How I Sexually Escalate With A Girl On A First Date… And Beyond


From the first date to the bedroom… I’m escalating.

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Sexually escalating is very important, but it’s never MORE important than on the first date. This is the time when she’ll be deciding whether or not she wants to sleep you with you or she wants to put you in the friend zone where so many other guys have been before.

For me, when I’m on a first date, I like to make it perfectly clear that I’m not looking for a friend, I’m looking for a sexual partner. I’m also not afraid to show that I’m attracted to her, because why should I be… I’m a man. If she doesn’t like my sexual advances she has the choice to leave and of course I wouldn’t stop her from doing that.

1. Express your attraction for her

Most guys don’t show their attraction for women, because they are too afraid. There could be for multiple reasons for this fear, but the important thing to realise is that being fearful of escalating will only give you one result… no sex.

Unless you’re comfortable with being in the friend zone (if you are, you can stop reading here) then you need to work on expressing your attraction in the following ways:

Smile – When I’m attracted to a woman, I have this kind of smirk on my face, I can’t control it and it’s not something that I intentionally do. I’m pretty much just rolling with my feelings for her and the facial expression takes shape. Don’t smile like a crazy person at her, because that’s just creepy. Smirking or having a cheeky look on your face injects playfulness into the interaction.

KinoTouching her in the right way at the right times dramatically escalates the sexual tension between you both. It shows that you’re confident and it rapidly moves the interaction into a sexual phase. I always touch them in places that are not ambiguous, so that there’s no chance of her confusing my kino with friendly touching. For example I hug a girl sexually which spikes attraction immediately.

Proximity – We’re not friends, so why would I be sitting so far away? Makes no sense. I move in close enough to set the boundaries and far away enough, so she doesn’t get freaked out. The closer you are, the more sexual it will become and leads into you kissing her.

Comfort – If she’s not comfortable, then I’m not getting any action. When she’s relaxed, her guard is down… she’s laughing… smiling and enjoying the interaction, as am I. With me smiling, kinoing and closing the proximity over a short period of time, she will gradually become more relaxed and comfortable around me.

2. Look in one eye and hold

Eye contact for me is a HUUUUUUUGE thing. It’s something that I’ve been practicing for years and am actually pretty good at now. Before I used to be scared to look girls in the eyes, then I went through a stage of being scared to hold eye contact for extended periods of time. Which is ridiculous, because women respond incredibly well to eye contact.

Oh and also you need to lock in on one eye, it’s easier to build intensity when you’re focusing on just the one eye, as opposed to bouncing between the two and breaking the gaze.

3. Keep her guessing

The last thing I like to do is mix things up. I want to keep her guessing… so that she can’t ever say that I like her 100%. Because when she does this, it’s game over and the ball is in her court, I’m the puppet on her strings. But if she can’t ever figure me out, then it’s more challenging for her and she will think about you multiple times even after the first date.

Things you want her to think about are: Does he actually like me? Or is he like this with every girl. Why was he so intense and now he’s not calling or texting me? Etc.


Most guys fall into the trap of giving girls tons of compliments, they think that this is what women want to hear and they will want to sleep with them because of these wonderful compliments. Bullshit. Compliments only ever work when they are genuine and rare. That’s when they’re appreciated most.

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