differences between us, which she can’t deal with, emphasizing that she can’t be with someone who’s different.

    And a week from that terrible sight, we had then met with each other, she gave me a chance by having to start the things out between us snail-slow and don’t expect for anything and if it fails don’t force her. I realize she would look at me in the face to know if there’s anything wrong, then she’ll be piss if I didn’t tell her right away and if its moments later. Then we have someone speak lesser to each other now, she would always have a mood, then it seems as though I’m distant with her but she would say, I’m with you most days but it seems more of a chore as there’s another friend around, so we’re hanging in a group. And I feel that flirtations between has been cutted, I’m somehow sadden by the change after change. And when making a trip back to send her, we somehow end the night nicely, previously, and these couple of days, I feel she’s always coming out with reasonings, if I’m slightly drunk, she’ll say I’m making up with her for the sake of my needs. And the days after she, a friend kinda of told her that I had a quarrel with my parents, she then asked me whilst on the journey back and was like if you keep yourself quiet, we need not have to talk, then it felt cold. I don’t know what triggered her or that she’s falling for another.

    • I have a girlfriend over a year and whenever she goes out with her friends she will call me on the way to wherever she is going and whenever she gets to where she is going to hang with her friends she will text me and never attempt to call me on the phone in front of whoever she is around she won’t call me till hours later when she is in her car ready to go home it could be 3 or 4 or 6 or 7 or 8 hours she will text me all night but will not pick up the phone if I call her and if am hanging with my friends and she tries to call me after hours of her not even giving one phone call and if I do the same thing and tell her I’m with friends I can only text then she starts accusing me of being around another girl why can’t I pick up the phone then I tell her why should I pick up the phone if hours went by and you where with your friends and you didn’t bother eben picking up the phone to call me why should I pick up the phone for you and my friends told me tell her if you wanna text me for 6 hours why should I text you if you can’t give me a call for 6 hours

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