The 10 Habits Of Highly Successful Seducers… That You Need To Adopt

This couldn’t be more true.

With every successful seducer… player… ladies man, whatever you want to call them, you’ll notice a bunch of habits each of these guys have.

Now these habits have been formed by straight up hard work. I’m talking grinding in the streets, clubs, busy bars, parties… every possible place you can imagine.

But as a guy just starting out in game, it’s very easy to get confused, over analyse every situation and second guess yourself until you’re at the point of frustration which leads to giving up.

Today I want to run through 10 habits which I believe every successful seducer (including me) has and is the main reason why he’s so good at charming the pants off women.

They are the same habits that I use on a daily basis and explain in detail on Stealth Attraction.

Do yourself a rather large favour and read these habits again and again, until they stick in your feeble little mind and become a part of you.

Here they are:

1. He’s extremely persistent

Let’s say you have never approached a girl in your life and you suck at talking to women.

Now one day you wake up and decide to get this area of your life handled, so you set yourself the challenge of approaching 100 women by the end of the week.

Out of that 100 women you approach, how many do you think will give you their number or even go on an instant date with you? I’m guessing more than half.

That’s over 50 women willing to go on a date with you within 1 week.

Why is that? It’s because your persistence has paid off. If you approached just 1 girl in that week and she rejected you, would you stop? If you did then you wouldn’t get anywhere, what’s the point!

You could approach 99 women, but the 100th woman could end up being your girlfriend and an amazing person.

The point is this. Persistence pays, so don’t be such a bitch.

2. He’s very resilient

The ability to stay calm, confident and unhinged in a moment that would cause others to feel a deep level of uncertainty or depression, is a skill that takes a long time to learn.

Having said that, if you can build up your resilience to bitches, man haters and cock teasers, you’ll be way more successful with women than most men.

You see resilience means that you don’t get flustered around women that talk down to you, reject you or try and throw you off balance.

If a girl tells you to “f**K” off… just wipe that from your memory, laugh it off and move on, it’s no biggie.

3. He’s willing to adapt

Things change, it’s inevitable.

For you to become a clever seducer who uses the world around him to his advantage, you must be willing to adapt quickly.

If a girl cancels on you, you adapt and make arrangements with another girl.

If you get caught talking to another girl whilst on a date, you adapt and handle the situation like a pro.

Bad things can and will happen, but being able to move past and over those kinks in your life will make you an unstoppable player.

4. He learns from his mistakes

If you don’t learn from your mistakes… then you’re an idiot.

Mistakes are absolutely fine and should be made with women, but you should always take note of the mistake you’re making so that you don’t ever make them again.

The quicker you make more mistakes, the quicker you will learn what not to do and thus make far less mistakes over time.

Obvious, but powerful.

5. He tries new material

It’s fine to use an opener that you’ve been using for years if it still works, but at some point that opener will become old hat, which means you need to switch up your seduction style and try new material.

Everything from opening to closing, it all matters.

A master seducer will be trying new ways of picking up women every week and seeing what works. He knows to build attraction with girls slowly and in a precise way.

The stuff that works, he’ll keep and refine so it almost never fails every time he uses it… the stuff that doesn’t work he’ll learn from and never use it again.

6. He never settles

It’s sad when I see a guy who has just settled for any girl, he’s sold himself the false belief that he can’t get a 9 or 10 and so will be happy to settle for a 6.

That’s complete bullshit!

A master seducer NEVER settles, because he knows deep down that he can get the best. The most beautiful women know that he can handle them, whilst other guys quake with fear.

7. He focuses on one area

As the saying goes “keep it simple stupid”.

You have to focus on one area at a time and get really good at that area before moving on. For example, you may be naturally funny but you’re crippled with approach anxiety so you can’t ever approach a girl.

Or you may be the best opener in the world with zero fear, but you can’t close.

Focus on each area of the pickup one by one, until you get good enough to move onto the next area.

Start with the open, rapport and then the close to begin with, everything else is just detail.

8. He accepts his weaknesses

Everyone has a weakness, even the master seducer.

You have to accept them and face them head on, otherwise they will forever be a weakness of yours and your downfall at some stage.

Look at it this way, if you never work on your weaknesses how can you truly master the art of pickup?

Discover what you suck at and work on it.

9. He understands that practice is the key

Practice leads to mastery.

You can’t become good at anything without practicing and repeating the same task over and over until you master it.

A successful PUA has closed hundreds (close to thousands) of women and has followed a very similar pattern with every one of them, meaning he’s refined his skills to the point where game is second nature to him.

An old proverb says: If you do something for 10,000 you will have reached the level of mastery.

Now I’m not saying you should work on your game for 10 or more years, but if you just focused for an hour each day, do you think that within a month or two you would be much better than when you started? Hell yeah you would!

10. He surrounds himself with good people

You become your environment.

Remember that, because it’s the most important habit on this list.

Never ever surround yourself with people that can potentially ruin your game. Always be around those guys (and girls) that can benefit your game.

By being around good people, good things will naturally come more easily to you than if you’re constantly struggling with bad influencers.

For example, if all of your friends are married, engaged or in a long term relationship but you’re still single… who do you go out with to refine your game?

Get your social circle sorted and find some good people!

That’s it. I hope you take these habits onboard and try to use them in your everyday life because they really do work.

Listen up dude! If you want to improve your game and start banging the type of women you whack off to… you should learn my secrets.

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  1. persistence is the only sure fire way to get a girl (just dont be annoying/abusive) everything else is a bonus to me Ive seen guys with no charm but keep persistent with a girl (in a non annoying/abusive way) and got them in 1,2,3..5 months (150 days) even. It isnt bad if you had 10 targets thats like every 15 days if you divided the figure above.

  2. @Steve I also think unhinged is not a good word to use here but i reckon he means unattatched or unhinged to what kinda games may be being played on you like detatched and cool but yea seems ambiguous but i think overall this is a brilliant article which has helped me tremendously so thanks PUA training guys.

  3. Hey Gambler! I suck in making conversations going and interesting. How do I suppose to work on that?

  4. “The ability to stay calm, confident and unhinged.”
    Better fix that Rich – unhinged means deranged,

  5. I’m 41 yrs old, will this work on my age group?

  6. Some good some bad… I guess it depends on what you’re after. Persistence is the best way to:

    1) show that you’re a douche that only wants to screw
    2) train this girl to be even more difficult for the next guy
    3) because now she’s mad that you screwed her and disappeared, and you were such a pushy ass about it

    If you only want to screw, well, you’re a douche. the best way to get laid is to be someone that women want to have sex with, so you don’t have to be persistent. Women are far more influenced by the physical than men, don’t be fooled. On average, women have sex with orders of magnitude more partners than men on average. this means a large number of women hare having sex with the same small group of guys. Now, this isn’t mean to be a rant on women. It’s just a fact. Women like having sex, a lot. And they do it a lot. Several times a day, with different guys. You don’t have to talk them into it. They want to screw every waking minute of the day. Their whole life revolves around sex. Women wear mini-skits, high-heels, wonder bras, makeup; all to be sexually appealing. their world revolves around their sex appeal. All you have to do is NOT be on the list of things they don’t like. Patience is THE MOST important virtue you can have. It helps everything. It helps you learn, it helps her develop her own rapport. All she really needs is to know that you exist, and have a favorable thought about you. Sex is much better when she’s asking you for it, than you managing to get in her ASAP. Her mind won’t be in it, she’ll be thinking of all the things that make her uncomfortable, if she really wants to be doing this, etc. Sex with you, as she will rate it, won’t be that great. Sex is good for her when it’s her idea and she’s banging down your door to get you. And she’ll remember that it was good. It isn’t meant to be an insult to women, I really feel sorry for most of them. Estrogen is a powerful chemical. Unlike men, women are encouraged to give in to their hormones, while men are insulted for being men. The easiest and best way to push her buttons, is to let her push her own buttons for you. Be the one who says no every now and then. Be the one who brings it up, but says it’s not time. You’re sexual, but you’re not a douche bag. Let her know you think of her that way, but don’t be focused on it. Bring sexual topics up in a round-about way, as a tangent to a different discussion. Then get back to another subject. Tease her with it and don’t be afraid of it. Just like physically, women warm up slower. That’s a false stereotype, too. Once you adapt this approach, you’ll find you are more fulfilled, and that you perform better. You’ll understand more of how they work, and naturally get better, because you’ll be able to relate. It isn’t a male or female concept, it’s human. It’s deeper. an even if it’s not forever, you’ll both appreciate it and enjoy it, and come back for more.

  7. Are there any good techniques you can use to move between girls (say in a club). I’ve been in situations before where I’ve closed with a girl, but seen a more attractive girl I wanted to go for. Is there a way you can keep the other girl as back up?

  8. Alexbaggio says

    Are u saying u should approach the people who u don’t find that attractive. Who u don’t think should be your girl friend. And who u really dont wanna hang out with.

    • PUA Training says

      In the beginning when you’re refining your skills, yes. Otherwise you’ll be placing girls on pedestals and not approaching anything because you’re way to scared. Approaching a girl that you’re not that attracted too can ease your nerves. Straight after that interaction, you’ll then be able to approach a better look girl without being so nervous. They are called throw away sets in the community, for the sole purpose on growing some balls.

  9. Very nice tips, thank you very much.

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