Why You Should Never Tell A Woman Your True Feelings… Initially


Don’t do it dude…

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The moment you see a pretty girl who shows the slightest bit of interest in you, what do you do? You crumble into a needy little boy, who seeks approval from her and decides the best way to get her attracted to you is by divulging your deepest feelings that you have towards her.

Sound familiar?

Well, it should because you’ve most likely gone through it, just like I have in the past.

The thing is though, it’s the absolute best way to repulse her. Yep, you heard me… if you want to push any attractive girl away then all you need to do is tell her how you REALLY feel about her within the first few hours to the few weeks of knowing her.

This is why I always teach guys NEVER to reveal their true feelings about a girl, until you’re either in a relationship with her or you’re sleeping with her regularly as a f**k buddy.

But why shouldn’t you tell her how you feel?

A lot of guys (including the old me) would think that it’s a pure thing to do, telling a girl how you feel about her. It’s honest, upfront, there’s no bullshit and you’re being true to yourself right?

Well yes, absolutely.

But you’re also displaying “unattractive” qualities that women are internally sickened by.

Sure, you’ll here women say things like… “All men are liars, I just want an honest guy” or “Real men don’t need to lie”.

Mmmmm, ok.

Here’s the thing though. You’re not lying to her. You’re simply not divulging your feelings right off the bat, because you’re fully aware that by doing so she will most likely stick you in the friend zone.

What happens when you tell a girl how you feel about her?

Well, there are several things:

1. You show a needy, childish side to you
2. You come across as insecure
3. She feels like she now “has you” so the game is no longer fun
4. Any sexual attraction she had for you is now gone

Basically, you’re now another potential friend to her, NOT a sexual partner.

Now of course, this may work on some girls. But I can assure you that the hotter the girl is, the less likely it is to work. The girls it does work on are emotionally unstable, mentally broken and/or average in looks.

This is the brutal truth dude, trust me.

Here are some of things you need to avoid saying to her initially

I’m talking first date, second date etc, when you’re just getting to know each other:

1. I really like you
2. You’re so pretty
3. Do you like me?
4. I haven’t met a girl like you before
5. I want to see you again

Yucky, needy things! Don’t ever say them.

Instead, you want to be saying things that will make her think about you, question who you are as a man and keep her guessing so that she ends up chasing you with texts, social media messages and the like.

The moment she stops chasing you, the game is lost and she’s bored.

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  1. Never ever play games!

  2. I’m a woman! And if I am falling for you, I’d love to hear all your feelings so that I can feel safe sharing mine! The woman that would mess with u is one with emotional disconnection or doesn’t truly want you. The sooner u find that out the better. This is called conditioned responses. Trust ur heart ❤️

  3. What if you have already done this mistake, how do you continue the game with her, is it possible to create a sexual attraction again or is it gone forever?

  4. DAmn it!
    I’ve met this incredible girl. She plays videogames, likes anime, plays piano, looks and sounds cute in my opinion. We have alot in common and I really think she’d make an amazing girlfriend!

    She has a boyfriend tho!

    So I left her with my number, giving her the power, and leaving it up to her if she wants to contact call me or not. I only want to talk to people that also want to talk to me I said. And I don’t want to be a douchebag.
    But before that I already said I haven’t met a girl like you before AND I’d like to see you again.
    I feel like I totally screwed up now! Is there any way I can recover?

  5. Dam bro, I actually do this. In weak hearted consonantly thinking I can win with the soft hearted b.s. I would rather just have someone I could be honest with. I’m almost like a water fountain. Push one button and I poor pour myself out. Yeah I say it’s being real and I feel you on the holding back part but I really don’t know what to say or do in the meantime. An I rally not supposed to tell a girl she’s pretty??

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