5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Ripped… Hint: You Get More Girls

…Can you imagine the women you’d get looking like this?

I have a friend who is ripped.

I mean SUPER ripped… like he’s just stepped off a front cover shoot for Men’s Health.

So as you can imagine, he get’s laid… a lot. Women find these qualities attractive, not because they look good, but it displays confidence, self-assurance, health and vitality.

I’ve been with him in bars and women have actually approached him, opened him and flirted openly just because he has a great body… with bulging abs and then gone home with him at the end of the night.

Now that’s great and all, but he works out EVERY FREAKIN DAY.

Cardio at 6am… weights on different muscle groups at 8pm… a diet that would make a rabbit throw up… It’s just… well, really boring.

So I asked him why he does it.

His answer?

Because he has shit game and is incredibly lazy with women.

I can actually vouch for that, because I knew the guy before he decided to get in shape. He was shy, could never look women in the eye for longer than 5 seconds, couldn’t hold a conversation with a girl… it was horrible.

So if you think about it, the 7 days a week of cardio and painfully boring diet is actually a good deal, because his game hasn’t changed… but his sex life has.

This got me thinking.

And I came up with several reasons why you might consider jacking up your muscles over working on your game only short term.

Why only as a short term thing?

Well because you might be nice to look at and you might turn a girl on just from looking at your body, but you’ll never be able to stimulate them mentally, there will always be that void there.

But it can do wonders for your game subconsciously and I’ve seen this in my buddy too.

So let’s get into it…

6 reasons why you need to get ripped

1. Your confidence will go through the roof

You will gradually start getting more attention from women in bars and clubs, this will help with social proof and will in turn boost your confidence, you’ll just be feeling an endorphin rush constantly. Basically you’ll start to think and act more alpha. How do alpha males act? Like men who don’t give a f**k.

2. You will get WAY more IOI’s

Girls like hot guys just as much as guys like hot girls. It’s eye candy… fantasy material. So you’ll get a ridiculous amount of women giving you IOI’s, giving you a choice of which ones you want to pursue.

3. Women will initiate conversation with you

So this will pretty much only happen in a bar (it does happen very seldom in the day) or a club. Women will approach you and flirt outrageously, because they are so turned on by your physique.

4. Your close rate will be much higher

Because you have such an adonis like body, women will actually now use you as a trigger for their fantasies. They all want to bang Magic Mike! This means you won’t need to do much work to get them in the sack, expect saying “Let’s get outta here”.

5. You’re forced to improve your game

If you are a skinny little loser who never talks to anyone, you won’t ever have the chance to improve your game unless you force yourself to talk to people. But if they are always approaching you, then you’ll only ever get better with talking to women.. it’s a win win.

6. You look way better in clothes

Everything you wear even if you wear casual fitting clothes, will look fitted. This looks much more attractive. You know that V-shape right? Big shoulders, small waist. That’s the body type you want. If you suck at fashion, here’s how to dress better.

Now you know why you need to work on that six pack, here’s some tips for getting that cover shoot body (got these from my pal)….

Tips for getting ripped fast (30 days or less)

So you won’t look like Arni, but you’ll definitely have the Brad Pitt in Fight Club look going on, if you apply these tips daily for an entire month.

What you eat matters

  • Don’t eat crap – No dairy, no refined sugars, wheat, flour or anything that is tasty. You will only eat lean protein and organic vegetables.
  • Drink water – Consume at least 2 litres of fresh bottled mineral water daily, to help flush out the crap and rebuild your immune system.
  • Take super vitamins – Although you’re eating great vegetables, you need to maximise the amount of nutrients and minerals in your body to help burn fat… so drink super greens and take multi-vitamins.
  • Small but healthy – Eat 5 to 6 small sized meals a day, like the size of your fist.

How you exercise matters just as much

  • Exercise early – Cardio on an empty stomach helps you to burn more fat and double your metabolic rate. Between 5am and 8am is the best time.
  • Focus on cardio and muscles – You can’t have one or the other, there needs to be a balance. Cardio in the morning and muscles in the evening.
  • Go hard – Time yourself… cardio should be no more than 30 minutes, but needs to be intense (REALLY INTENSE) muscle building needs to be nor more than 60 minutes, but again needs to be intense, with explosive lifts.

What you think matters the most

  • Meditate – Meditation has been proven to lower stress levels, anxiety and above all help you focus on your goals with a clear mind. Getting in shape is a goal, so meditate for 20 minutes a day and focus on getting ripped.
  • Get in the zone – Each workout session should be full on and better than your last, so you need to be in the zone and have your mind prepared for it. Choose a selection of tunes that keep you pumped and keep them on replay.
  • Dedication – If you quit, then you will never feel what it’s like to accomplish a goal and any previous work you put in will be wasted. Don’t be a loser, just keep going.

That’s it amigos! Reasons why you need to get ripped and how to get ripped fast all rolled into one lovely little post. Don’t think for a second that having a six pack is the only thing that gets you women. Understanding how they tick is also important, here’s a rundown of the top 10 womanizers that ever existed. Do yourself a solid, read it.

HEY! If you’re serious about getting ripped then I recommend you check this out.

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  1. I’am get this in 2024

  2. So in reality how is a girl going to notice your six pack if your wearing like a dress shirt ? Im sure women will notice your increased confidance but it seems more reasonable to think you need a boost in the chest and arms
    area ?

  3. You have the right idea, get ripped, your methods need some education, check out bodybuilding.com or some info on routines, how many days to work out per week, diet, and anything else you can think of…that site is a can’t miss and many users give feedback so you know which articles are more reliable.

    Also, what are you talking about that it will probably only happen in a bar? Girls go up to me all the time in clubs, and they might not initiate conversation with you in the street but they stare and basically say “Please talk to me” with their body language

  4. fitness guru says

    There’s no doubt that you will have a greater sex appeal when you’re ripped and have muscles, but the diet you suggested is very dangerous. Having a low carb diet (which you said only eating lean protein and vegis) will make the body go into a state called “ketosis”. This is where the body uses fat as energy opposed to carbs, which sounds great but if you research ketosis, it’s something our body does to try to survive.

    • PUA Training says

      As far as I understand it, as long as you don’t cut out complex carbs completely in your diet then you won’t run into any problems than if you totally removed carbs from your diet which is obviously very bad.

      • Research into ketosis has shown no long term ill effects, some epileptics are placed on ketogenic diets as ketones have been shown to reduce the instances of seizure. As a personal trainer who has helped a lot of people get into shape I think the advice given above is good sound advice to any beginner looking to get a quick physique change!

  5. Hey Richard have you spoke to Ollie about it? He trains in the gym all the time so maybe you can talk to him about weight lifting and cardio. Get him to write you a plan. I have no idea what his game is like though.

  6. Captain Weiner says

    I have a friend who has this type of body. It helps if you are over 6’0. Girls open him. The body mostly helps for night game and online dating. Girls have opened him during the day. I would suggest a diet with high fiber. I recommend having kashi cereal with nuts and berries..then almond milk.

  7. Big Pimpin says

    Bodybuilding.com is a great place to start if you don’t fancy going to the gym or the trainer at your gym doesn’t get your goals,or even if you’re just to embaressed to tell them!That does happen!If I could recommend one sport though if you want to build confidence and get ripped it would be muay-thai or any martial art with a good amount of sparring.Practicing keeping a level head sparring is great for anxiety and you’ll think you’re a tough bastard.Who knows,maybe some girls will even think you’re a bit of a bad boy! =]

  8. Great article this basically sum up my daily ruiten. I just have one question how do you talk to girl who is attracted to you for your body? How do you get her to be attracted to for who you are?

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