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There are many ways to have sex in this world. Everybody has their own opinions on what's the hottest way to get down and dirty, and for some people, the answer is anal.


The butt, and nothing but. It used to be taboo, but it's a lot more accepted nowadays, which is good: it means you can definitely find some hot babes on OnlyFans who offer that sort of content.

But searching blindly for these girls without guidance is kind of annoying and tedious. We get that, which is why we've compiled this nifty list of the best anal OnlyFans girls around. Rest assured, it doesn't get any better than this.

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Lena Paul

With some OF girls, you could feasibly find videos of them elsewhere on the internet, on other platforms. With Lena Paul, you can't do that.

All of her content is exclusive to OnlyFans, and the vast majority of it involves her ass up in the air, being filled by a variety of objects both silicone and meaty. All of her videos are homemade too.

Sometimes, Lena will do some live streaming, and she loves to chat with her fans, which is always a nice plus. Her content library contains about 2600 media right now, which also isn't bad at all.

Best of all, you can subscribe to her peachy content for a month for just $3 right now, which is a special deal. Even outside of that deal, a subscription is only $5 a month, which is very affordable.

All in all, Lena Paul might not be the absolute best anal OF model, but she's definitely still worth your attention.

Top Features:

  • Affordable subscription price of $3-5 a month
  • Homemade videos and occasional streams
  • Talks with fans
  • Lots of anal content in her 2600 media library

Vivian Dash

Vivian Dash is probably the best OnlyFans girl for anal lovers. She even presents herself as the "anal queen", so you know she's very big on this particular fetish.

She's also a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac and exhibitionist, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what most of her content is like at this point.

Vivian offers a couple of interesting services along with her library of about 5,000 media. For instance, she makes both custom videos and does video calls with her fans from time to time, which makes he a great choice if you want a girl you can not only beat it to but also interact with "face-to-face", as it were.

Oh, we forgot to mention what might be the most important thing of all: you can subscribe to anal queen Vivian Dash for free! This isn't a limited-time deal or anything either, she just naturally lets you check her out at no cost. That's a nice benefit to her being an exhibitionist, we suppose! One way or another, she's one of the best girls to check out!

Top Features

  • Subscribe for free
  • Tons of anal content
  • Does custom videos and video calls
  • Content library of about 5,000 media


There are lots of amazing girls on OnlyFans, but sometimes you just have to go for a PAWG. Samy happens to be one of the hottest on the site if that's the kind of girl that gets you going.

She does do a lot of anal, which is what we are all here for, but she caters to all sorts of kinks along the way.

That includes squirting, masturbation, feet, and a few other fetishes along the way.

Samy offers all of this and a whole lot of anal among her library that includes more than 3,000 pictures and 730 videos. That's a whole lot of anal action to be enjoyed, and the price of subscription isn't all that much at just $9.99 a month.

Admittedly, that's a little more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but at the end of the day, $3 versus $10 isn't a whole lot as far as a month-to-month budget is concerned.

Top Features

  • Caters to a lot of kinks, not just anal
  • 3,000 pictures and 730 videos
  • Just $10 a month to subscribe

Kat Aphrodisiac

With a name like Kat Aphrodisiac, it shouldn't be too much of a mystery as to how much this OF girl enjoys doing naughty things and being watched as she does so.

If you are into young Latina girls, she has everything you need: she's kinky, whimsical, and absolutely loves to ride cock for money. What more could you ask for?

Kat also really likes water, meaning you can find a whole lot of content that involves her either in a hot bathtub or by the poolside, if you have a specific kink for anything like that.

Naturally, she also speaks both English and Spanish and enjoys engaging with her fans in the DMs, so those are some nice bonus points in her favor as well.

Currently, there is a deal that will allow you to subscribe for the first month for just $3.50, which will later increase to $10. Admittedly, that's a little steep for someone whose content library is hovering around 350. Still, if you just want to see what she has to offer, $3.50 isn't bad for a little peek.

Top Features:

  • Hot, young Latina babe who loves anal
  • Running a month-long subscription deal for just $3.50


There are all sorts of girls on OnlyFans who love anal, but if you are the type of person to prefer a sexy MILF to anything else, and a blonde one at that, the model known as Sunflow is the right choice for you.

We don't know how old she is exactly but trust us, she has the right vibes to at least convince everyone she's a MILF.

Sunflow offers a variety of things to her fans, including private texting and chatting, ratings, fulfillment of personalized requests, and custom videos.

She also has a content library that includes approximately 2,000 media. Naturally, a lot of these include pictures and videos that explicitly involve some anal loving.

Best of all, you can subscribe to this blonde babe for free! While there are certainly some girls on OnlyFans worth paying for, we don't think anyone can deny that nothing is better than free. After all, even if you were to somehow not be satisfied by this woman, it's not like you'd be any poorer for it, right?

Top Features

  • Blonde MILF energy
  • Media library of around 2,000 items
  • Personalized requests, custom videos, and more
  • Free to subscribe!


This girl is not just one of the best anal models on OnlyFans, she is also one of the top models on the entire site, so that should tell you something about how amazing she is in every physical regard.

Aside from being a sexy, tanned, bombshell, there are many reasons why Veganessa is so popular with her fans.

She has a great ass, for sure. She also loves to ride dicks and dildos with it, which is a big plus. But she offers a ton of content, including straight, lesbian, BBC, POV, and squirting. All of these fetishes and more are displayed for her fans in a media library that is just shy of 2,000 items.

Honestly, that's not a huge library compared to some girls out there, so you know the quality of the content must be pretty darn good for her to be rated so highly in the OF community. Unfortunately, you can't get in for free, but you can get in for $15 a month. Not the cheapest option available, but still not too bad.

Top Features:

  • One of the top-rated girls on OnlyFans
  • Media library with about 1,800 items
  • Tons of kinks, including F/F and toys

Playful Catt

Have you ever fantasized about one of those hot girls that live alone, and are thus always aching for sexual satisfaction?

Playful Catt is that girl on OnlyFans, with long legs, a toned rear, and aching loneliness that drives her to spend most of her free time with her fans online. This means she is great for sexting!

In fact, Catt promises to respond to every message she gets on OnlyFans, and there are no naughty topics that are off-limits for her.

Her media library is around 1,500 items, with most of the really naughty stuff focusing on masturbation in both holes. It's a somewhat limited array of offerings, admittedly.

That said, she does truly enjoy interacting with her fans, which is why you can actually subscribe to her for free! She does it for the thrill, not the money, and that's kind of hot on its own, isn't it?

Top Features

  • Responds to 100% of messages, great at sexting
  • Subscribe for free
  • Anal masturbation content is her main export

Yung Flower

We all wish we had a woman who was horny pretty much all the time, don't we?

Well, Yung Flower is that woman, and she touts herself as a hot housewife: there's something extra spicy about a married woman showing off her body for everyone to see, don't you think? Either way, this babe is well worth your attention.

You see, unlike a lot of OF girls, Yung Flower brings her friends to the party when she shows off her sexual prowess, meaning you get to see some actual, explicit sex for the price of entry.

You even get some amazing threesomes for your trouble from time to time. She's also online nearly every day, and she loves talking with her fans.

We forgot to mention the best part: her media library is quite big with more than 6,000 items, and you can subscribe for free! It doesn't get much better than that.

Top Features:

  • Huge media library with free access
  • Lots of content with other people, including threesomes
  • Hot Colombian wife who loves anal


Scoopcake is a funny name, but it's somehow fitting for this sassy nerd of a German secretary who loves pantyhose and lingerie.

She's tall, toned, and has a great figure that can rock any nightwear. She also has that charming personality that convinces you she'd be a great friend with benefits.

Scoopcake offers a wide variety of explicit content, with anal being included, of course. she also does creampies, custom content, and JOI.

A special mention goes out to her willingness to sell the clothes she has worn if you are into that sort of thing. Private cam sessions are also on the table.

Her media library has about 5,000 items, and you'd normally have to pay $20 a month to get in. However, for a limited time you can get one month of access for just $6. Not a bad deal if you want to give Scoopcake a whirl.

Top Features:

  • Lots of lingerie and pantyhose content along with anal
  • Large library of 5,000 items
  • Current subscription price is $6
  • Sells worn clothes

Passionate Mary

She may be last on this list, but Passionate Mary is first in our hearts with her pert derriere and firm tits, coupled with a glowing disposition.

She puts that body and mind to use by fulfilling all sorts of fantasies for her fans, including anal, masturbation, and the use of toys.

She has a free account with about 2,000 items in the library, and it is certainly hot enough.

But for the real spicy stuff, you'll need to subscribe to her premium account. Still, you can at least get a free look at her to see if you like her first!

Top Features:

  • Free and premium content
  • Anal masturbation and toys
  • Media library of about 2,000 items

Conclusion: Finding Your Best Anal OnlyFans Girl

Well, that's it for our list of hot anal-loving OnlyFans babes. Some are free, some are MILFs, and some are a little bit cheeky, but ultimately, we're sure there is at least one woman on this list who is right for you and your wallet.

Just be sure to make sure you give the girl who catches your eye a chance to satisfy you!

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