What Is A Sigma Male? Everything You Need To Know

If you are seeking a specific sigma male definition, a sigma male is a male who is neither an alpha male (strong no-nonsense leaders) nor a beta male (those who are eager to follow the directions of the alpha males), and instead, march to the beat of their own drums.

What is a sigma male?

10 things that all sigmas have.

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Becoming an Alpha Male: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Becoming An Alpha Male

Are you ready to become the right kind of alpha?

There are three kinds of alpha males out there and they are all universally attractive to women.

Answer this question honestly:

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How To Be Confident With Girls Using These 3 Confidence Building Techniques

Understanding how to be confident with girls is one of the primary factors to successful game, but you don’t get the confidence instantly or by taking a pill (unfortunately).

Watch this video as I explain the steps in detail.


Regardless of everything I mention in the video and below… the absolute BEST way to build confidence with women is to approach and fail. [Read more…]

4 Psychology Books That Will Seriously Improve Your Game With Women

A peak into a woman’s mind.

Female psychology.

Woah… are you for real? Who cares, isn’t that just a can of worms that will overcomplicate the mindset of a PUA or player and make him think too deeply about chicks?


But as a guy who wants to get better with women, understanding how they tick can only be a good thing right? [Read more…]

The 10 Habits Of Highly Successful Seducers… That You Need To Adopt

This couldn’t be more true.

With every successful seducer… player… ladies man, whatever you want to call them, you’ll notice a bunch of habits each of these guys have.

Now these habits have been formed by straight up hard work. I’m talking grinding in the streets, clubs, busy bars, parties… every possible place you can imagine.

But as a guy just starting out in game, it’s very easy to get confused, over analyse every situation and second guess yourself until you’re at the point of frustration which leads to giving up. [Read more…]

7 Simple Things You Must Do To Get Over Approach Anxiety

The route cause of your approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety is a killer.

In fact more PUA’s are killed each year as a result of this terrible disease than any other… OK I’m joking, but it does suck and is a very serious crippling issue.

It’s the single biggest problem every guy has and can be the defining factor that will pretty much destroy your chances of getting good with women, if you don’t put a stop to it that is.

What is approach anxiety exactly?

Approach anxiety is a fear of approaching women you are attracted too. It stops you talking to women by filling your mind with excuses, extreme levels of fear and pointless chatter. [Read more…]

How To Boost Your Self Confidence And Develop Bullet-Proof Inner Game

“First you do the thing you’re scared of… then you get the courage.”

When I hear people say that they wish they had more confidence, it genuinely makes me angry.

Why? Because it’s not something that just falls out of the sky or you stumble across one day, so saying that you wish you had more confidence is a dumb thing to say.

But here’s the thing… if you actually work on building your confidence (using proven techniques) and do things that naturally have a positive effect on your self-esteem, you have something that most don’t, which gives you an advantage in life. [Read more…]