6 Universal Attractive Male Qualities Every Woman Looks For In A Man

No matter what country you’re in, how old you are or what you look like you can still attract women by displaying a handful of “attractive qualities” that almost every woman looks for instinctively.

Whether or not you believe them to be true is irrelevant, because they have been proven time and time again. I adopt these qualities and I strongly advise you to adopt them also.

Start by working on each quality over time until they become ingrained in your character and just naturally show regardless of you being conscious of your actions.

Let’s get started:

1. Being a leader

Out of every quality here, I would place “leadership” as the most attractive to women and something that all top womanizers have instilled in them from a young age. They just fall under a spell when they’re around powerful men who lead the way.

Most people in general don’t like to lead, they like to follow… it’s just easier and less stressful that way. So it’s far simpler than you might think to start leading in any given situation.

  • Sometimes you can’t (language barriers) – There will be times when you just can’t lead, for example if you’re in another country on a date with a girl who speaks English but the waitress doesn’t. The girl will need to translate for you and effectively lead from that point on. However you can still take control over other things, like choosing the restaurant, getting a drink after, going back to yours etc.
  • Suggest instead of asking questions – Stop with the questions, leaders ask questions out of curiosity, not to seek approval. Instead, you should be focusing on making suggestions.
  • Make decisions wherever you can (take control) – Keep reminding yourself that you need to make decisions when the time comes. Stop looking so indecisive, it’s weak.
  • If people look up to you, it’s better (friends, associates) – Do you have friends around you or work colleagues that look up to you and ask your opinion on things? This is seen as attractive, because you’re not being undermined… you are the leader in that group.

2. Show strength

Strength of character is a very powerful quality and will attract most women who crave authoritative men (can you say daddy complex).

  • Be strong in your beliefs and actions (good manners etc) – Is there something that you don’t like or feel strongly about? Like manners for example, if a girl takes a call during dinner.. does that get on your nerves? Then tell her, make sure she knows that you respect her enough, not to pull out your phone so you would appreciate it if she did too.
  • Boundaries (don’t be flexible because you like her) – Make sure you set boundaries and let her know what they are. Never ever bend or break those boundaries just to impress a girl, it’s pathetic and all your power will be gone. This is what an alpha male would do and we all know that alpha males get laid… a lot.

3. Drive or passion

Have you ever spoken to someone with ambition and passion for a particular thing in their life? Maybe their work or something they do as a hobby on the side. How did you feel when you heard them talking about what they love? You should have felt compelled to listen, interested in some way. That’s what you want the girl to feel when you describe your passions to her.

  • Find a passion that you can talk about – Don’t have a passion? Then you need to go out and find one dude… FAST. It’s so much easier to talk to people when you have something you’re interested in, the conversation just flows.
  • Don’t talk about things you’re not interested in or passionate about – If she asks you about your job and you hate your job, then change the subject. Stop brining up things you don’t like, it leads to a dead end and attraction just fizzles out.

Pro tip: Depression in men is a big topic these days and not having drive or passion for something is one of the main reasons for feeling depressed. So you need to set goals for yourself, no matter how small they are.

4. Being busy

An active lifestyle is an attractive lifestyle. It’s not exciting to a woman, if all you’re doing is staying home and playing the Xbox every night after work.

  • Don’t appear to be available all the time – If you’re arranging a date, don’t say “Yeah, whenever is cool… I’m free all week”. This translates to “Cool, I’ve got nothing planned this because I’m not popular or very driven”.
  • Give a specific time because you’re doing other (real) things – Say to her that you’re busy all week, but can do 6:15pm on Saturday for a couple of hours if she’s free”.
  • Find some hobbies and activities to fill your time up socially (interesting things) – Quit playing too much of that damn Xbox and get out of the house. Take up some biking, rock climbing, cooking classes, language classes, join a team sport like rowing or football, just get moving and fill up your time with cool and interesting things.

5. Intelligence or wisdom

Intelligence with no level of arrogance is sexy. If you’re cocky and demeaning with your intelligence, the attractiveness goes out the door.

  • Younger girls want wisdom and worldliness – Younger women obviously look up to their dad and whether they like it or not, biologically look for similar if not the same qualities in their partner. So if you like younger women, then be more wise and show some intellect.
  • Older women like intelligence and wit – If you fancy the older woman, then you need to act older than you are by showing that you can have deeper and more meaningful conversations, with a dash of wit.
  • Girls generally don’t want to date guys who are stupid – You’ll never here a woman say “I wish I could find a hot guy who’s stupid” because stupidity is not an attractive quality. It can trump looks too, believe it or not.

6. Being un-reactive

This is a huge one if you’re the overly emotional and hot headed type. An un-reactive quality means that you don’t go crazy when things don’t go your way or a girl does something to piss you off.

  • Don’t do anything because she gives her opinion on it – If a girl gives her opinion on something you’re wearing or something you do, don’t react or take offence. Just brush it off that instant.
  • Do what you like and be happy in yourself – Be completely comfortable and happy in your own skin. When you’re happy and confident in everything you do, without second guessing yourself. That’s when you’re the most attractive to women.
  • Be comfortable with her not liking you because you’re not changing – Is she kicking up a fuss about something you do or wear which is bothering her? Who cares, if you like it keep doing it. It’s not selfish, it’s just you sticking up for YOU!

Final word

So there you have it. The 6 most attractive qualities all men need to start adopting if they want to appear more attractive to women. As a side not, it’s important to add that you should remain kind, considerate, polite and courteous… as well as all the above. It’s like the perfect balance of bad boy and nice guy really.

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