Nightclub Game Question: Why Can’t I Pickup Any Women In Clubs?

Girls sitting around a nightclub table.

Having problems with club game?

I recently received this question from a guy who was really frustrated with his results in nightclubs and not feeling as though his game was consistent.

This is a very common problem with guys and one that I used to have myself too. Nowadays however I’m rock solid when it comes to club game and can have my pick of women in any club. But that’s only because I discovered what worked and applied the techniques I’m going to show you in my answer below… EVERY time I went out.

Enough with the small talk.

Here’s the original question…

From: Alan (Los Angeles California)

Hey Gambler,

I really need your help! I suck sooooooo bad when it comes to club game.

I’m out with my buddies every week, usually Friday and Saturday, maybe some days in the week, especially if it’s the summer. And I just can’t seem to pickup any girls when I’m out. I struggle with the opening, fumble through the interaction and never have the balls to close so the girl just usually walks away.

My looks are average, I have a decent body (not a six pack or anything, but slim) 5ft 8 and I’ve been told on many occasions that I’d make a great boyfriend… so WTF is going on man??

I have taken girls home from clubs before, but it’s just nowhere near the level I want to be. It felt like more luck than anything, I need to be more consistent!

Some of my friends are just amazing at pulling girls, I see them going home with girls every week (cute ones too, not ugly end of the night stragglers) with ease and I just end up grabbing some take out and then going home alone. It’s just depressing.

What can I do to make it easier for me, stand out, make girls approach me, look more attractive etc???? Please help dude, I’m just so pissed off these days.


My response:

Wooooaaaahhhhh there young Alan.

Don’t worry I feel ya pain, I was once in the very same position.

So there are a couple of points I want to address here. The first being your mindset. You said “what can I do to make it easier… make girls approach me”.

You need to flip what your saying, because listen. You’re not a famous actor or fitness model, so girls aren’t going to make an effort to come and talk to you if you have nothing of value to offer.

Club game is all about VALUE. Not dancing or being a court jester.

As soon as you walk into that club, you’re on the same level as every other guy in there. Level 1.

It’s up to you, to stack the value so high throughout the night that you’re on level 10 and every girl in that club wants to be on your level.

This brings me onto my second point… what you look like.

I sense you’re confused because you feel as though you look good enough, sort of implying that you’re not damn ugly so women shouldn’t be treating you the way they are right?

Look, although looks are important, they aren’t the only factor that women are looking for in a guy. Unless they are incredibly shallow and want to get laid, in which case being a model at this point is great.

If you look “good” but you don’t have anything else of value, you’re going to fail in the club… just like you’re doing now.

So, what can you do to improve your club game?

Let me use a video game analogy here to get the point across.

Below are a bunch of “value” boosters which if used correctly, will make you the most attractive guy in the club.

Every time you feel as though your game is fizzling out with girls, go through these value boosters and check them off one by one, until you’re surrounded by hotties all wanting to go home with you.


Hope that helps dude, if you need any more help just let me know.

Rich (aka Gambler)

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  1. Hey Josh,

    i have the same doubts that you have about knowing high social status people in the club. Recently i realized that being sincere is the best thing to do. And i think that this is what Richard says as well. For example, recently i went to a guy surrounded with beautiful women and i told him “how can you have all this girls around you…because i’m studying this staff and…”. He gave to me his facebook and presentation card and he told me to contact him to speak about these staff. I still didn’t contact him…this is the next stage.
    I came from Milano and i don’t if different places means different games…i’d like to discover it.

    Have a nice day


  2. I live in Miami and many of the clubs I go to the “high priced tables” are usually in a closed off area.

    I’m concluding that you need one of these to be successful at a club:
    1) money for a table
    2) using guys you don’t know to increase your value.

    Is this true in your opinion?

  3. Hi Rich

    What do you mean by ‘have a poker face when talking’? Do you mean play it cool/mysterious and don’t give too much away?


  4. Hello Richard.

    A few days earlier I wrote you a very long question and with this article you have kind of answered me. I don’t know if the question in this article is real, made up, just a different interpretation of mine or a summary of questions sent but that doesn’t matter I did find some useful stuff in this article and for that I thank you.

    If I wanted to be precise with my question sent earlier then I was interested in these topics: 1) creating a completely new social circle with leaving your old ones behind; 2) bar game specifics; 3) tips and strategies about going out alone without any friends with you (or sarging alone).

    The hardest thing for me to do actually is “using social proof for your advantage by talking to cool guys and hot girls at one of the high priced tables” I mean how do you actually do that? How do you actually start talking to them? To me it seems like it requires some kind of completely different “friendly talk” openers or something.

    Anyway thank you for what you do because you are a true inspiration in my individual journey to success.


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