What Is A Sigma Male? Everything You Need To Know

If you are seeking a specific sigma male definition, a sigma male is a male who is neither an alpha male (strong no-nonsense leaders) nor a beta male (those who are eager to follow the directions of the alpha males), and instead, march to the beat of their own drums.

What is a sigma male?

10 things that all sigmas have.

What is a Sigma Personality? 10 Things This Type of Man Has and Does

If you are wondering about the personality traits of a sigma male, they are as follows:

1. Doing Their Own Thing

One of the top personality traits of sigma males (which is coincidently shared by the greatest womanizer in history) is that they are known for doing their own things. In other words, rather than falling in line with the social hierarchy, sigma males essentially rate themselves as the top commander of their army of one.

Therefore, unlike alpha males, who will be seen going above and beyond to lead those around them, and unlike a beta male, who is often seen anxiously awaiting orders from the alpha males, a sigma male will simply worry about himself and do whatever he thinks is right, no matter what setting he is in. Considered to be more of the lone-wolf type, sigma males worry about themselves and what they want, almost exclusively.

2. Ability to Control

Although they are by no means alpha males, sigma males are capable of controlling a room or situation. However, they do so in a much quieter and non-threatening manner than what alpha males are known for.

Nevertheless, they are known for attracting people in droves, for being the opposite of alpha males. This means that rather than walking into a room like they own it, and loudly working the room into their favor, the sigma male will sit quietly and observe until they feel compelled to share their thoughts on their own.

3. Charismatic

Sigma males are charismatic. The air of mystery surrounding these types of men usually makes everyone they encounter want to know more about them. And once they start talking, their unique views and opinions usually reiterate that they are worth knowing.

4. Reckless

A great way to spot a sigma male is that they often seem pretty reckless in terms of their words and actions. While the average person will at least try to say and do things in a way that is not overly offensive to others, sigma males actually seem to prefer to do things that cause people to become offended.

5. Self-Sufficient

Another unique trait of sigma males is that they are typically very self-sufficient. While the alpha male tends to need to be in control of others and the beta male need to be given orders and guidance, a sigma male is usually just find being left to himself. They are known for being highly capable of conquering any obstacles they encounter and rarely struggle in terms of having their needs met in any aspect of their lives.

6. Somewhat Hard to Reach

Since they are so self-sufficient, they can, at times, seem somewhat out of touch. They do not look to others to form their views and opinions. Nor do they factor in the wants and needs of others when it comes to making decisions for their own lives. As such, when it comes to having open and honest communication with others, sigma males can be a tad closed off.

They will not go above and beyond to express their opinions or to communicate in general. This can make it frustrating when people are trying to connect with them and build relationships and rapports.

7. Rebellious

Although it’s clear that sigma males march to the beat of their own drum, they often do so in a method that is particularly rebellious. They do not only dislike being apart of the in-crowd, they actually hate it. This causes them to be seen as more of the rebel without a cause type as they often seem to go above and beyond to go against whatever is popular and trending at the time.

8. Critical Thinkers

Despite the fact that it may seem that sigma males simply do the things they do because they hate conformity, they are actually deep, critical thinkers who are more likely to base their actions on things that they have taken the time to ponder and form their own opinions of.

In other words, while it may seem like they are just being reckless by saying things that go outside of the prevailing opinion, it is likely that they have taken the time to consider all aspects of the issue and simply decided that the prevailing opinion was wrong or that it could actually be something that could be detrimental to society at large.

One of the downsides of critical thinking is that you can be prone to depression.

9. Intelligent

In keeping with that, sigma males are usually intelligent. They may not go above and beyond to say things that paint them in this light, however, if you take the time to listen to them, you will often find that they have very deep and profound thoughts and opinions.

10. Silence is Golden

Even though sigma males can come across as shy or even timid, this is not the case. However, sigma males are the type that speaks only when they feel their words can add value to the silence (one of the top attractive male qualities). While they may enjoy being at certain social events, they may enjoy their time by observing others and quietly reflecting on their own thoughts. In other words, although they have great social skills, they are not always inclined to use them.

What does a Sigma male look like?

As mentioned, the sigma male tends to march to the beat of their own drum in all aspects of their lives. Their appearance is no exception. Sigma males do not follow trends and typically put themselves together in a way that is vastly different than those in their social circles/ age brackets.

Overall, they typically dress in the manner they feel most comfortable, regardless of the circumstances, and style their hair, accessories, etc. in a manner that coincides with the image they want to portray to the world. This means they could be seen as fashionably clueless or they could be seen as trendsetters. It all depends on how they choose to express their individual sense of style.

What is an Omega Male?

Another lesser-known male personality types is an omega male. An omega male is essentially a male who does not buy into the societal roles of a man in general. In other words, an omega male does not feel the need to be the leader, nor does he feel the need to be the best supporting cast member to help carry out the will of an alpha male to prove his worth to society.

Rather, and omega males are those who do not necessarily see the value in being the most powerful man in the room and typically live in their own worlds and focus on what is most meaningful to them.

While this is somewhat similar to a sigma male, the major difference is that an omega male does not tend to think deeply about the most pressing matter of society, and instead, choose to live a life that offers them satisfaction and gratification without having to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Although they are fun-loving and can be great friends and companions, these are not the males you want to call when you’re trying to have a meaningful conversation about the most pressing societal causes.

Do Sigma Males Fall in Love?

Although they may seem to be somehow above falling in love, the fact of the matter is that sigma males actually take their love lives very seriously.

Despite the fact that they are capable of attracting virtually any woman they want, sigma males prefer to deal with women who are similar to them in that they are not weak-minded followers, and are perfectly comfortable expressing views and opinions that veer away from societal norms. They are typically not fond of superficial women and quickly grow tired of those who are overly jealous or insecure.

Final Words on Sigma Males

Overall, sigma males simply males who enjoy creating their own path. Although we have focused the majority of our attention on defining alpha and beta males, sigma males are actually very important members of our society.

These very intelligent and profound males feel that the purpose of life is to stay true to yourself. Nevertheless, they are also very caring and insightful people who hope to make a positive impact on the world at large.

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