Top 10 Flight Attendant OnlyFans Creators 2023

Are you looking for some sexy flight attendants on OnlyFans? We made a list of top 10 Flight Attendants so you can just hop in and check out their page. You won't regret as this flight attendants have their hot content ready for you.


Flight attendants have to be some of the sexiest people in the world. Seriously, we wouldn't be surprised if it were a requirement for the job to be 'sexy'. We suppose people just love a bit of eye candy when they are trapped on a plane fo several hours on end.

As you can probably imagine, there are plenty of flight attendants that have made the transition into the world of OnlyFans. Some of these people may still even be working as flight attendants (although, very few will say they are). This actually made choosing the top 10 flight attendant OnlyFans creators in 2023 ridiculously tough. There were tons of accounts to choose from. We reckon we have done a decent job, though.

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If you have spent more than 5-10 minutes looking at Twitch, then you will have probably heard of Amouranth. She is one of the top content creators there, and she is regularly producing content where not only is she gaming, but she is showing off her body in the skimpiest clothing you can get away with on Twitch.

As you can probably imagine, gamers tend to be pretty thirsty bastards, so Amouranth decided to diversify a little bit, and now she is one of the top OnlyFans content creators. She has tons and tons of subscribers, all eager to watch her videos and see one of the sexiest ex-flight attendants completely nude.

Her content varies a little. Most of it is just nude stuff (mostly focused on those tits), but every so often, the cute redhead does something a bit more hardcore. She loves solo bate videos, and she also throws in a couple of BJ videos every so often. While she hasn't posted it as of yet (we are writing this in April 2023), she is gearing up to release her first proper sex video on OnlyFans, and we reckon it is going to be one of the greatest videos she has ever released.

Top Features:

  • Only 3.75 a month subscription
  • Hardcore content
  • Cosplay content
  • Does custom video content.
  • Lots of Porn Videos on her page


Sexy blondie Blaze Fyre is a multi-talented babe. Obviously, you are here for her nude content. However, we urge you to check out her Instagram. She doesn't post many pics of her body there (check out OnlyFans or Twitter if you want that), but she shares wonderful shots of nature. Pictures that she took. Why are we telling you this? Well, it is because Blaze Fyre is not just beauty. She is brains too.

Blaze, from Texas in the US, bills herself as a dildo collector. You just know that when somebody bills themselves as a collector of dildos, she is going to be putting them to great use on her OnlyFans account, and that she does. There is barely a video where she doesn't have a dildo deep inside her tight snatch.

Her OnlyFans account is packed to the brim with full-length bate and solo videos, with new stuff being released every week. You get most of it with her cheap subscription, although she does throw a couple of PPVs into the mix every so often, and we reckon that once you have seen her on camera, you will be more than willing to pay for it.

Top Features:

  • Gamer with hot content
  • Lots of Dildo action
  • Does custom video content.
  • Live Cumshows.


We love flying. Seriously. If we had a flight attendant like Tatiana? Well, we would probably be doing round trips every single day. Hop on over to her YouTube account, and have a peek at how great tight-fitting dresses seem to fit her figure. We can guarantee that you wish she was your flight attendant too, although we are going to assume that those days are long past her. She is making serious bank on OnlyFans under the name Tatiana_Kurdyumova.

We know that Tatiana lives in the US (it took a surprising amount of time to hunt around for that information), although we aren't quite sure what ethnicity this leggy babe has. Based on her looks and name, we are going to assume somewhere in Eastern Europe. As we are sure you can agree, this is where all the sexiest women in the world come from.

She produces a lot of content, but some of her best stuff is her striptease videos. Head over to her YouTube and Instagram profiles now. See all that clothing? Yeah. Tatiana is going to rip it off (incredibly seductively) on OnlyFans, and you are going to see those beautiful bosoms and that closely shaved pussy.

Additionally she does a bit of proper NSFW content too. She doesn't have sex on camera, but she plays with herself a bit and shares some fantastic stories too, just to get you in the mood for her NSFW content (as if you needed any more encouragement).

Top Features:

  • Only 14.99 per month
  • Lots of sexy content
  • Loves to sext with her fans
  • Uploads steamy content on a daily basis


As far as we know, the Polish blonde 'PolishLoca' (real name is probably Loca) is still working as an active flight attendant. We are half-tempted to head on over to Poland and take as many flights as possible, just to see her waltzing up and down the aisle. Screw climate change, we guess?

If you love your Slavic women, then PolishLoca is going to be right up your street. She loves to get fully naked on camera, and barely a day goes by when she isn't sharing that perfect body with the world. Polishloca doesn't even have PPVs, so once you have subscribed to her (it's not expensive), you get access to everything she has produced.

Polishloca really pours a ton of effort into her content too. She films regular boy/girl sex scenes, and all of them are in 4K. This means you get to see that pussy stretch in the best resolution possible. When she doesn't have a guy buried inside her, she is playing with toys or just uses her fingers. She is foot fetish friendly too, for all those foot lovers out there.

Top Features:

  • Sexy Polish Flight Attendant
  • Do custom content
  • Lingering & nylon model
  • Uploads content on a weekly basis
  • Replies to DM


Lina_demure is a proper flight attendant. She still works with aircraft, and we assume that her employers don't care that she is stripping on camera, because she is happy to show off her face, and she even wears her actual flight attendant uniform when she is stripping.

Most of this hot brunette's content features her touching herself during layovers, wearing that flight attendant uniform, of course. Many times, we have stumbled across pictures where she is in a hotel bed, somewhere in the world, rubbing her pussy while she is wearing the same stockings she will be rocking on a flight later that night.

This woman is kinky as hell, and while she doesn't have any full-sex videos, her solo stuff is more than enough to keep you hard for years.

Top Features:

  • Offers a lot of nudity while in uniform
  • She is into sexting
  • Lots of sexy photos on her feed
  • Does custom video content.


Spanish babe Lexy is no longer a flight attendant, she has had enough success on OnlyFans to probably never need to touch a flight attendant uniform again. Of course, she is still more than happy to serve you.

Your.Lexy isn't quite like other OnlyFans girls on this page. All of the OnlyFans flight attendants we have talked about so far are really into their nude stuff. You may even have a couple of sex videos in there too. Not this babe. She never gets naked, just does implied nudes, but damn are they hot.

You see, Your.Lexy is a nylon model. Proper nylon clothing where she caters to the nylon fetish. Her body looks amazing wrapped in this light fabric, and you may even get a glimpse of a nipple or a bit of her pussy every now and then. She has done a couple of nudes, but they are harder to track down, mostly because she has over 1,000 posts on her OnlyFans.

If you are into the nylon fetish or just want to see one of the sexiest ex-flight attendants in the world, then check out Lexy's OnlyFans now.

Top Features:

  • Boy girl hot content
  • Uploads on a daily basis
  • Sexting with her subscribers


Addy is an active flight attendant, so you won't be seeing her face on camera. She needs to protect her job. This babe is only kicking about on OnlyFans because she is a single mother (yep, she is a MILF) looking to save a bit of extra cash for her family.

Addy is an all-natural busty flight attendant. Seriously. Those tits are whoppers. We wouldn't be surprised if they accidentally knock a couple of passengers in the head when she is doing service. Of course, while her passengers won't be seeing those tits in all their glory, you will. You just need to subscribe to her OnlyFans.

This blondie does a lot of stuff on her profile. Tons of nudes, and some awesome shots of her wearing her flight attendant uniform. Every so often, she throws out some solo play videos, where she is almost guaranteed to give a bit of squirting action.

Top Features:

  • Free OnlyFans subscription
  • Live Camshows
  • Sexy and full nudity content
  • Content is updated on a daily basis


A lot of the OnlyFans flight attendants are amateur performers looking to make a bit of cash here and there. Not KSLibrarygirl, or Kendra Sunderland as she is more commonly known in the world of adult entertainment. She is a pro model through and through, and probably one of the top ex-flight attendants online.Kendra Sunderland is a top performer.

She has legions of adoring fans. So much so that this blondie has even launched her own magazine where she shares sexy pics of herself. KSLIBRARYGIRL even has her own Fleshlight, just in case you want to know what it feels like to be buried deep inside her snatch.

Her OnlyFans is affordable, but it doesn't include all her content (you need to be on her main site for that), but she does share the odd striptease short clips and hardcore porn clips there, though. More than enough to cover the $10.69 a month subscription fee.Oh, and why is she called library girl? She was once caught masturbating in a public library! That launched her career. You may even have seen that video before.

Top Features:

  • Offers explicit content weekly.
  • Ready to start sexting with her fans.
  • Does custom video content.
  • Live Cumshows.


Asian ex-flight attendant Ana Chi really cares about her fans. She does something that we don't think we have seen in any other OnlyFans performer, at least the top ones. When she responds to a message on OnlyFans, she responds with a real voice clip. This voice clip is personalized, so you know that you are talking to this sexy Asian babe.

She doesn't post a huge amount of content on OnlyFans, but when she does, it is going to blow your mind. Pictures of her svelte body (and medium-sized tits), as well as one of the finest Asian asses we have ever seen. She may even throw a bate video or two in there.

Of course, the real reason to subscribe to Ana Chi is for that GFE. The $24.95 a month subscription gets you a ton of messages with her, and you can really tell how much she cares about her fans when she chats with you.

It seems Anachii don't share much of her social media.

Top Features:

  • Offers explicit content weekly.
  • Has a FREE onlyfans page
  • Loves to sext with her fans
  • Does custom videos for her subscribers


Madison Liv is a 20-year-old active flight attendant. This Latina babe is still pushing carts up and down flights around the US. But, as she says on her OnlyFans profile 'I am a flight attendant, but this is more fun'. We agree. This way, we get to see that 100% natural body.

She hasn't shared sex videos yet (although, that will probably come soon), and she loves to share full nudes and some teasing stuff. Well worth the money to subscribe to her.

Top Features:

  • Free OnlyFans page
  • Do customs and personal requests
  • Sexy Argentinian OnlyFans Creator


Is amouranth a flight attendant?

Not anymore. She used to be, but she now spends all her time on OnlyFans and Twitch.

Who is the best MILF flight attendant on OnlyFans?

Without a doubt, it is @addycabincrew. She is a currently active flight attendant, and she is curvy as hell. She loves to share all sorts of content on her OnlyFans, including some awesome shots of her in her cabin crew outfit.

Do flight attendants show their faces on OnlyFans?

Some do. However, since many of them are currently working as active flight attendants and don't want to lose their job, you may find that a few will only show their bodies.


OnlyFans is packed to the brim with flight attendants. The perfect intro to the best flight attendant OnlyFans creators in 2023 is our list of ten people above. Whether you are looking for a MILF (addycabincrew), a top OnlyFans creator (amouranth), or a Polish flight attendant (PolishLoca), we are sure that you saw more than one or two people to tickle your fancy. Every one is worth checking

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