How To Be A Good Wingman: 8 Wingman Rules Every Guy Should Follow

I’m going to show you how to be a good wingman. Why? Because a good wingman is indispensable.

He helps you pickup the women you want, disarms bitch shields, removes the cock block and sometimes even takes one for the team (a true legend).

Photo of four people and one guy is being sick over his friend

This is how NOT to be a good wingman :)

However there are some rogue wingmen out there, which is why I want to run through the most important wingman rules that you must abide by.

If you want to know how to be a good wingman, these are the rules you MUST follow at all times.

You might be thinking…

“Hang on a minute, why do I need a wingman? I’m great on my own with women and my friends have no game whatsoever, in fact they actually ruin sets for me!”

Well, there are several reasons why a guy would need a wingman… or even a wingwoman (shocked face!).

Why do you need a wingman?

  • You’ve spotted a cute girl in a bar, but she’s with a friend or a group of friends. Now you could just walk up to her but you’d have to have ridiculous game to pull that off. But if you had a wingman, they could distract the other girls why you take the girl you like to one side.
  • He could approach a girl for you and use a shy opener like “Hey my friend over there is a little too shy to come over so he asked if I would let you know that he thinks you’re cute”. Then he’d wave you over after warming her up and you could continue the conversation.
  • There are always douche bag’s (AKA AMOG’s) floating around in bars and clubs. Your wingman can take care of them, which stops him from ruining a set.

There’s really a whole heap of things your wingman can do for you, even just pump you up when you don’t feel like talking to women. That’s why you need one… not all the time, but a lot of the time.

Ok so onto the rules…

How to be a good wingman (8 rules you must follow)

These rules are put in place to help you pick a wingman and also be a good wingman to your friends, follow them to the letter.

1. Don’t be selfish

Being a selfish wingman will never work. Let’s say your friend spots a cute girl and he says “dude, look at her she’s stunning”. He asks you to approach, you start chatting to her and 5 minutes in you realise you like her too.

A selfish wingman will take her for himself, a humble wing will big his friend up and continue doing what he started… which was helping his friend get this girl. Never be selfish dude, it’s not cool.

2. Be prepared to take one for the team

There is always going to be a girl in the group that is butt ugly or not a nice as the other ones.

Now as a wing, you need to take this girl away so that your friend can take the cuter one, this doesn’t mean you actually need to sleep with her… but you need to make her think you are so she won’t feel left out.

It’s a sucky situation to be in, but you’re doing your friend a favour that he’s going to repay, so stop bitching and do it.

3. Understand the situation quickly

If you’re helping your buddy by removing a troublesome jealous girl away from her friends, make sure you learn how to read the signs.

Is her friend interested in your friend or is he wasting his time? Read the signs and understand the situation, so you can move onto the next set. Also use an IOI so you can speed up your chances of forcing some kind of attraction and watch out for sexual body language signals that girls are giving off.

4. Help your friend when he needs it

Sometimes your friend won’t always be on top of his game, so he’ll need some encouragement, even a little nudge in the right direction. If he’s finding it hard to build rapport with a girl or sexually escalate. Give him a few pointers and guide him dude.

Sometimes you might even have to jump in and improvise to save the situation.

5. Don’t overstep your boundaries

If you’re in set and the girl your friend likes takes an interest in you, try and divert the attention back to your friend. Also don’t ruin a set or an interaction by acting like a clown, talking too much about your friend or acting like a douche. Keep it cool and be a gentleman.

6. Be the connector

You always need to be on the lookout for new opportunities. Always try and introduce your friend to girls you think he’ll like. This is the sign of a great wing, he has a habit of connecting people in an effortless way and gets you both into amazing situations with women.

7. Protect your friend

If there is an AMOG trying to deal muscle his way in on your friends set, make sure you deal with him so he doesn’t ruin it for your pal. You need to protect your friend, he’ll do the same when the time comes, so just be a good wing.

8. Learn how to handle the cock block

It’s inevitable that you’ll come across a cockblock at some stage. You have to learn how to handle a cockblock so that it doesn’t ruin the set for your friend and you both get an OK from her, meaning it’s fine for you to stay and flirt with her friend. Watch out for their shit tests too.

3 things a wingman should never do

Aside from the rules, it’s good to throw in a few wingman tips also.

  • Don’t be negative – The last thing your friend needs is a negative wing man. Always be as positive as you can, even if he gets blown out of a set. Build his confidence up gradually.
  • Keep yourself well groomed – Your friend is relying on you to help him out. If you look like sh*t then you won’t be much help. So keep yourself well groomed and stylish.
  • Don’t get too drunk – Obvious but some wingmen do still do this. Don’t ever drink yourself stupid, it will reflect badly on your friend and you will become useless to him. It’s up to you, to stay alert and read the situation.

So that’s it dude! Knowing how to be a good wingman is extremely easy when you follow the above wingman rules. Good luck player!

Let me ask you a quick question… what’s the worst experience you’ve ever had with your wingman? Leave the answer below…

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  1. matthias says

    how do i deal with an amog?

    • That one’s easy. Just take what he does/says, and turn it around so he looks like the douche he is.

      The main problem I’ve had from AMOG’s is the oh so typical “you’re in my spot”. The best way I’ve found to deal with it is to say “Oh, I’m sorry. If I scooch up (or similar, more manly phrases than scooch!) there’s room for two” and slide closer to the woman you’re working on. Either the AMOG acts like a dick, making you seem more level headed and awesome to the woman, or he sits down, ceding you Alpha status. Either way, you get more kino with the woman you’re flirting with!

      Hope this helps anyone reading :D

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