Becoming an Alpha Male: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Becoming An Alpha Male

Are you ready to become the right kind of alpha?

There are three kinds of alpha males out there and they are all universally attractive to women.

Answer this question honestly:

Are you working to turn yourself into an alpha male?

If you are – or if you believe you’re an alpha male already – then that’s absolutely great. And if you’re NOT… then you’d better get started. No excuses!

Make no mistake: The mere act of WORKING to become an alpha male will benefit your life in so many ways.

  • You become a more confident man
  • You become a more competent man
  • You become a more focused man
  • You become a more successful man
  • And the girls can’t get enough of you (Best perk of all, am I right?)

But here’s the thing… not all alpha males are the same. There are basically three kinds of alpha males out there:

  1. The good
  2. The bad
  3. The ugly

The question is: Which kind of alpha male are you becoming?

This article will help you find out… and if you’re on your way to becoming a bad or (worse) an ugly alpha male, it will help you make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

Let’s start with the worst-case scenario:

When You’re An “Ugly” Alpha Male

Ugly alpha male

Damn, you ugly.

The “ugly” alpha male is precisely the kind of alpha male you DON’T want to become. Unfortunately, a lot of guys end up in this category.

See if you have any of the following signs of an “ugly” alpha male:

  • You rely on sneaky tricks to get women to do what you want
  • You make promises you can’t keep
  • You treat women like trash

“Ugly” alpha males are the players, the jerks, and the dicks in the game. They’re the ones who give alpha males a bad name.

The “Bad” Alpha Male

Bad Alpha Male

Are you a bad boy?

“Bad” alpha males are actually well-intentioned dudes with just one fatal flaw, a lot of the most well known womanizers in history suffered from this flaw also.

These alpha males don’t use any sneaky tricks, and actually hold women in high regard. In public, they seem like the perfect gentlemen – confident, dominant, and smooth with the ladies.

But that’s their problem – they’re alpha ONLY in public. Inside the bedroom, they fail miserably:

  • They can’t satisfy women
  • They can’t last much longer than 5-10 minutes
  • They’re just plain bad in bed
  • Women basically lose all interest in them after one night of sex

They’re “bad” alpha males simply because they set high expectations in the women they meet, only to disappoint them at the time and place where it really matters.

Now, some guys might say: “That’s crazy! Not all girls want sex! Some girls want strong, honest, loyal men because they’re looking at the long-term!”

To that I say: Well, what do couples in strong, happy, long-term relationships do?

Of course – they have sex. And the better the sex, the better the relationship is.

Read this carefully: Sex is the most important part of any relationship with a woman.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-night-stand, a friends-with-benefits situation, an open relationship, an exclusive relationship, or marriage. The quality of the sex will directly affect the quality of the relationship.

So ask yourself right now: How good are you in bed?

How satisfied are the women you bring to bed?

And how often do women try to sleep with you a second time… and a third, and a fourth?

Keep your answers in mind as we move on to…

The “Good” Alpha Male

Good Alpha Male

Let’s talk about being good.

Meanwhile, the “good” alpha male is the whole package.

He’s strong, dominant, confident, warm, and successful in public… and a real animal in the bedroom. He knows how to please a woman sexually, without a shadow of a doubt:

  • He has amazing technique in bed
  • He can give her multiple orgasms
  • He lasts longer than she does
  • He makes women come back for more, again and again

This kind of alpha male is also known as the “Adonis Alpha,” so named after the Greek divinity of youth, fertility, and virility.

Becoming an Adonis Alpha

So should you strive to become an Adonis Alpha yourself?

Absolutely. There’s no good reason not to.

But as you already know, it’s not that easy. Becoming an Adonis Alpha – becoming effortlessly, untiringly, reliably good in bed – is a skill that needs developing.

Fortunately, there’s a website out there that collects updated, scientifically-proven, peer-reviewed information about becoming a true alpha male – both in AND out of the bedroom.

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