5 Things You Can Say And Do To Increase The Sexual Tension With Girls

Photo of a sexy woman getting out of bed.

Want to increase sexual tension with a girl?

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Attraction is all about the way you make a girl feel, but what about sexual tension? Well that happens all by itself when you do a series of things all designed to spike her levels of arousal towards you.

Subtle gestures, words and physical contact can do wonders for the amount of sexual energy you have with a girl.

For example, let me give you two scenarios:

Guy 1: The nervous type

When he greets a girl, his eyes wonder all over the place, he barely touches her and just gives off a nervous energy. The girl will pickup on this energy and will immediately feel turned off. During the conversation, he looks at his phone, his knee bounces nervously and he’s so uncomfortable during the moments of silence that he fills the gaps with pointless chatter.

When he gets up to leave, he kisses her on the cheek very quickly, looks away/down and makes his way towards the exit, without looking back at her.

Guy 2: The confident type

When this guy greets a girl, he keeps a strong amount of eye contact with a big smile as he goes in for a kiss on the cheek. The kiss lingers long enough for her to have a whiff of his after shave. He holds her arm for a second and then sits down. During the conversation he touches her to reinforce certain words, which she responds well too.

When the conversation comes to an end, this guy gives the girl a firm hug, touching her lower back and again keeping strong eye contact. As he’s leaving he looks back, waves and continues out the door.

Which guy is going to stand a better chance of getting laid based on what he did?

Obviously it’s guy number two. He did all the right things, which made the girl feel comfortable, he touched her in the right way which created sexual tension and he acted in a calm and confident manner. She will be thinking about him after that interaction.

Guy number 1 will be a distant memory in no time.

Let’s go over the finer points in a little more detail, so you understand:

1. Slow kiss on the cheek

Kissing her slowly, whilst brushing cheeks will let her know that you’re more touchy feely as a guy, she won’t object as it will make her feel all giddy in the moment. It’s a long enough cheek brush and kiss to take notice of, but not long enough to be creepy and something she tells her friends about.

2. Arm stroke/hold when greeting

Upon greeting women, you can present yourself in an alpha male (protective) way. One of the ways to do this is by stroking and then holding her arm gently. If you know the girl, then you can transition from the arm to the hand and squeeze either one or both hands to infuse that much needed kino.

3. Lingering eye contact whilst smiling

Eye contact is one of those things that men get wrong. Too little shows you’re nervous and insecure, too much shows you’re creepy and a potential pervert. So practice keeping eye contact (whilst smiling) for a few extra seconds than you normally would. Think of it like a challenge, you want her to look away first.

4. Strong, firm hug when you leave (lower back touch)

When the convo comes to an end, you need to leave her thinking you’re a “real” man. To do this, simply hug her firmly and for at least 2 to 3 seconds. Women want to feel safe and secure around their man, conveying your strength during the hug makes them feel this safety and will turn them on psychologically. Don’t forget to touch her lower back also, this is a sensual area.

5. Complimenting the way she smells

During the conversation, make sure you mention how good she smells. Women love this kind of compliment and there’s always something sexual about the way people smell, it goes hand in hand with the other senses to create the scenery attraction part of your interaction.

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