Donald Trump Quotes About Women And Lessons Of An Alpha Male

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the U.S and arguably one of the most famous womanizers out there. And by pimp I obviously mean his legendary antics with women, not that he’s got hoes out on the streets of Washington.

Donald Trump Attraction Lessone

Learn the art of Donald Trump’s attractive qualities.

Whether you like it or not, Trump’s got skills with the ladies.

Now there plenty of guys out there who will say something like “Dude, the guy is a billionaire, of course he can get p**sy”.

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If you’re one of the guys who thinks that, then you’re actually wrong.

You see, there are countless rich guys in this world who can’t get laid. The reasons usually stem from the fact that they don’t understand or practice game.

They simply rely on their money to fix the problem and do the work, which leaves them with gold diggers, whores and damaged women.

But trump… that man has game. I can assure you.

That’s what I’m going to be breaking down in detail today.

Everything Donald Trump does to pick up women, regardless of his wealth.

Let’s get into it:

Insane confidence and self-belief

Insane confidence and self-belief

His confidence is unshakeable. Can you seriously imagine the amount of abuse this guy has had thrown his way and yet he still believes in what he says, with 100% faith in his abilities to follow through.

Showing strength, and unwavering confidence has a mesmerising effect on women. Men are losing their societal role as the provider and so someone with this intense self-belief will a rare treat for a woman.

Takeaway: Work on your inner game. Be so confident that nothing anyone will say can stop you from believing that you are worthy of getting what you want. There are depression signs in men which should be taken note of to avoid those dark thoughts you may have from time to time.

The entourage effect

The entourage effect

The Donald has security, staffers, and just a whole bunch of people following him around and hanging on his every word.

It’s proven that women are attracted to men who lead others. His staff is full of intelligent and physically strong people yet they are all subservient to him.

Trump Quote

Need the blue pill?

This gives him all of their qualities and more.

No matter how attractive a guy his, his boss will always have something extra just by this increased status.

For the rest of us, being the leader of your social circle, organising things and being the one who comes up with ideas that others follow, having others look to you, is the way to effortlessly generate attraction in women.

Takeaway: Build up a strong social circle of trustworthy people. Men and women who look up to you and will do anything for you. Be the one that comes up with ideas, decides what to do, and has the final opinion on things.

Grab girls physically

Grab girls physically

Remember when the media went crazy when he said “Grab em by the pussy”? Well, what he was referring to was the fact that being a celebrity allows you to do pretty much whatever you want.

You can just go and grab a girl by the pussy within about 10 seconds if she is looking at you like she wants you and doesn’t flinch as you sexually walk right up to her.

It might sound scandalous, and it’s definitely not for all situations involving ordinary people, but there are many many occasions when it will be just fine.

How can you use this without getting arrested?

When you can see that a woman wants you, there is no bigger turnoff than not acting on it. By being bold, but also respectful, you can kiss women within seconds and have sex within minutes. It’s smooth, seductive, and gentle, not forceful.

Takeaway: Use more actions than words. Women like a strong man who can back up what he says with physical contact…as long as you do it respectably, smoothly, and take no for an answer.

Be an authoritative leader

Be an authoritative leader

Women love men who are leaders. Why? Because as a leader of other men, you are displaying characteristics of an alpha male.

If there’s one thing that women get moist over it’s a guy that doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone and does things by his own standards.

Trump Quote

Wanna fight?

He sets the rules, he does what he wants and others follow him.

Don’t forget also, that women WANT to be lead. It’s in their DNA. That’s why beta males always end up being in the friend-zone and never bang the truly hot girls.

Donald is a true leader. He has several businesses, thousands of employees and a lot of people look to him for answers.

Now he’s the president, he’s at the absolute top, there is no one to answer to and no one of higher status.

Takeaway: In your life, you can embody this by making all the decisions (bearing in mind what she wants), surprising her, taking the lead, and having strong opinions on subjects that are important to you.

Don’t try and please everyone

Don’t try and please everyone

Regardless of all the “grotesque” things he’s said about women and Mexicans that the media have jumped on, he still remains calm.

No shame, no regrets and certainly no apologies for who he is as a person. It’s fine to polarise opinion.

Libtard meme

Poor baby.

When you know that you will piss off 50% of people but make the other 50% just love you more for saying what they were thinking, but were afraid to voice.

When you live a life of no shame, you command other people’s respect. Why? Because almost everybody in this world craves acceptance, validation and the respect of others.

They don’t want to offend anyone, especially in the society we live now, where offending someone is almost as bad as death.

Trump is who he is. Countless supporters of him have said on numerous occasions “I like him because he tells it how it is”.

Takeaway: You don’t need to be as divisive or extreme as Trump, but at least try to voice your opinions and disagree, it’ll actually bring people closer to you and make women a lot more attracted than saying “me too” all the time.

Take more risks

You need to take more risks

How do you become one of the biggest property tycoons in the world? Well you need capital and you need balls. Both of which he has in abundance.

Trump Quote

Think BIG!

Whatever the Donald does, he has a sense of fearlessness about him.

Can you imagine what your friends and family would say if you said you were going to run for president of the United States? They would laugh at you and ridicule you.

That’s exactly what happened to him in fact. He was laughed at. But who’s laughing now? Certainly not the liberals.

Women find men who are fearless and who can take big risks incredibly attractive as it shows they are not afraid to follow what they believe in.

Takeaway: Make bold moves in business, and try new things all the time. If you aren’t a billionaire you can at least have some exciting hobbies or travel plans that would move you more into the fearless category.

Act like you own the place

Act like you own the place

If Donald Trump walks into a room, you can be sure that you will know about it. The guy makes his presence known and you are immediately drawn to him.

When you walk into a bar, who do you need to know in order to show social proof? The manager, the cool guys and the rich dude.

Women who are talking to you will assume you own the place, maybe you do. Who cares?

The fact is, you need to “act as if” you own the place and the women will follow.

Takeaway: Slow gestures, taking up space, holding your head high are the body language tells of high status that you can apply everywhere. Also make it a point to know the important people in every venue.

Brag about what you have

Brag about what you have

Bragging about what you own or have might come across as a bit crass. Well you’re right it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

If you own a building in Manhattan worth more than $140 million, do you think you might tell a few people that you own it?

I would. That’s why he put his damn name on the front.

Takeaway: The key is to brag in a way that isn’t trying to gain approval from others. It’s just who you are. It says “Look i have all this stuff, I love it” vs “Hey you should like me because I have this”.

Dress the part and feel powerful

Dress the part and feel powerful

Have you ever seen Donald Trump in anything other than a golf outfit or suit? That’s because he’s dressing for success.

If you dress the part… you feel the part. That’s the theory anyway.

I know that when I wear a suit, I feel more confident.

Takeaway: Now you don’t have to wear a suit everywhere with a big red power tie to feel powerful. But you can get your style on point by investing in clothes that make you look more attractive.

Work social media

Work social media

The Donald owns social media. He knows exactly what to say to get the media to bite and give himself all the free publicity he needs.

It’s gotten to the point now where he only needs to write one tweet and it will be shared hundreds of thousands of times. How crazy is that?

But how can you do the same?

Well it might be a little difficult to match his online presence, but you can definitely improve your social media game by following a few simple rules.

  • Don’t be filtered
  • Be authentic
  • Speak with authority

Takeaway: Begin working on improving your social media game on multiple platforms to build a following and have it work for you.

Create an “us and them” narrative

Create an “us and them” narrative

Humans have an in-built tribal mentality. We want to be part of a tribe, protect our tribe and stay safe/comfortable with our tribe.

One of the most powerful tools that politicians and the media use is to create an “Us vs Them” dynamic.

We know that the country bands together when we have a common external enemy. This also plays out on the national level where for Trump the enemy could be the corrupt establishment, Democrats, or The “Fake News” Media.

Takeaway: In your own life, with women and with your social circle, using inclusive language with your friends “people like us often…”, “we probably would…” and having a “them group” that you use as the butt of jokes will bind you closer together.

Have a job that gives you access to beautiful women

Access to beautiful women

Probably the easiest and best method for being surrounded by beautiful women and having your pick of the bunch, is by having a job that puts you in front of them regularly.

In Donald’s case, he actually owns companies and brands that hand deliver women to him. Like Miss Universe is one of them for example (which he no longer owns by the way).

Takeaway: In case you don’t have a few milli lying around ready to spend on companies that have tons of hot women. Get a job that still gives you access like a bartender, DJ, club promoter, tanning salon, personal trainer, yoga instructor, spinning class instructor etc.

Be loyal and keep promises

Be loyal and keep promises

Trump gave top positions to the people who supported him before he became POTUS.

This rewarded their loyalty and means that they will have his back ‘til the end. He could have ditched them and brought in new faces. Others see that loyalty and will work to get into the inner circle.

Trump Quote

Don’t lose… ever!

His voters are no different. We all know the politicians who promise something and then four or eight years later they didn’t keep any of their election promises.

Trump is out persuading companies to bring jobs to America, getting the wall built, banning immigrants – whether you like these policies or not, recognise one thing: he is doing what he promised his voters.

Takeaway: In your own life, you have to follow-through. Don’t just be all talk. Say as much as you want, but only if you follow-through.

Over time this is a way to gain big respect. Likewise, do favours, help people, and build the loyalty and trust that should be in every friendship and romantic relationship.

Conclusion: Let’s Wrap This Up

Donald Trump meme

Get in pussy!

That right there is how Donald J Trump can teach you and I how to attract more women into your life.

The man does everything an attractive alpha male would do, hence why he’s never had a shortage of women.

Also, aside from the multi-billions that he has, you can definitely emulate his success with women. I’ve done the same in my own life.

Don’t agree that Trump is a legend when it comes to women? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  1. Has the strongest frame of any public figure I can think of.

  2. Easy to do all of those things when you’re born rich and are given “loans” to increase your wealth.

  3. Jason Hartman says

    Spot on, he does what he wants, doesn’t give a fuck and creates his own life.
    Yesterday for the first time he read a pre-packaged speech that said all the right things. The media did a 180 and loved it, all they wanted was a fake plastic politically correct president to make them happy, not someone who says it like it is.

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